Better than the real deal?

the real deal

I had this discussion with Ben last night and we both agreed that “Yes, online game are sometimes better than the real deal”, especially, if you play Monopoly as competitively as Ben’s family. But just think about online bingo¬†sites. They are so much better than going to a bingo hall. At least that’s what we think and to convince you, we have collected 10 reasons why online bingo is better than the real deal.

Let me know in the comments, if you agree:

1. You don’t have to leave your sofa.
2. You can play in your tracksuits bottoms or PJs.
3. You can have a good old natter on the phone without anyone moaning that they didn’t hear the numbers being called.
4. No quack, quack or fat ladies as far as the eye can see!
5. You can win everything from pennies to thousands of pounds or even gadgets or holidays.
6. You get more for your money, because your deposits are often doubled or even tripled.
7. There is no chance that you will meet your annoying neighbour.
8. You don’t have to wait for a set date. You can play whenever and wherever you want.
9. If you need the loo, you can just go. Automatic markers will make sure you don’t miss a number.
10. And it doesn’t stop at bingo. Just take Paddy Power for example. You can’t only play bingo online with Paddy Power, ¬†you can also follow sporting events and place bets on your favourite football or rugby teams.

So now I ask you one question. When I said that online bingo is better than traditional bingo, was I right or was I right?

This is a promotional post and if you decide to give online bingo a go, please make sure to play responsibly. Image credit: Robert Banh


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