Team Honk Relay Bristol: A 14 mile walk

Team Honk Bristol Sport Relief 2014

I woke up this morning and had this weird feeling in my stomach that you get when it’s Sports Day and you’re really rubbish at every single discipline. I know this feeling really well, because I sucked at everything that wasn’t volleyball, shot putting and swimming, yet I have decided to sign up for this year’s Team Honk Relay to support three of my favourite bloggers in their attempt to raise £20.000 for Sport Relief 2014.

On Sunday, (this Sunday, in only two days, 9th February 2014, without any form of training and a non-existent fitness level, I will be making my way to Chipping Sodbury with Jen from Instinctive Mum and Emily from Tealady Mumbles to pick up the baton from Team Oxford and then walk back into Bristol. I might be saying ‘back’ in a rather casual way, but back means a whopping 14 miles. Just to break that down for you, 14 miles equal 22.5km,  22531m or 56.3 athletic tracks. That’s 56.3 athletic tracks more than I have run or walked in over 10 years.

14 miles might not be much to you, but it’s kind of a big deal to me. See, I don’t really do the whole exercise and fitness thing anymore. 10 years ago, I had an accident during a school sport lesson and since then my right foot has never been the way it was before said PE lesson. I had to have surgery twice, one procedure seeing me have a bone transplant from my knee into my foot and another one creating artificial ligaments. Both times, surgery put my life on hold. I wasn’t allowed to walk for 6 months after each operation and it was just a pretty dark and depressing time of my life.

I can walk fine now, but long distances are tough as are hills and unsurfaced paths and roads. So yes, Sunday will push me, really push me, but I’ve always been stubborn and I will carry the Team Honk baton into Bristol – even if it’s at midnight and I’m crawling into the city.

You can motivate me along the way by donating via the badge below. Every pound counts and we would be incredibly grateful to everyone who supports us on our three day fundraising extravaganza – more on day 2 and 3 soon! 


Team Honk 2014 blogger Relay

The first ever Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games take place from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd March 2014. The public can join the fun and games by running, swimming or cycling their way to raising cash at over a thousand venues around the country, including the landmark events at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

As one of the biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active raise cash and change lives. The money raised by the public is spent by Comic Relief to help transform the lives of some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people both at home in the UK and across the world.


  1. Donna@MummyCentral says

    14 miles is no mean feat love. I’ve done a half-marathon (many years ago) and I walked most of that since I hadn’t trained properly. 13.1 miles and it was hard work. But since you won’t be trying to do it within a specific time, I’m sure it won’t be as gruelling (she says, with her biggest smile of encouragement). Everyone is doing such an amazing effort for Team Honk. I am majorly impressed. Good luck and we’re all behind you xxx

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