Spring Cleaning Tips: Shoe Storage Solutions

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Keeping shoes organised can be a bit of a chore, especially when there’s other family members to think about. As soon as children come along, the space you have will automatically deteriorate, as you make room for little shoes as well as your own. As we say hello to the New Year, it would be a good time to sort the ones that you have and come up with some sort of savvy storage solution so that you can see the pairs you have to choose from. The same applies for all members of your family.

The new school term may also mean an influx of new shoes, either because previous pairs have been outgrown (we all know how quickly little feet can grow!) or because they have been well and truly worn out over the past few months. With some great, scuff-resistant school shoes for boys from George available, the New Year would be a great time to update their shoe collection, helping you to declutter and sort through older pairs that they don’t have any use for anymore.

Whether it’s school shoes for boys from George that you’re needing to find a home for, or you’d like to establish some kind of order when it comes to your own shoes, there are plenty of superb shoe storage solutions available that will help you to gain some order to your shoe stash.

Know your Space

If you have a shoe corner, closet or rack at the moment that you are using, know its dimensions and also be aware of how you can maximise the space even more. For example, if you have a shoe rack in the corner of your downstairs loo, consider a DIY project and extend this storage skywards. Floor to ceiling shelving can house lots more shoes than a small shoe rack can!

If you use part of your closet for your shoes, be aware that some pairs will need more room than others – wellies and winter boots, for example, will need compartments that are larger in height than normal shoes.

Make Shoes Visible

Try and ensure that your shoes can be seen, so that when planning outfits, you know what your collection consists of. There may be the perfect pair of heels in your wardrobe, but if you can’t see them, you won’t think of them. Out of sight, out of mind, remember?

If you do choose to store them in individual shoe boxes, like some people do, label the boxes accordingly and also opt for transparent boxes so that you can see what’s inside.


Keep shoes that are worn most often more accessible than those that aren’t worn very regularly at all. For example, for the kids, keeping school shoes, wellies and play shoes to hand would be a wiser choice than the smart party soles they only wear on a special occasion.

Maintain some sort of order when it comes to your shoe collection will help you to stay in control of your footwear while also ensuring you have the widest choice available when picking a pair to go with a particular outfit. Now all that’s left to do is to sort through the wardrobes, too!

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    make shoes visible is such a good tip. I have two pairs of boots that i’ve had for a few years but they look brand new as i keep them in boxes so i can’t ever be bothered to get them out. This winter i binned the boxes so i can see them and people keep saying to me ‘ooh new boots’ (they’re actually about 5 years old). So that is definitely a great tip you have there! x
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