Dinner a la Amy: Cat stuffed with mushrooms and pepper

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Amy has been a little gourmet from quite an early age on. Her favourite is garlic and balsamic vinegar encrusted pork fillet with sautéed potatoes and pan-fried green asparagus, but she also loves Thai green curry or pickled chillies. Last night however, she had a rather different suggestion when I asked her what we wanted to cook for dinner.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: What do we want to eat for dinner tonight, Amy?

Amy: Betty! (the cat)

Me: Are you sure?

Amy: Yes, she’s yummy!

Me (playing along and obviously not considering doing any of it): Ok, shall we cook her or put her in the oven?

Amy: In the oven, it’s hot!

Me: And what do we want to have her with?

Amy: Mushrooms in her belly and pepper on her ears.

Doesn’t that sound tasty, who’s coming round for dinner? 

Disclaimer: No pets have been harmed during dinner preparations! 

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  1. That is so cute! We get a lot of that sort of thing here at the moment too and I just love how the imagination grows. My little one is really into trying to tell jokes and it looks like Amy is getting the hang of them as well. I wonder what she will be cooking up tomorrow?
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    • It’s so funny, isn’t it? She makes me laugh so much.

      She was playing with her cousin this afternoon in her toy kitchen and they were serving up some rather interesting concoctions ;)


    • Depends on if I’m taking Ben and Amy are not, but I can always bring her along to Bristol meet ups ;) x


    • Hehe, she is. She’d have probably even eaten the cat, if she had been able to convince me ;)


  2. Wow how do you get a gourmet child like that? The most adventurous food my kids will eat are a few olives on their pizza (well, it’s Italian!)


    • Crazy enough, she loves her dearly. I have no idea where her inspiration for stuffed cat came from ;)


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