Clarks Shoes for girls – Amy adds to her shoe collection

Amy loves shoes. Her shoes, my shoes, trainers, heels. You name it, she’ll happily put it on her feet and practise her best catwalk walk in them, but she hates shopping for them as it means that she’ll have to take off her own shoes and let someone measure her feet. Don’t get me wrong, she likes the browsing and looking at them, but as soon as any sales personnel comes anywhere near us the fun is over…

Amy is shopping for girls shoes at clarks

When Clarks got in touch to ask, if we’d like to pick some shoes for Amy, I instantly agreed, but I was also worried about the drama that would unfold once it came to measuring Amy’s feet. I’d love to tell you that I shouldn’t have worried and that she was on her best behaviour when we visited our local store, but despite our fitter’s best attempts, Amy wasn’t having any of it and started protesting as soon as the measuring gauge came out. She had been happily looking at the shoes she liked beforehand, but was inconsolable when we tried to find out her shoe size. She cried, hit behind me and wasn’t happy at all.

In the end, I managed to coax her into trying different sizes and Carol, our assistant, had a good feel once she had the shoes on her feet. Not the best solution, but better than going home with the wrong size, although that’s no problem as Clarks are really uncomplicated when it comes to returns. Little Miss Big Foot is now a size 8.5 (at only 3 years and 5 days) and we picked two lovely pairs of shoes for her: a casual pair of canvas shoes with a cute fairy pattern and some sparkly party shoes for all the upcoming birthday parties over the summer months. Amy is rather pleased with them and has been wearing them around the house ever since we picked them up.

party shoes for girls from clarks

The sparkling party shoe is made from synthetic which makes it more of an occasion shoe rather than footwear for every day, but we were aware of that when we purchased it and occasional wear is exactly what we bought the shoe for – let’s face it, there are only so many princess outfits and dresses a girl can wear. We have several festivities such as family birthdays coming up over the next couple of weeks and months and this will be the perfect shoe to wear with a party or light summer outfit. It’s white, sparkly and Amy absolutely loves the pretty bow trim. As soon as she got them out of the box, she raced into her bedroom to put on a dress and she’s been twirling around in them ever since. Bow for princess Amy, everyone!

What I love about the shoe is that it has a comfortable rubber sole and handy Velcro straps, which means that Amy will be able to take the shoes on and off with ease. She’s fiercely independent and loves to do things by herself, so this is something that was really important to her when we picked the shoe. At £20 it was great value for money and I love that the glossy toe and strap can be easily wiped down. We all know how accident prone toddlers are, right?

canvas shoes for girls from clarks

The canvas shoe with fairies is my absolute favourite though. I simply adore the pattern and might have mentioned that I would happily wear an adult version of this shoe – there isn’t one though, so don’t worry. It’s perfect for spring and summer and great for little fairy princesses who love to go on adventures. The rubber toe cap nicely protects the canvas material from tearing across the toe area and the thick rubber sole ensures that sticks and stones won’t hurt little feet while running through woods or across fields.

The pastel shades and hint of sparkle will win over every little girl and the double riptape straps make sure that Amy’s feet stay where they’re supposed to stay when she’s running, jumping and climbing. This pair was also £20 and so far I’m very happy with them. I just hope that we’ll have a dry summer as I really don’t want these to turn from a beautiful green and pink into a mud brown, but I guess we’ll see that over the coming weeks.

Do you give Amy’s choices a thumbs up or thumbs down? And how do you get your little ones to cooperate when measuring their feet? Every tip is gratefully received!

Disclosure: We received a Clarks voucher in return for our honest review. All opinions are our own and 100% honest. 


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    She made some great choices. I love the sparkly ones especially. Clarks shoes are great and we have never had a problem with them. When we go for fittings I make sure that there is something fun coming up afterwards as a bribe so a trip to the park or the promise of a children’s magazine in exchange for co-operation. Bribery isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it works for us at the moment!
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    LOVE those shoes! We’re big Doodles fans in this house! And since I have always had wide feet, Clarks have always played a key role in my life. In recent years their designs have just got better and better – and don’t even get me started on their bags! xx
    Katy Hill recently posted…London Zoo LowdownMy Profile

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