How to make your own chocolate pizza

how to make your own chocolate pizza, chocolate pizza kitA couple of days ago, I was asked, if I wanted to treat myself to an early Mother’s Day present from ToxicFox’s Mother’s Day range and despite having no clue when Mother’s Day actually is this year, (I looked it up for you! It’s 30th March)I went on a virtual shopping trip and picked something that both Amy and I could have fun with, because what’s nicer than sharing Mother’s Day with your daughter?

What I picked, I hear you ask? This chocolate pizza kit that allows you to make your very own chocolate pizzas over and over again! Okay, the kit only comes with ingredients for one pizza, but it also includes a reusable pizza mould which mean we’ll make A LOT of chocolate pizzas over the coming weeks and months. It retails at £18.99 and would make a great present for every chocolate fan – male or female, young or old.

The process itself is really simple and Amy loved getting involved, so I thought I’d share with you how to make your own chocolate pizza:

chocolate pizza, how to make a chocolate pizza

1) Melt 200g chocolate of your choice for about 1 minute and keep stirring it, so it doesn’t burn. You can do this in the microwave or over a bain marie.

2) Pour the melted chocolate in a round 7×7 inch mould and add toppings of your choice. The pizza kit came with jelly beans, white chocolate shavings and Smarties, but we used some pink chocolate shavings and pink and white sparkles.

3) Put the mould in the fridge for 2 minutes, then take it out and cut into slices. Put into the fridge to set for another 15 minutes.

Yes, it’s as easy as that. I couldn’t believe it myself, but it was really quick and easy and I can’t wait to give it another go. We’ll probably make a chocolate pizza with a rainbow theme for St Patricks Day next week. What do you think?

Disclosure: We were provided with the chocolate pizza kit for the purpose of this review. All opinions are out own and 100% honest.


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