13 sleeps to go: How to prepare for your holiday

The Ultimate Guide to saving money on holiday, save money while traveling, money-saving for travellers13 more sleeps until Amy and I will leaving for our first holiday without Ben. We won’t be going anywhere exotic, I guess he’d complain about us living it up in the Caribbean without him, but spending some time with my family and friends in Germany will be a welcome break for the two of us and I can’t wait for our little mother-daughter adventure.

We have already planned lots of activities for our time in Germany. There are two big birthday parties to attend. My Nan is turning 80 and my mum celebrates the big 50 just three days later. There will be endless trips to the beach, because that’s where Amy and I are happiest. We’ll soak up history in castles and museums and we’ll spend time with friends, catching up, having ice-cream and visiting the newly refurbished zoo in my hometown.

I’m pretty relaxed about it all as I know my old hometown inside and out and I don’t have to stress about accommodation, things to do, transport and all the unknown factors that get thrown into the equation when you’re going on a foreign holiday, but I do admit that there’s one thing that worries me a little and that is surviving the airport and flight with Amy in tow. I’m sure we’ll be just fine, it’s not like we haven’t done it plenty of times before, but if flying with your baby or toddler is something that you are nervous about or you’d just like to pick up some tips and tricks for planning your holiday, check out The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money on Holiday below.

It comes with lots of advice on holiday planning, money-saving tips, a Q&A on car hire and is a definite must-read for everyone who is planning a holiday over the summer months.

What’s your best money-saving tip for globetrotters?

This is a promotional post, but I hope it helps you save some cash on your well-deserved holiday.


    • Carolin says

      I bet it was. The luggage is such a pain and we’ll both have hand luggage as the charge over £30 for a suitcase. Rip off!

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