Make a daffodil wreath – instructions with templates

daffodil wreath for springtime and st david's day with daffodil template and heart wreath template

If your glass is half full, spring is just around the corner. If your glass is half empty, spring is another four weeks away – maybe even longer! Glass half full or empty, I still felt that we should start opening our doors to springtime and do a little spring craft this afternoon. And what symbolises the beginning of spring more than a beautiful bunch of daffodils?

With that in mind, Amy and I set out to assemble the Daffodil Wreath Kit that we were sent by Baker Ross as part of their blogger programme and turning some foam shapes into a beautiful daffodil wreath couldn’t have been easier. There was no cutting involved or any messy glue, so I can say (hand on heart) that this was by far the easiest and most relaxing craft ever. All you had to do was peel off the sticky tape from the back of the daffodil petals and stick them onto the foam wreath before rolling some orange foam and pressing it into the pre-cut holes in the petals.

For £1.49, this is a craft kit that you really can’t go wrong with. Amy really enjoyed making the wreath and it was easy enough for her to do without much intervention from my side.

daffodil wreath and template, springtime wreath

springtime daffodil wreath with daffodil template and heart wreath template

Unfortunately, not all of you will be able to order from Baker Ross as some countries of the world aren’t included in their international shipping, but as this is such a lovely spring craft I thought I would make a little template for a heart wreath and some daffodil petals, so that you can make a daffodil wreath yourself – no matter where you live.

You can download the template for all parts of the daffodil wreath here  and all you have to do then, is draw a heart wreath on green paper, some green petals and some yellow petals, cut everything out and stick things together with a glue of your choice.

For the pollen, you could just use an orange sharpie pen – or you could go wild and roll up some orange paper and glue it into the middle of the petal. Add a ribbon of your choice and display your masterpiece wherever you want. Our daffodil wreath is currently hanging in our living room window.

Have fun making this quick and easy craft and make sure to tag me in pictures on Twitter or Instagram, so that I can admire your wreaths.

Disclosure: The daffodil wreath kit was sent to us as part of a big craft box that we received free of charge from Baker Ross. Watch out for more crafts that we’ll do with the contents over the next couple weeks x


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    This looks so lovely. And I think it should go on your front door. Why do we only put them on our doors at Christmas?

    We should have one all the time! Especially when they are as pretty as this one

  2. says

    that wreath is so pretty and makes me feel spring like, which reminds me I need to move our sheep before they start lambing – I bet you never thought your gorgeous wreath would prompt such a thing!

  3. says

    Oh that’s so very pretty. I really love simple crafts like this that are achievable even if you’re not an expert, and actually look like you’d want them on display when you’re finished!
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