Outspiration or how Amy got her own underwater world

I don’t know about you, but I love using the internet for inspiration – be it tasty recipes, new fashion trends or DIY projects. I have all my favourite apps on my phone, so I can browse while I’m on the go, and since earlier this month, there’s a new addition to my app list – a clever little app called Outspiration.

What is Outspiration?

Outspiration is a new mobile app from AkzoNobel, which you can download for free in the Apple App Store, and it’s all about making the most of your outside space. It’s full of useful hints and tips for those new to DIY and comes with handy features that will make your outdoor makeover that little bit easier. For example a weather forecast for your local area, how-to guides and great promotions. Outspiration app - weather forecast and features

The brands behind the Outspiration app are Cuprinol for wooden surfaces, Dulux Weathershield for masonry surfaces andHammerite for metal surfaces – all of them experts in their field! With their knowledge behind me or rather on my screen, I browsed some of their great ideas, but due to a lack of time before Easter and Amy’s birthday, I decided to go for a simple little project that would put a smile on Amy’s face – a wooden sand and water table painted in Amy’s favourite colours.

We’ve been outspired

It’s not making our garden look trendy or stylish and it might not ‘outspire’ you, but it will keep Amy entertained for years to come and add a splash of colour to our otherwise rather neutral coloured garden. outspiration before 1 outspiration first lick of paint outspiration second lick of paint

The sand and water table was reduced to £19.90, so an absolute bargain, and we only picked up some paint brushes and two small tins of Cuprinol Garden Shades in the colours Green Orchid and Coral Splash before we could get started. Cuprinol Garden Shades have a matt finish and have been specially developed to colour and protect wooden surfaces while allowing the natural texture of the woodgrain to shine through – super handy, if you don’t want to prime, paint and varnish and I really didn’t want to do all that. DIY projects are supposed to be fun, right?

Amy with our Outspiration project, a watertable with underwater scene

Amy had fun filling her new water table with water

Outspired and bubbling over with girl power, I assembled Amy’s sand and water table before painting it in Green Orchid and Coral Splash. The colour came out really well and I am super pleased with our little play area now that we’ve filled it with pebbles, water and some underwater plants and animals. The whole project cost us less than £50 and Amy will play with it for months and maybe years to come.

The sand and water table is really versatile and Amy will be able to create unique scenes every day using different materials such as pebbles, wood, sand or water beads. Animals, cars and figurines will allow her to act out ever changing situations and will open up endless possibilities of play and discovery. Can you see just how excited I am about having made this for her? All by myself!

How did the Outspiration app help me?

I love DIY projects and always pin them for later reference, but I never get around to actually doing them. I question my abilities, worry about running out of time or making the wrong choices. The Outspiration app however has helped me to be more confident and simply go for it. The Visualiser tool of the app showed me different colour options making it much easier to choose the perfect colour for us and snooping through the projects of other users in the Projects section really inspired me to look at ways to make our patio and garden a more attractive and inviting area and a real extension of our house. Outspiration app - visualise different colour options for your DIY projects

The weather forecast of the app let me down a tiny bit, but not even the BBC gets it right all the time, and as we still managed to finish our project in time, I guess I can live with that. Something I will definitely use for future DIY projects is the Promotions section where you can find competitions, discounts and much more. I mean, who doesn’t like a bargain?

All in all, Outspiration is a great little app for everyone who wants to become a little more creative in their garden, on their balcony or even on the façade of their house. The app is updated with new content every single month, allowing you to keep track of the latest trends, how-to features and much more.

Don’t let bad weather or your insecurities stop you, download Outspiration and give your outside space a makeover. You will feel great for achieving something that you thought you couldn’t do AND you could win a beautiful barbecue and a personalised hamper worth £100 that will help get you outdoors and begin your very own Outspiration journey. The competition runs until the 12th of May 2014.

All you have to do is download the app and enter your details in the Win section of the app.

Disclosure: This is a promotional post


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