Lovely Sibling Photography Ideas

Getting some beautiful pictures of your children is no doubt the wishes of every parent, yet it can of course be easier said than done, especially if you’re after something a little different (or your children aren’t a fan of being still for too long!)

Sibling photography – whether it’s a professional shoot or not – should also be a fun experience for those involved, and hopefully there shouldn’t be too much hair pulling or too many tears.

We’ve made a list of some of our favourite ideas from the web to get you thinking next time you get the camera out in front of your little ones.

Capture their first meeting

siblings meeting for the first time

Whether it’s at the hospital or back at home, capturing the first time your child meets their brand new baby sister or brother will be priceless. Shooting their smiles as they fall in love instantly will create a really lovely photo that will be timeless, and they’ll also guarantee natural smiles and laughs too and is something they’ll love looking back on as they grow older. These precious first moments are often a bit of a blur, so this can be a great way of remembering them forever.

Opt for fun, playful images

fun ideas for sibling photography

The photographs don’t have to be serious or dramatic if you don’t want them to be, or if that wouldn’t really reflect their relationship very accurately. We love some of the examples here, which include an older sister’s launch into reality of being a big sister as her younger sibling bawls their eyes out, and siblings with signs saying ‘brother or sister for sale’.

Tell a story

photograph siblings

You could use the images to show a story or portray an event, which is a popular strategy with a lot of professional photographers. As mentioned before, capturing their first meeting is a great story, yet there are so many others too. We love ones where siblings are showing their little brother or sister something, or are ‘protecting’ them as they are so proud of their new little sibling.

Keep things simple

take photos of siblings together, how to photograph siblings

A popular approach is a good one – and that’s just to keep things simple. Traditional, classic photos of your little ones cuddling, sat next to each other or holding hands will make for some beautiful pictures that you can treasure forever. If you want a picture of your toddler or preschooler holding your newborn, companies that have things to help like Venture newborn photography props is a great option as they will ensure both children are handled safely.

Have them doing something together

how to photograph siblings, sibling photography

A perfect option if your children are a little older is to capture them doing something that they love together. This could be anything from reading a book to drawing a picture or playing sports, and will look lovely and natural which is great if you’re not a fan of formal, staged photos. This will also give you something to show them in the future when they are having an argument! This can be a really great way to showcase their personalities as well as their relationship, too.

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