We like to read: Stick Man – Julia Donaldson

stick man julia donaldson and axel scheffler

Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is one of the most recent additions to Amy’s bookshelf. Her little boyfriend from next door gave it to her for Christmas and once again author and illustrator duo Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler have managed to produce a children’s book that captivated Amy’s attention right from the start.

Stick Man is told in Julia Donaldson’s unmistakable rhyming style and shows you the adventures that sticks get up to when kids play with them. Mistaken for an ordinary stick while on his morning run, Stick Man is used as a pooh-stick, thrown to a dog or used as a flag pole in a sandcastle and with every adventure, he is traveling further and further away from the tree that he lives in with his family when all he really wants to do is be with them.

On his last adventure, Stick Man ends up in a grate ready to be thrown into the fire, but then a noise escapes from the chimney – someone or something has gotten stuck and only Stick Man can help them out of their misery. Stick Man scratches and scrapes and to his surprise sets free Father Christmas himself. Grateful for his help, Father Christmas takes Stick Man home and reunites him with his family just in time for Christmas.

Stick Man is a wonderful book for pre-schoolers and young school children as it tells a story they can really relate to. All of them will have collected sticks playing in the park or thrown them in the water and this is where this book gives you lots of food for further discussions and conversation.

What else could happen to Stick Man?, Where can you find sticks? What can you make with sticks? are questions that can easily be discussed by little ones and inspire activities and crafts with sticks. Maggy from Red Ted Art has a great Stick Man craft idea on her blog and the National Forestry Commission has even come up with Stick Man trails in various locations around the country. There is one quite close to us at Westonbirt Arboretum and I really hope that I can take Amy before it closes at the end of January this year.

All in all, Stick Man is a fabulous book for 2-7 year olds and as always, the Donaldson/Scheffler dream team gets a big thumbs up from us. Stick Man is easy to read, it’s heart-warming and the illustrations tie in beautifully with the story. What more can you ask for in a book?

How about you? Have you read Stick Man or been on a stick man adventure? 



  1. Nicola Holland says

    We took our 5 year old son on the Stickman Trail at the forestry commission near us yesterday, and it was fabulous. It was family fun with interesting interactive boards through the pinetum and the hunt for Stickman, Sticklady and their children just added to the excitement. Well-worth the pound and he came home with his own Stickman he had made.

  2. Emma T says

    It’s a new read for us too, and N loved it. I was hoping to get to Wendover for their trail, but don’t think we’ll make it now before it finishes. Too many birthday parties each week in January.
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  3. Rosie Dharamsi says

    I have a copy of stick man, which I use in school during guided reading sessions. The children respond to the questions beautifully without realising that they are ‘learning’.

  4. Helen McCarron says

    We haven’t read this one yet but my kids are big Julia Donaldson fans so will definitely read it soon.

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