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The day that Amy was born was the best day of my life and I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of love I had when she entered the world. I will never forget how amazing the slice of toast with raspberry jam tasted that the midwife served me a couple of hours after Amy was born or the first time my family met my precious baby girl.

The Day That is a company based in Hale/West Cornwall that celebrates these special memories by producing high-quality photo gifts. Every day since June 2005, Gavan Goulder and his team have taken photos of the sun rising at dawn. This means you can now choose the unique photo gifts – a beautifully framed photograph or canvas to to mark a date special to you or a loved one.

The Day That Amy was born captured in a unique photograph

I recently had the chance to review The Day That’s service and couldn’t be more pleased with the photograph that we received. We decided to choose a photo that was taken on the day that Amy was born and it is absolutely stunning. It was taken at 5.45am at Port Kidney Beach, just a little over an hour and twenty minutes after Amy made her grand entrance into this world, and the white passe-partout (mount board) and palisander frame give it a very luxurious and high-quality feel while the hand-written pencil message underneath the photograph adds a nice personal touch.

At £120 for the framed image, this is not a cheap gift, but it will be a gift that the recipient will treasure forever. I know that I will. It’s unique, well made and it reminds you of the happiest day in your life, may that be your child’s birthday, your wedding anniversary or a special occasion like your child’s birthday or the first day in your new home.

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The Day That offers endless possibilities to make your image as unique as possible. You can choose from a selection of different images taken on the day of your choice, pick a canvas or framed print or just a digital copy of your image, (which you can also win further below). Frames come in a selection of colours and designs and I love that you get to read a little bit about the moment when the photographer captured the photograph when ordering your picture.

For Amy’s photograph, he says:

This morning was one of those perfect starts to the day. It was quite warm so I wore my shorts for the first time this year which was lovely. I stood and watched as the pre dawn colours changed in front of me…. quite beautiful.

It’s funny that Gavan mentions how warm it was on the day that Amy was born, because I still have a rather vivid memory of how hot it was both in the hospital and when we took Amy home later in the day. I think it ended up being one of the warmest Aprils since the beginning of weather records and to me, it really was the most perfect day, just like Gavan states it in his diary entry.

The Day that Amy was born - our first photo

Amy was born at 4.23am and our first hours together were just magical. We laid in absolute silence and around us the hospital came to life. The birds outside started singing, the sun was rising and it got busy on the maternity ward – it was just an incredibly peaceful and quite a .. experience and our photograph really captures this feeling for me. It’s strange really seeing that it was taken somewhere completely different, but when I look at the picture, it instantly reminds me of these first few hours and it’s beautiful and something that I will never forget. For Gaven, it were pre dawn colours changed, for me it was my entire life.

If you would like to win a high-resolution digital download for the day of your choice (there are three up for grabs), simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below and make sure to follow the instructions. Entries will be verified, so please don’t try to cheat. Good luck! 

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  1. Susie Wilkinson says

    I’d choose my graduation as there is a fantastic photo my partner’s mother took of us two together, it’s the only decent photo in 16 years!

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