Parents: How to Pack For Sports Tour Matches

sports tours for children- rugby toursOn tour with your kids this year? truly admire your support! Are you prepared for a multitude of match fixtures? It can be stressful, so it’s important to be fully equipped for the matches to come. Here are a few tips from parents who’ve been on the mini junior rugby tour trail.

Sports Kit

Seeing as you’re hitting the road so your kid can play with their team, you probably should pack their kit first. Many parents are given the responsibility of their children’s sports uniform, so this needs to be prepared before it’s time to go. Know that everything important is packed and double-check that you have everything they need.


The great thing about towels is that they are multi-purpose. Sure, your kids will need something to dry off with after the team shower but they can also be sat on or dipped in cold water for cooling hot brows on a sweltering day.

Umbrellas, Blankets, and Chairs

Okay, you’re going to be sat outside in all kinds of weather. Make sure you know what to expect. Outdoor umbrellas can be used as shelter from the rain and the sun. Blankets are fine for sitting on, but if you’d prefer to kick back in comfort, bring a camping chair or two with you. For the cold games, bring a generous sized thermos. You may be able to fill this at catering stations, if you run out of hot tea.


Don’t rely on the match organisers to provide your kids with H2O. It’s worth filling large bottles with water before you leave. You’ll need them for the journey anyway and it will save you a lot of money in the long run.


picnic for sports tour

Watching matches is hungry work and the food on-site tends to be pricy. Bring your own grub to enjoy and keep it healthy. A cooler can be filled with all sorts of tasty snacks. You certainly don’t want to have a car full of children hyped up on sugar (what’s the good of a sports match, after all, if they’re not completely worn out afterwards?).


You may be taking young siblings along for the ride, so make sure that they have plenty of entertainment to keep them going. We’re talking hand-held consoles, portable DVD players, books, or outdoor games. You could also give the younger ones an inexpensive camera to take pictures of the match for you.

Pack for Longevity

If you’re hotel hopping, be sure to pack enough toiletries and clothes to keep you going, whatever the weather. You may want to pack some laundry detergent, as some hotels offer clothes washing facilities.

Do your research before you leave. There should be interesting sites and activities to enjoy in the local area, whether it’s a water park or a historically important building. Make the most of your travels; otherwise you’ll go crazy with the incessant matches!

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  1. Rosie says

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s my son’s first junior rugby tour this summer and I feel totally unprepared for it. It’s something I’ve never had to worry about before. Oh the joys of motherhood!

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