Activity sheet Farm Bingo – learning about farms

Activity sheets are not only a fun way to engage your children and bring new aspects to a day out, they also help develop your child’s communication and language skills in a playful way.

After our morning at Windmill Hill City Farm, I decided to create some activity sheets based on farm animals and objects you can find on a farm. I will introduce them to Amy on our next visit later this week and share them with you here on the blog over the coming weeks.

Today, I want to show you a quick Farm Bingo that I have rustled up this afternoon. It shows tools, animals and other objects that you find on a trip to your local farm and it’s a great little learning material to initiate conversations about the things little ones notice around the farm.

Right click the image below, click “save as” and print it out ready for your next farm trip.

I will laminate our sheet to make it a little more durable, but you can just take a print out with you and ask your little ones to cross off everything they see. If you decide to laminate your Farm Bingo, use stickers or a white board pen that you can wipe off for repeated use.

Questions you can ask based on your activity sheet:

What can you see? How many of them can you see? Which colour does it have?
If it’s an object: What can you use it for? Where else could you find it?
If it’s an animal: Which sound does it make? What is its baby called? What does it eat? Which food comes from …? What does it eat? Where does it live?
Farm Bingo Activity Sheet - learning about farms

I hope you enjoy this little activity sheet. If you do and would like to see more of them, please let me know and I will come up with some more ideas.

The Fairy and the Frog


  1. says

    Activity sheets are a brilliant way to engage little ones. I know some people who use them to go supermarket shopping to keep little ones entertained. Your sheet is so beautiful and colourful and we go to the farm quite regularly so this will come in very handy. Thank you
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    • Carolin says

      Now that’s an idea. I usually get Amy to fetch things for me or help me find them on the shelf, but the activity sheet is a great idea too – although I guess it would make the shop considerably longer 😉

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