Win A Disney’s Frozen Jigsaw Puzzle for National Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day Frozen Disney

Amy has been really getting into jigsaw puzzles recently. We bought her a couple of them for Christmas and my Nan sent her a wonderful farm puzzle with 36 pieces as well. Initially, I thought she was still a little young for them, but once again, my little girl has proved me wrong. She has taking to puzzles like a fish to water and happily does a 36 piece jigsaw puzzle by herself. Admittedly, she goes by trial and error, but with some encouragement, Amy sits there until the end when she shouts ‘Yay, I’m a winner’. It’s lovely to see her celebrate her own little success and while we are talking about celebrations, I want to wish you all a ‘Happy National Puzzle Day’!

Designed in 1760 by British engraver and map maker John Spilsbury, the puzzle is now three hundred years old and has since enchanted, educated and entertained children and adults alike.  Could we need any more reasons to celebrate with a special National Puzzle Day giveaway? I don’t think so!

If you want to win a jigsaw puzzle of Disney’s latest movie hit ‘Frozen’, kindly donated by Jumbo Games, fill in the Rafflecopter below and make sure to fulfil all mandatory entry requirements before moving onto the extra points. Good luck, everyone! 

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  1. says

    Ahhh, I used to love jigsaw puzzles. I was very lucky as I had an uncle who was very well travelled and he brought home amazing wooden jigsaws. My favourite was a big wooden chunky giraffe one. Thanks for the question, that’s brought back lovely memories!
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  2. katie skeoch says

    I’m sure there were earlier jigsaws but I always remember doing my Where’s Wally jigsaws – Under the sea was my favourite x

  3. Tracy Nixon says

    I always remember my grandma having loads of puzzles in her cupboard under her stairs and the one I remember the most was a map of the UK jigsaw puzzle. It only had 100 pieces but to a young child, the pieces were never ending! It was the first big jigsaw I completed (with the help of my grandma and older brother), so I remember it well! Whenever we went to stay over at grandmas, to allow our parents a night out, we loved getting out her jigsaw puzzles. Ahhhh lovely memories!

  4. says

    I can’t remember! My only childhood memory of puzzles is that my Granny always had one on her dining table that she was working on, with such tiny pieces. I would have competitions with my brother and sister to see who could get one of the pieces in the right place.
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  5. Amanda Mallows says

    I remember having a Spot the Dog’ jigsaw as a child – it was only about 6 pieces but I remember it vividly.

  6. Lorraine Tinsley says

    I can’t remember!! I do recall doing a 5,000 piece jigsaw with my brother and sister which had a massive blue sky!

  7. Alex C says

    I always used to do a lot of puzzles with my grandad when I was little, one of the first ones I remember was a bit cat puzzle!

  8. Mary-Ann Pollard says

    a massive dolphin one, it had colorful fish and reef as well as some of the pieces being shaped like dolphins

  9. Claire O'Neill says

    I loved doing jigsaws as a child and my 3 year old daughter is obsessed.We search car boot sales and charity shops for new ones.My first jigsaw was a Charlie Brown and snoopy one sent from a Canadian cousin.I still remember the joy when I completed the 80 piece puzzle all by myself!

  10. Alison M says

    Oh, that’s going back a LONG time ago!!!
    “Think” it either one based on the Ladybird stories (Peter and Jane books from the 70s) or The Fox and the Hound as that was my favourite film as a child!

  11. monika s says

    I solved plenty, cant remember which one was first, probably some cottage view – I love puzzles and use solving them as a way to unwind and relax, I have few bigger ones framed on the wall :)

  12. makila wheatley says

    i dont have an actually memory of solving this puzzle as i was only 18 months old at the time but it was a Spot the dog puzzle

  13. vikki sanderson says

    my grandma used to have this wooden puzzle, with different shapped pieces. there are thousands of solutions, each creating a different picture/pattern, but the pattern had to fit back into the box. Can’t remember what it was called but I loved it!

  14. Samantha R says

    I can remember trying to do a impossible jigsaw which was a picture of thousands of smarties, didn’t get very far

  15. Andrea Smith says

    I think it was a Mickey Mouse one, on a farm with the usual suspects and also Clarabel, Goofy’s girlfriend!!

  16. Rebekah says

    The first puzzle I completed was god knows how many years ago. It was one of those with the knob bits and you had to slot them into the holes. If that doesn’t count, I was putting together four piece jigsaws of farms and whatnot at three or four years old.

  17. Tracy Newton says

    A jigsaw of a picture of the Engagement of Lady Diana Spencer and a Prince Charles. I did it with my Mam and it took ages to complete.

  18. Gina M says

    I can’t remember! But my brother and I used to love puzzles when we were younger and now I love doing them with my daughter.

  19. Samantha Atherton says

    My first puzzle was a 9 piece postman pat jigsaw which i kept and now my 2 year old plays with. she’s got a little collection of 9 & 12 piece puzzles and can complete them with relative ease so i think it’s time i find her something more challenging.

  20. karen cowley says

    I remember doing a Thomas the tank engine one and was so proud when it was finished and upset when i had to take it apart lol xxx

  21. Emma Davies says

    I can’t remember but I remember doing lots of tweenies ones with my little sister who’s ten years younger than me x

  22. Kelly Hooper says

    I had a lot of cottage scene puzzles when I was younger which I think might have been my mothers, and I know I completed them all! We’ve always loved puzzles in my family so when i was little, there was usually one half done on the dining table that everyone would find a couple of pieces for as they walked past it :)

  23. Ian Murray says

    I can always remember the jigsaw puzzle my mother was completing, which we all helped with, it was huge, 5000 or 10000 pieces and it had some poppies on it. It was nearly complete, then my brother, quite young at the time knocked one of the legs on the table and it all came down, crumbling to pieces in the process. – I remember we did eventually complete it though.

  24. Maria Jane Knight says

    I had a 6 piece Spot The Dog puzzle which I loved and so did my little boy when it was passed down to him.

  25. Jennifer Rhymer says

    I had wooden alphabet & numbers puzzle – it was quite basic and I remember sitting on the floor with a yellow letter “Y”. It is my earliest memory :)

  26. Karen R says

    My grandma had a circular jigsaw, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about, although I feel that it had a fifties feel – you know, I’m going to have to ask my mum what that jigsaw was about now :)

  27. Kerry Kilmister says

    I remember a Care Bear puzzle that my parents bought me and I had to hide it away in my bedroom from my three brothers. I was so excited when I completed it that I wanted it framed but my baby brother got hold of it and chewed two or three of the pieces. I was so disstraught.

  28. leighanne palfrey says

    A popeye one that was holographic but i couldnt pick it up to make the picture move without it falling apart lol :)

  29. cheryl fothergill says

    Dont remember the first but I remember a team building exercise. We were running out of time and had several challenges left and I managed to solve one in about 30 seconds by thinking outside the box.

  30. says

    I always loved those Logic Problem books as a kid :) But the first thing I did was a wordsearch I’m sure – I used to have a programme on my Atari ST that created wordsearches, it was the best!

  31. Hayley Todd says

    To be honest, I can’t honestly remember, as I always used to love doing jigsaws even from a very young age! I have just helped my little girl to complete one of the Rainbow Magic Mystery Puzzle jigsaws and that was fun!

  32. Tracy C says

    I honestly couldn’t tell you, but have always loved puzzles. Even now my mum, sister, nan and I still sit down and do puzzles together from time to time.

  33. says

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