10 TV mums that I would hire as a babysitter

Finding the perfect babysitter is not easy. You want to hire someone that is reliable and trustworthy, while still being kind and fun. Unfortunately, Nanny McPhee never stays when you want her to stay and with Mary Poppins you’re always at risk of her being blown away with her umbrella, so let’s face it: We need a new babysitter!

Someone with experience is always good, so I thought, why not hire a mum? A TV Mum to be precise, because we know everything there is to know about them, right? Saves us the terribly long-winded interview process, too. The Baby Website is currently revealing their selection of the most awesome TV mums, but who would I hire?

Holly Willoughby
Holly Willoughby TV mum

She’s the girl next door type with a great sense of humour. Kids would have great fun with her and I bet she won’t mind a cheeky ice-cream before bedtime. Plus, she knows how to fight off evil villains and monsters. She had hand-to-hand combat training with Katie Hopkins after all.

Davina McCall

Davina McCall TV mum

Davina won’t ever throw the towel, no matter how horrific the child. This woman has just completed a 450km triathlon in 5 days, so how big a challenge can a stroppy toddler be compared to that?

Katy Hill

Katy Hill TV mum

Hands-on and with a cracking sense of humour, Katy Hill, would be Amy’s ideal babysitter. Having presented Blue Peter, she’s also one to throw herself into every adventure that comes her way. Extreme lego-threading? Bring it on!

Annabel Karmel

Annabel Karmel TV mum

Annabel Karmel is the perfect babysitter for little gourmets. Rest assured that fish fingers and spaghetti hoops will not be served up, while Annabel reigns over the kitchen. Home-cooked meals will make little ones smile and you relax while you go out for your date night.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie TV mum

Angelina Jolie is the perfect babysitter for large families. She juggles more kids than an octopus has arms and manages to be a great role model at the same time. Plus, she can teach kids a thing or two about the countries she’s travelled on her charity trips.

Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham tv mum

Your little one loves playing dress-up and regularly raids your make-up stash? Then there’s no better babysitter for her than Victoria Beckham. Fashion icon extraordinaire, VB would help your little one to design their own fashion range and perfect their pout while being a really fun person behind closed doors.

Kirsty Allsop

Kirsty Allsop TV mum

Kids love drawing, painting, glueing and getting creative and so does Kirsty Allsop, which makes her the perfect TV mum babysitter for crafty families that have egg carton lamps and like upcycling.

Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton TV mum

Emma Bunton is the one to hire, if you want a babysitter that will not only be your little girl’s best friend, but also stage coach. They’ll practice dance routines and sing Spice Girls songs and pull of the show of the century once you come back home from your business dinner.

Jo Whiley

Jo Whiley TV Mum

Laid back, cool and with an excellent music taste, Jo Wiley would have been the babysitter of my dreams when I was in my early teens – you know the age when your parents are unsure, if they can leave you alone and you’re actually way too cool for a babysitter. We would have stayed up all night, listened to music and talked about all the cool people she’s interviewed in her career as a radio and TV presenter.

Team Honk

Team Honk

These ladies have been on the big Comic Relief Show last year, the BBC news and even met the Prime Minister, so they totally count as TV mums now. Plus, between them they have 13 kids so plenty of experience when it comes to childcare. They are fun and the most amazing people you’ll ever meet – someone I’d love my little one to meet and spend time with.

But now let me know, which TV mum or dad would you hire as a babysitter and who is an absolute no-no? I might need some back-up numbers…

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    Brilliant list! Katy and Team Honk would definitely be at the top of mine! I would also add Helena Bonham Carter because I think she would just be completely bonkers fun too! 😀

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