Sampling the Food of Cork


Cork plays host to some fantastic restaurants, from traditional Irish fare served in the historic pubs and restaurants throughout the city to more diverse additions, like pizza and Chinese. Some of the more unusual items you’ll come across on the menu are:


Known as Ireland’s black pudding, Drisheen is made from a mixture of cow’s, pig’s and/or sheep’s blood combined with milk, salt, fat and breadcrumbs, boiled and sieved, then cooked in a pig or sheep’s intestine. Traditionally served as part of a breakfast with bacon, eggs and potato cakes, it’s now finding its way into starters and main meals in restaurants.


Tripe is the stomach of a cow, pig, sheep or an ox. Very much an acquired taste and traditionally cooked with onions in white sauce or in a stew – you’ll often find Mediterranean variations of it on menus too.


Crubeens are simply boiled pigs feet. Eaten by hand, you’ll find some of the best crubeens in Ireland at The English Market.

Murphy’s and Beamish Stout

Produced in Cork itself, Irish Stout has been brewed here for over 200 years. Beamish is described as full roasted, full bodied and full flavoured with a hop aroma and has been produced here for the longest. Murphy’s Brewery is 150 years old and practically legendary in terms of stout. Dry, smooth and creamy with a touch of bitterness, it’s a real favourite.


The seafood here in Cork is of fantastic quality, being caught by local fisherman and docked in the harbour each morning and sold in the markets around town just after being landed. You wont get fresher fish than this.

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