Wednesday Wishlist: Oilily for girl

I love buying new outfits for Amy. Girls clothes are just the best to buy. They’re so cute and colourful, what’s not to like? Last week, a press release from Dutch luxury clothing brand¬†Oilily found its way into my inbox and seeing the range of colours and patterns, I instantly clicked through to the website to have a closer look at what’s on offer and oh my Lord are their outfits cute.

Unfortunately, they’re a little over budget for me at the moment, but if you have friends or family who want to buy your little one a very special outfit or you can afford to treat your kiddo to a colourful little cardigan, then why not check out my Wednesday Wishlist featuring Oilily for girls? I’ve also just found the sale section, which is equally adorable, BUT much friendlier for my purse, so if you want to have a look at that too, here you go: the Oilily sample sale.

wednesday wishlist oilily for girls

1 Dress Dotje / 2 Jacket Cameron/ 3 Shirt Tip / 4 Cardigan Klasien/ 5 Skirt Sproetje / 6 Socks Modern

Now that you’ve seen it all, let me know what you think. What’s your favourite item and most importantly would you splurge or save?

If you have made any beauty, fashion or homeware finds last week, make sure to link them up. I’d love to see what you have discovered!¬†


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