Spring and Summer Candles from Matalan

matalan candles matalan jar candlesI have a slight obsession with candles, so when I saw that Matalan have brought out new candles with spring and summer scents, I just had to have them. I am a big fan of their candle range and have gone through every single scent of their autumn and winter collection, so this really was a no-brainer for me.

And look what I got: 6 candles for just £18. What an absolute bargain! I had actually ordered 7, but one of them broke in transit, so I will have to get that at a later point. I have already been refunded though, so don’t you worry about my poor bank account!

But back to my new stash of candles. They all smell amazing and come in handy glass jars, which are perfect, if, like me, you like little craft projects such as homemade scrubs or you just need a place to store your pens and make-up brushes, haha. I haven’t lit the candles yet as I wanted to take pics while they are still pretty and new, but I think the Mango and Mandarin scent will be my favourite of them all. It literally smells like holiday in a glass – sweet, fruity and very much like summer. Cotton Blossom might be another close contender. I love the smell of cotton and in candle form it’s just a bit like having the smell of freshly washed linen all around me – pure bliss, don’t you think?

So yes, that’s it from me. A bit of a random blog post, but I thought I’d share this little bargain with you and all the candle lovers in the world. If like me you are trying to be a little more thrifty, then Matalan’s candle range is a great value alternative to higher priced candles out there, so quick, go and grab them while they’re still in stock!

Disclosure: I bought these candles myself and just thought I’d share his fab little bargain wit you. 


    • Carolin says

      Yes, some have ridiculous prices. I happily receive them as presents, but I probably wouldn’t buy them unless I won the lottery x

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