How to build a holiday fund and win a £60 Amazon gift card

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Some places are more expensive than others. According to the holiday cost infographic, if you want to go get a bottle of wine in Bangkok you’re going to pay around £16, a litre of milk in San Francisco will set you back a fairly steep £2.18, while two theatre tickets in New York City will cost you around £198, as opposed to Chiang Mai, whose theatre fans can purchase a ticket for closer to nine quid. So, as that arresting opening line revealed, some places will cause more of a drain on your personal cash flow than others. And no matter where you are going you’ll need to save a considerable amount of pennies to make your trip worthwhile. Here are a few things you can do to help make the task of saving a little easier.

Be realistic

Before you do anything, it’s best to be realistic about your holiday options. Some destinations and accommodation types you just won’t be able to afford. Is it worth paying for a four-star hotel in the Bahamas but having to cut back on nights out when you get there? Be pragmatic about what you want from your holiday and don’t be afraid to cut back on a few luxuries if it will make your trip that much better.

Do your homework

It’s best to know how expensive the country you are travelling to is before you go there. Take a look at the Holiday Cost Tool above to get some idea of the cost of travelling to certain countries. Start with the basics – food, travel, hotels and work from there. Are you a theatre goer? How much will a night at the theatre cost you? More of a cinema buff? Check out the average ticket prices. Are you a night clubber or more of quiet evening in the pub kind of person? Do your research beforehand and there will be fewer surprises when you get to your country of choice.

Set a goal

You should certainly be setting yourself a savings goal. But make sure it’s an achievable one. And set your goal a little higher than you have budgeted for. There are always some unexpected costs popping up on a holiday. An extra night out, an unexpected trip to the theatre, the jet ski’s that didn’t appeal to you until you saw them in action… all these will sponge your expenses unexpectedly. But if you’ve put extra aside, you can relax knowing you can still afford the taxi to the airport at the end of the week, and that’s a load off.

Start saving early

The key part about setting a goal is to set it well in advance. In fact, ideally you should start your holiday savings fund as soon as you get back from your last holiday. Even if you don’t actually know where you’re going at the time, start saving as soon as possible, so that when next year rolls around and you know exactly where you are going you already have a little bit in the bank.

Cut back… just a little

A few small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference to your overall spend in a year. Do you eat out at lunch every day? Try bringing a packed lunch instead. Spending a little too much on sugary treats or alcohol? Try cutting back a little and saving the money instead. Start saving today and tomorrow (or a certain point in the not too distant future, probably during the summer sometime) will be that much easier to manage financially. Do it old fashioned style by chucking the pounds you would’ve spent into a piggy bank. It’s the consistent trimmings of everyday life that will make a big difference, and that holiday will be all the more enjoyable as a result.

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  1. Amy says

    A money saving tip is to use libraries rather than buying books…a great way to check out a new author, without risking wasting money if you don’t like their writing style.

    • Beverley says

      You can’t beat your local Freecycle for obtaining items for nothing. It’s brilliant if you want an item that you’re only going to use once or twice and don’t want to shell out for, or for finding a quarter ball of wool when you need to finish off a knitting project but don’t want to buy a full packet.

      It’s also worth searching Facebook for your town – most towns have buy, sell and swap or service swap groups and it’s a great way to make new friends, too!

  2. Jacqueline Fawcett says

    Instead of spending lots of money going out to bars or cinemas etc.. there are lots of free, or very cheap events out there such as exhibitions & concerts. You spend less yet enjoy it all the same. :)

  3. tamalyn roberts says

    i have learn to book flights and hotels seperate when taking my 3 children on holiday, most companies charge adult prices for my children anyway so i book a cheap flight then get a cheap room as long as there is access to a pool and sun the kids are happy.

  4. says

    I know it’s probably going to be repeated and repeated, but don’t use the big supermarkets for fruits and veg and the like! Aldi and Lidl have great-value, UK-sourced (when available!) fruits and veg which are generally a heck of a lot cheaper than Asda, Waitrose, Tesco, etc. It’s where I make my biggest savings. (Also, they do amazing cheeses!)
    Tracy Webster recently posted…In Which Fatso Really DOES Feel InvincibleMy Profile

  5. Tracy Nixon says

    Planning meals – planning your weekly meals can save you money and prevent all those pricey impulse buys you succumb to at the supermarket. Use the meal planner and write a shopping list in advance to avoid extra spending.

  6. Elizabeth Williams says

    Put spare change of 1ps, 2ps, and 5pcs in a pot and save them until Christmas….it is surprising how much they add up to!

  7. says

    I recently wrote my best money saving tip, and its simply to be more mindful when using products – it’s amazing how much shampoo/shower gel/laundry liquid/washing up liquid I was glooping out! Now everything last much longer.
    Liz Burton recently posted…Rainbow bead jarMy Profile

  8. Lydia G says

    I bulk buy some products (e.g. pasta & rice) to save money. Rather than spending £1 a week it costs us around 50p for 2 weeks when it’s split up. I also walk down to our local small supermarket around 5pm 3 or 4 times a week to buy reduced items which I can freeze.

  9. Adeinne Tonner says

    If you see an item of clothing you really want dont buy it right away wait a few days and if you still really want it then think how many times am i really going to wear it?? once or more often if the answer is once then its not really worth buying.

  10. Daisy says

    Split all of my money into separate e-saving accounts,labelled for holiday, long term, bills etc, and only spend what’s allocated. Also keep a certain amount of cash for the week, and keep as many purchases as possible paid for from that cash.

  11. Ellen Hewitt says

    Plan and prepare to save £1 per day toward Christmas, prepare meal plans and shopping lists don’t shop when hungry look ahead for birthday gifts when on offer in shops. x

  12. Hutch2 says

    Save money wherever you can, even if it is just the odd 10p as it really does add up. If you see something at a great price that you do not need at the time, but will need at some point – get it.

  13. Tracey Belcher says

    Coupons are only worth using if you were going to buy the goods – remember a bargain, no matter how cheap is not a bargain if you don’t really want it!

  14. says

    I’m taking on board Liz’s tips, but we save all our loose change, £2 coins, have stopped feeding parking meters, saved a bundle on our holiday by checking all the different compare sites, chose a lower standard hotel to enable us to do more whilst there and cash back site, great deal on a nice hotel at the airport next to the terminal, cost about £9 more but saves on taxi fare and got £8.70 back :) x
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  15. Amelia Kennedy says

    I save £1 coins in a huge whisky jar and normally have saved enough for my partner and I to go on holiday in the summer! It’s amazing how quickly it stacks up …

  16. Anna Emslie says

    The big thing that saved money for me was to shop at markets and cheaper supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl. I plan meals throughout the week using leftovers from the night before if I can. This saves so much money and has meant that we can afford little treats that we wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise and we’ve got our family food budget down from £300+ a month to £160-£180 a month.

  17. David C says

    Plan your meals for the week and then write your shopping list accordingly. Be strict at the supermarket and stick to your list!

  18. Steven Appleton says

    make sure you shop when the ‘whoopsies’ are done at the supermarket, bread is always on offer & easily frozen

  19. Mike Hutchison says

    Most of us have one thing we regularly buy but don’t need. It could be anything from a cup of coffee on the way to work to a newspaper. Try cutting that out for 6 months and putting the money in a jar…

  20. jennifer thorpe says

    I try to have at least 1 ‘no spend’ days a week. It is so easy, on the school run, to nip into the local shop and buys sweets or bits and bobs. I try consciously at least once a week to lock my purse away

  21. Martina Pichova says

    Don’t spend money on takeaway’s and only cook what you will eat or freeze the rest for another day.

  22. judy nathan says

    save money in a piggy bank you have to smash to get the money out,that way you will be less tempted to keep dipping into it.

  23. claire WOODS says

    Look on the internet for cheaper deals on everything. Don’t get tempted by the coffee shop – it’s amazing how much you can save by not buying a coffee whilst out.

  24. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    Just stop buying stuff! Weigh up everything you buy and consider how hard it was to get hold of that amount of money in the first place!

  25. Lorraine Tinsley says

    Buy things in bulk when they are on offer especially things like toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrushes they’ll never go off as you’ll use them

  26. Katie Evans says

    My best (although a little obvious) money saving tip, is always take your own lunch to work, you spend a fortune buying pre-prepared stuff and there’s just no need. You could save the money you don’t spend in a jar to help you see the benefit.

  27. says

    I do online surveys. Oh my word are they boring but come the end of the year I’ve usually got a nice saved bank of Paypal and Amazon vouchers to help with Christmas.

    Also. Save. Pure and simple – don’t use the credit cards, don’t go into the overdraft. If something is out of your budget – save for it. The old fashioned way.
    Carmen Wing recently posted…7 Day Creativity Challenge: Days 1-3My Profile

  28. nathan says

    Downsize from premium items in the supermarket to value ones. Somethings are impossible to tell the difference especially biscuits!

  29. Julie Davies says

    If something is in the sales, ask yourself would you buy it at the price it is now if you didn’t know it had been reduced, i.e. is the worth the price you are paying for it or are you just tempted because it is half price.

  30. Laura Caraher says

    Before buying anything online I always search cashback and discount code sites to see if I can save some money :)

  31. anthony harrington says

    put all liquids/shampoos/shower gels/conditioner and detergents into pump dispensers, you can buy these on the high street and in using a pump rather than tipping and pouring you will be surprised how much longer these products last, saving money.

  32. TracyJo says

    Always look for discount codes if shopping online and use cashback sites, the savings really do add up. In the home, put heatholder socks and an extra jumper on before turning on the heating, even an hour or so without the heating on will save quite abit.

  33. Reader says

    Buying the supermarket’s own brand for food can help save money. Most times the items are just as good as all the branded you usually get the money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. :)

  34. Reader says

    As for the “inspire me” option… :D… wait for it…. 😀
    I’d like to see a post titled “How to make money from your blog.”

  35. lindsay chadburn says

    save change in a sealed jar, we do this every year after xmas and always gets us a big chunk towards our spending money and also stops u wasting change in your purse

  36. Jane Willis says

    Do you save coppers then sort them in one of those change sorting machines at the supermarket? They take a big percentage commission. Instead, do some shopping in the supermarket and pay by cash at the self service till, tipping all your coins into the coin acceptor. It will sort your coins, use them to pay for your shopping with no commission charge and give you any leftover cash as change!

  37. Hannah Bee Griffin says

    Make list before going shopping and stick to it. shop around and DON’T take the husband or children alsorts end up in the trolley without you knowing

  38. Claire C says

    make your own pancakes/batter mixes, and cake mixes its way cheaper than buying ready made, i’ve never understood why people buy pancake mix its so easy to make!

  39. says

    Excellent post, I agree it is vital to build a fund and plan in advance, hopefully looking forward to going to Canada this year, if everything goes smoothly! :)

  40. Sandra Clarke says

    Set a credit card limit and cash limit every month and stick to it, so it leaves some surplus for savings etc.

  41. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    i’m a total bookworm and was lucky enough to win a kindle last year. i used to get my books from the library but with kindles you cant borrow from libraries in the UK. i accidentaly found that amazon offer lots of free books; and a lot of them are really good. i’ve saved a lot of moneysince finding that.

  42. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    a blog post i would be interested to read would be on how to boost your income through comping. you could give comping tips and people could comment on things they have won.

  43. Alison Drew says

    I try to have a “no spend” day once a week. Then put aside the cash that would have been used on snacks/coffee/magazines etc etc

  44. Samantha R says

    we get those money tins you can only open with a can opener, put in the loose change and you will be amazed how much you have saved

  45. Helen M says

    Always use the comparison sites when changing insurance, savings, energy provider, telecoms provider etc. as they can really save you money – never just renew without checking other quotes

  46. Alana Walker says

    I always save any spare change under 50p in a jar, and every quarter I take it to the bank. Its amazing how it all adds up and gets rid of all the bulk in your purse. I also make my own baby food, much cheaper and lots healthier too!x

  47. lindsey stuart says

    Don’t always purchase brand names especially cleaning products!
    Also be careful that your not lured in to 3 for 2 items sometimes this isn’t the cheapest way
    and NEVER go shopping Hungry LOL!!!!

  48. jennifer h says

    Eat healthier! It might seem more expensive at first, but healthier food fills you up more and provides you with more nutrients, so you eat less *and loss weight* I’ve noticed our food bill go down dramatically since eating healthier, makes a huge difference.

  49. laura jayne bates says

    i always use scissors to cou open shampoo and bubble bath bottles as its amazing how much is left in but wont sqeeze out

  50. Sheila Reeves says

    Meal plan – try checking the weekly 6 at Aldis to see if you can build meals around those to save even more

  51. Amanda Mallows says

    Shop around – don’t just buy everything from the same supermarket. Markets are brilliant for picking up cheap veggies, especially when the stalls are about to close for the day.

  52. Lynne OConnor says

    Buy BOGOF offers or larger packs of fresh mince, chicken etc. which are usually cheaper then separate into portions and freeze what you don’t need immediately, or bulk cook and freeze meals for future use

  53. Margie says

    I save all money off coupons. Tesco Clubcard to get extra out of my vouchers. I save nectar points at Sainsburys. I shop a few different places to make sure I’m getting the best value for my money.

  54. katie skeoch says

    Cashback! you can’t beat it, especially if buying insurance – just shop about to get the cheapest price available!

  55. Farhana says

    I overspend during grocery shopping so best way to cut down on junk food buy is to go shopping in a full stomach!!!

    Next title: Tips on keeping the balance at home; love life work children.

  56. Helen Allan says

    Keep a shopping list (and stick to it) and plan all of your meals for the week. This way you buy exactly what is needed. There’s no waste, no over-spend and no temptation to splurge on take-away food.

  57. Reader says

    As for today’s inspire me option.. I was thinking.. You’re in a cross cultural marriage, just like we are.. :D.. and that means there’s more than one language in the family.. so my blog title for you today would be ..
    “Teaching young children a second language.”

  58. Susie Wilkinson says

    I go on a trip around my town every few days armed with a large backpack and visit all the discounters, it saves a fortune on supermarket prices. When I do have to visit the supermarket for the odd thing I can’t find anywhere else I walk down the aisles thinking ‘I got that for half that price’!

  59. Ruth Harwood says

    I always use libraries as I read a lot and if I bought every book I’d never be able to afford food! I also make sure I shop around for the best price, and buy my clothes in the sales :)

  60. Dianne Brewin says

    Save as much as you can each week or on each payday at the end of the month towards christmas then you will have a lump sum at the end of the year and have paid for christmas outright

  61. Janet Thornton says

    If you’ve never tried online grocery shopping before,I would recommend giving it a go.I’ve been doing it for the last couple of years and it’s easy once you get the hang of it.You don’t tend to buy things you don’t need,there’s no trolley up your backside plus you notice more of the offers on the things you need.You also get a running total so there is no nasty surprise at the checkout.

  62. lowri earith says

    dont take your husband or kids with you when you go food shoping they will make you spend more! (or at least mine do)

  63. Reader says

    Today’s “inspire me option”… “My favourite place in Germany.” It’ll be lovely to have a deeper and more personal insight for those that want to go on holiday! :)

  64. hayley pemberton says

    I use the tins that you need a can opener to get into to and put all my change below 20p in it at the end of the day. Last year she added up to nearly £200 for the kids spending money

  65. kayleigh white says

    I would recommend joining your supermarket savers club, this way you don’t notice you’re saving. Last year I accumulated £110 in Clubcard vouchers, which could then be doubled up on various departments. So, I had £220 to spend in the Toys online! Christmas was sorted!

  66. Laura Pritchard says

    Keep an eye on Amazon’s free kindle titles – there are some gems amongst the tat so you will have a constant supply of free books.

  67. Christina Curtis says

    Shopping List, Meal Plan and Budget – Collection coupons from local magazines and online then put them to good use when out shopping. Search out current offers to make sure you get the best price.

    Also go shopping on a Sunday afternoon or later at night when you can pick up some real bargains on the reduced shelf. They are close to use by date but lots can be frozen.

    Ebay, Gumtree, Freecycle if you need any bits they are usually really cheap but some are in fantastic condition. Also look online for Glitches and Special offers. I also buy all my Christmas Paper in January as its sold very cheap not to forget using old Christmas Cards as Tags for the following year. Just a few of the things I do myself to save pennies.

  68. Reader says

    Today’s “inspire me” option.. 😀
    I’d like to see a blog post titled:
    ” The top best 10 family friendly attractions in England.”

  69. Claire Butler says

    My son loves Lime Doritos so i bought 3 small boxes in £1 for £1 and stock up on family abgs when they 2 for £2 in supermarkets . I can then pop small amount daily for lunch in school and use a peg on bag to keep fresh. Son gets flavour he loves and loads cheaper than giving a single packet a day

  70. Reader says

    Today’s “inspire me” option… I’d like to see a post on:
    “how to deal with toddler tantrums- the do’s and the dont’s” 😀

  71. Stephanie Whitehouse says

    A post on “How to stop your husband putting your underwear on a boil wash – without deterring him from helping round the house”

  72. says

    Plan lunches and food in advance; my work is surrounded by gorgeous but expensive places to eat. I plan in advance, keep emergency (but cheap) cans of soup in my drawer at work, and keep a list of the local eat out places i want to try and I am allowed to treat myself to one on pay day!

  73. Tammy Tudor says

    Try to plan as much as possible in advance; meals so you know exactly what to buy when you go shopping, how much you’ll need for treats

  74. Tracy C says

    It’s easy to spend a fortune of those little things you don’t really notice but buy often – the odd latte, magazine, chewing gum. Trying keeping a note of what you spend for a couple of weeks and you can soon see where you can cut back.

  75. Dyana Rose says

    try subbing lower price alternatives for cleaning products. Most often, even the cheapest own brand works just as well.

  76. claire griffiths says

    put all your change in a container all 1ps, 2ps and five pence and empty when full surprising how much it mounts up

  77. Katherine L says

    Not being brand loyal can save you a lot of money. I use supermarket comparison websites to compare prices of things I want to stock up on so I go where the best deals are! Also, I make a list so I don’t spontaneously buy things I didn’t plan or research for :)

  78. Lynda Jones says

    I save 20p coins and cash them in once a year, I usually get about £100 which can be used for holiday spending money or for a special treat whilst on holiday

  79. Sarahann Tonner says

    I always kee[ a small tupperware box of almonds and dried fruit in my bag. Great for on the go and saves me buying impulse snacks!!

  80. Helen Swales says

    Use the local library; books are quite expensive and it will save you a fortune and your children can get 8 new books a fortnight (in our area).

  81. Marie says

    Do all your food shopping online. Then you can stick to a budget and not be tempted by all the special offers/treats in-store

  82. sandy ralph says

    when cooking dont throw anyway any left overs an little extra foods such as stews etc you can freeze and use as single portions

  83. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    i am a total bookworm and manage to save quite a bit of money by buying books for my kindle on amazons freebie pages. theres some really good titles to choose from.

  84. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    i would love to see you do a blog post about comping; hints ant tips. readers could comment on what they have won or ask comping related questions.

  85. Laura Wilce says

    Online grocery shopping is my biggest money saving tip. I find I stick to my list, don’t get distracted by things I don’t need and I actually end up buying healthier foods, too.

  86. kirsty cooper says

    money tins to put spare coins in, it’s a hassle to get money out so you aren’t tempted and my partner has managed to save a few hundred pounds over the last couple of months from it

  87. faye huntington says

    saving all pennies in a box and then every 1/4 of the year, take them to the bank and save them all! :) steady way of increasing savings account. with love, faye xx

  88. melanie stirling says

    I search sites such as Trivago for hotels and travelsupermarket and skyscanner for flights.I recently saved loads of money by booking everything seperately.

  89. Solange says

    Use your washing powder as a general cleaner…it really cuts through dirt, grime and grease…very good on shower trays, baths and sinks…put some down the loo and watch the stains disappear…no need for other high priced cleaners.

  90. Tracy Nixon says

    I’d love a list of special days at the beginning of each year – like when Easter is this year, bank hols etc. I never seem to remember!

  91. Reader says

    For today’s “inspire me” option… I’d like to see a post titled:
    “The best places to visit in Europe.”

  92. Tracy Nixon says

    Useful phone numbers like SAYNOTO0870.COM – I just discovered this site and it has saved me loads of money – if you type in an 0845 number, it gives you a free direct landline number!

  93. says

    I’ve stopped ‘nipping out’ to buy lunch everyday and am bringing packed lunches to work. Already saving around £15 a week. Trying to curb my shoe collection… not so easy!

  94. Susan Clayton says

    I’ve been doing my main grocery shop in the discounter stores. I am amazed at how much I have saved – up to £30 a week.

  95. Diane Carey says

    Always have some savings to fall back on, you never know what is going to happen in the future. Every time you get your wage put some savings away, and think of it as a bill to make sure you do it

  96. jodie B says

    I like a lot of the tips on here, some good ones.

    My money saving tip is to buy the regular things you use in bulk when they are on offer. (obviously the things that keep like loo roll and washing liquid).

  97. Alison Joyce says

    Only take money and cash cards out with you if you are specifically going out to buy something. You can’t impulse buy with no money.

  98. says

    i found that instead of doing shops in the usual supermarkets, places like poundland and B&M save me a HECK of a lot of money!!
    i have a blog mainly on beauty and books, so if you need a recommendation on books to read, im ya girl! Ive also got a giveaway for a limited edition Dogs trust polish that you might like to see?
    Thank you for the giveaway!!
    Claire recently posted…Models Own Team Up With The Dog’s Trust **GIVEAWAY**My Profile

  99. natalie holland says

    I sell old toys/games/clothes etc at boot fares or online and save money from that, we also save money in a moneybox that you can’t open unless you break it, saved £750 last year with that.

  100. William Gould says

    In the winter, invest in thermal lined curtains, and draw them shut at dusk, in every room in the house. This keeps a lot of heat in the house as we have found out, trying it for the first time this winter!

  101. Stacey Carnell says

    Add up your food shop online before you buy, that way you can keep track on how much you’re going to spend but also find the cheapest deals.

  102. Callie Wood says

    My local green grocers sell fruit and veg that are about to go off at a discount, so I get that and have some pretty interesting meals sometimes!

  103. Jo Booth says

    Firstly, I must be being dense, but I cannot find anywhere on the page where I can subscribe by email. Please add me to your email list :-)

    My moneysaving tip is to have a present cupboard. During the year, buy presents as you see them in sales etc and then when you have a birthday, you can choose something from the ‘present cupboard’. Especially good for kids parties.

  104. Louise A says

    Simple, but make a shopping list and stick to it, don’t be tempted by deals and you’ll be surprised how much you can save.

  105. Emily Fowler says

    Don’t just shop at the supermarket, try out local butchers, greengrocers, cheaper shops etc and learn which places are better value for money.

  106. Jo Booth says

    How about, revamp your house, one room at a time :-) Develop a project plan for each room saving up for the new furniture. This is what I’m doing right now

  107. Maureen Quinnell says

    have two accounts. one to cover all the direct debits and make sure enough is in at the beginning of month to save forgetting about a dd and ending up overdrawn

  108. Jo Booth says

    Todays inspiration : are we making our children Wuss’s ? Today, walking to school it started raining heavily, so we turned round and got in the car. In hindsight, I think I should have carried on walking because I was turning her into a Wuss.

  109. Carol says

    Get into the habit of leaving your purse at home or just taking the exact amount of cash you need when you next pop into town. It works!

  110. Emma says

    Stop the takeaways!! Making pizza can be so much fun! Plus in my opinion it tastes so much nicer too. And most importantly….. cheaper!

  111. Sharon Richardson Scott says

    Think about how your elders used to mend, make, grow and reuse most things. Gardens grew veg and fruit that saves money and makes if you sell any you don’t need. When you buy things reuse containers, jars we all know can be used for storage like food, candle holders or crafting. With glue, paper, material, beads or coloured tape they can be interesting money box so you save buying a piggy bank, children are better off with plastic versions like nesQ milk powders or cocoa type containers. There are lots of sites that tell of wartime make and mend so do a little research for info. My own grandmother would unpick clothes turn them inside out and restitch to freshen the item, si if like her you can handle a needle you probably could do it to items well loved. After all you know what people say a penny here and there makes the pounds!

  112. caroline says

    my best money saving tip is this…STOP WASTING FOOD!!!

    I always plan what meals we are going to have as a family at the start of the week and do my shopping list based on that, that way I have a little money left over for treats and nothing gets wasted!!

  113. Kate says

    Blog is great. We only buy what we need & if i think the veg will go off before we use it, i cut it up, bag it & freeze it.

  114. Sarah S says

    Do the grocery shopping online. Although there will be a delivery charge, you will save money on petrol and by not spending on impulse buys!

  115. christy beckett says

    Team Honk Relay Bristol 14 mile walk, I need some insperation to loose weight and I love walking so hopefully this post may help.

  116. Andrew Halliwell says

    If you’re a fan of jam, go out and pick blackberries in the late summer/autumn. The bushes have been heaving with them recently,.
    Wash them, freeze them, save all your old jam jars for re-use and bingo. All it costs then is a decent pan and a bag of sugar and you’ll have enough jam to last months.

  117. Holly Lovatt says

    Shop at Aldi. Has saved me so much rather than Asda or Tesco.

    Also make a list so you don’t forget anything and end up going to a corner shop which will cost you more

  118. Emma Carvell says

    Don’t go shopping unless you need something specific! It’s easy to buy things you don’t need when you’re browsing!

  119. Jo Booth says

    Inspiration : How do you supress your fear when you’re really scared, so you don’t scare your children? With the really strong winds, I was terrified, but had to pretend it was all ok. Any top tips on how to do this ?

  120. Julie Thomas says

    We save money by double baking; making one batch of tea to eat and one to freeze. Saves energy, time and you can buy produce in bigger quantities which often is on offer

  121. Hannah says

    Keep a few treats in your budget, just small things that you like. I find if I budget too much I eventually snap and go crazy – so it saves that from happening!

  122. cheryl lovell says

    We want to go to Florida in 2 years so have bought a £2 tin that can only be opened with a tin opener. We have made a deal that every £2 coin we receive has to be put in the tin whether we are skint or not!

  123. Emma Davies says

    Meal plans are a must. Buying big joints of meat and using them over two or three meals us cheaper than buying portions of meat.

  124. Sophie Arrowsmith says

    Set a cash amount for spending money for one week and draw it out and do not take any more out till the next week. Spending hard cash rather than using your card makes it go longer :)

  125. Rachel B says

    Have a change jar for coppers and small coins. It’s amazing how quickly it adds up and I use it for a family treat every few months.

  126. Ali Thorpe says

    Before supermarket shopping, make a list and stick to it. IT’s too easy to come home with things you don’t need otherwise!

  127. Katherine Coldicott says

    If you’ve got a good friend you can shop with, when you’re buying everyday essentials such as toilet roll etc, you can bulk buy & split cost and packets between you.

  128. Ann says

    Don’t be a brand snob, try the supermarkets own label foods, you’ll never know til you’ve tried it, or like me, shop in the discounted supermarkets.

  129. Michelle A says

    If you are making large purchases e.g. for a wedding always ask for their best price or money off or something for free. There is no harm in asking and you may get a bargain!

  130. Karen Cole says

    Have a moneybox (the type that you have to use a can opener to open) and put in any spare change, especially £1 and £2 coins. They soon add up

  131. helenthemadex says

    What ever you are buying shop around find the best price, and then look for cashback offers or money off that price

  132. Jane Middleton says

    Simple tip – stop chasing the latest technology developments, only replace old devices when they go wrong.

  133. n parker says

    Don’t live too close to a shop!! I do and I seem to end up in there every day for 1 thing and end up buying about 10 things!!

  134. Joanne Clarke says

    If food shopping look around online for offers first,vouchers are great.
    Don’t always do bogof deals unless you need that item,again check if it’s on offer on its own first.
    Future blog post : food bargains of the week

  135. Kim Lee says

    If you often pop in and buy a Starbucks, consider making your own coffee at home and putting in a flask! You save so much really easily!

  136. shelley stevenson says

    i recently started entering competitions and doing surveys. the money i earn from surveys goes straight to my paypal and so far have earned over £100 in cash, amazon vouchers and high street vouchers. Competitions have let me win things that id never afford to buy.. and comping and surveys are free! Its my top saving and making money tip.. :)

  137. Kel Ellen Hirst says

    Find a use for things you think you no longer need – odd socks? Use that lonely sock as a dish cloth…it will last much longer than a shop bought one

  138. Wendy Collard says

    Price compare absolutely everything! Grocery shopping supermarket prices, utility supplier, online retailers, the list is endless. Its amazing how much prices can vary. If i’m after certain items I often take advantage of “deal” sites, which often allow you to type in a key word and it will quickly bring up any offers/bargains that anyone has been kind enough to spot and post about. I also buy my xmas/birthday pressies throughout the year when I see a great bargain, not only does it save money per present, but also means that come Christmas you don’t have to break the bank. Just makes is much less of a worry (I even have next years Xmas wrapping paper and cards stored away safely which I got for a snip in the sales!)

  139. Wendy Collard says

    I would love to read a blog post about unconventional money saving methods which they tried out for a week to see how they got on – would be an eye opener and perhaps inspiration to others.

  140. Hayley Mulgrove says

    Blog Name – Small Money
    i have a block on my phone so i cant go over my contract every month, it has saved me loads

  141. Angie McDonald says

    The same as my mum used to say to me..
    Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves! I keep a glass jar in the living room that i can pop loose change into so it doesn’t get scattered about the house

  142. Sandra Bald says

    If you’ve the time visit your local charity shop, you can make great savings on children’s toys I’ve bought some great jigsaws & board games for £1. Some of the bits I’ve bought have been brand new. Great stocking fillers for kids.

  143. Gwyn Sharps says

    If you have left overs from meals, freeze them into portions. You can then either take them to work – it saves buying lunch at the canteen – or use them at another late date.

  144. alison clark says

    My money saving tip is set a food budget and stick to it – for years i was spending £300-400 on food shopping just buying what i fancied 5 days a week – now i have a strict budget shop every 2 weeks and if i run out of something i just have t use something else instead – i converted to almond milk as its healthier and last for weeks too.

  145. alison clark says

    I would like to read – my diary of cut backs to pay for my holiday – i always find it useful to see how other people are doing it to see if you can use some of the ideas.

  146. Vicky Robinson says

    Think very carefully about everything you buy – whether you really need it and if you could get it cheaper online at eBay or Amazon.

  147. Vicky Robinson says

    I would like to read a diary of savings made each week or month by cutting corners and clever savings tips. I would find it inspirational.

  148. DENISE WILDEN says

    Use vouchers to get money off food save your tesco vouchers for days out or for xmas put odd coppers and 5p in a money box and sell items you don’t use it all adds up.

  149. Kristy Leanne Brown says

    We put any money ‘left’ into savings at the end of the month, and try to put at least £50 aside on payday!

  150. cheryl fothergill says

    Send my other half to do the shopping as he sticks to the list religously whereas I get drawn in to the special offers.

  151. stephanie campbell says

    Dont be snobby, use places like charity shops often the products in there are good as new if not new too. you might have o route and go to a few until you find a fave but its all good!

  152. Holly edmundson says

    For family days out always take a panic as places such as zoos and theme parks the food is so overpriced and not always the best

  153. Jo-Anne holton says

    Cycle lots,turn lights off when not needed turn heating down, and my big one for me is do a main big shop no need to make lots of small trips which end up costing lots more!!!

  154. Hannah Walker says

    – Search online for vouchers before buying ANYTHING.
    – Sign up to paid market research companies to earn some extra cash by doing surveys and attending focus groups.
    – Always check if it’s cheaper elsewhere.
    – Shop around in charity shops if there’s something specific you’re after.
    – eBay is great for bargains – try adding the ‘time ending soonest’ filter to pick up some last minute deals.

  155. Jakki Bradshaw says

    I make large stews in my slow cooker, it saves heating up the oven, the ingredients are cheap and it goes a long way.

  156. TRACY MOORE says

    Switch energy suppliers every 12 mths, be mindful of

    leaving on lights on when not in rooms & always switch electric devices off of stand-by mode last thing at night.

  157. Sam P Toms says

    Look for all the offers when grocery shopping, it’s surprising how much more you can get for your money or how much you can cut back by!

  158. Rachel says

    I have started doing a weekly food plan and only buying what i have on my list, if its not on the list i dont buy it, no matter how much i neeeeeeeedddddddd it! (chocolate muffins) It has cut my food shop bill by half.

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