3 Of The Best Mother’s Day Marzipan Recipes

marzipan cakes for mother's day

Aren’t mums great? We bet that it was good old Mum who gave you the baking bug back when you were a little one. Memories of measuring out flour, helping to mix ingredients, and of course licking the spoon, are a common thread that binds most cake makers together. As it’s Mother’s Day soon we thought we’d offer you three of the best mother’s day marzipan recipes. Why marzipan you ask? Well it is a major ingredient of our first choice, which is a traditional Mother’s Day recipe.

Simnel Cake

marzipan simnel cake

Although the Simnel cake has strong ties to Easter, its origins are intimately tied to Monther’s Day. It was a traditional cake baked by servant girls to take home on Mothering Sunday. A Simnel cake is also a classic marzipan recipe. With marzipan making up the filling and the topping you’ll get an incredibly almondy cake, just perfect for sharing with Mum over a cup of tea.

Classic Fruit Cake
marzipan covered fruit cake

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the best, and it really doesn’t come much simpler than a marzipan covered fruit cake. If you get this recipe right it can be one of the most enjoyable to rustle up, and also to eat. Getting the sponge moist and sticky, loaded with fruit and spice, is a fine art and many are the dry fruit cake we’ve consumed over the years! And if you want to make it even more enjoyable add some brandy to the mix to give it a bit of kick. The ideal treat for after a Mothering Sunday roast dinner.

Vintage Flower Cake

marzipan vintage cake

Nothing says I love you like flowers, so why not bake a flowery cake to go with the sumptuous bouquet you bought for Mum. With a fruit cake at its core a layer of marzipan traps the moisture in and adds its delightful almond taste to this beautiful cake. Of course what really sets this cake off is the delicately modelled flowers on top. It’ll take a bit of practice but with the right tools you’ll be able to make some icing roses that Mum will love.

There’s nothing particularly difficult about any of these cakes (well, except for those flowers) but baking isn’t a competitive sport. When you bake one of these marzipan cakes for your Mum this Mother’s Day you’re pouring all your love into creating something for her from scratch, and sharing with her the love of cake and baking that she probably fostered in you as a child. And that says “I love you” much more than a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates.

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