Changing Bags – are they really necessary?

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I have a confession to make: Changing bags really weren’t that high on my list of baby must-haves when I was pregnant with Amy. I thought of everything else, but didn’t think I’d really need a special bag for baby essentials. I was intending to breastfeed, so wouldn’t have to carry around any bottles, and how much space could some nappies and wet wipes take up?

So I signed up to one of the endless baby clubs out there, grabbed a freebie changing bag and thought I was sorted. I was for the first couple of months, but when I started weaning Amy, we took out more and more items whenever we left the house.

There were spare clothes, nappies, wet wipes, toys to keep Amy happy during long car journeys, spoons sippy cups, bibs – you name it, it was probably in our bag. And that’s where the problems started. There was just too much to carry around in one small(ish) bag. When the zip was close to bursting and I had emptied the bag for the fifth time, trying to find Amy’s bunny rattle, enough was enough and decided that I had to have a changing bag that was big enough for all essentials and would have a number of compartments that allowed me to at least half way organise my changing bag chaos.

In the end, I just bought a big tote bag which I used as a changing bag. I was simply to impatient to shop around and find something that really worked for us, but next time, I’ll invest in one of the beautiful bags above. They’re all available from Baby Lurve and aren’t they amazing? My absolute favourite is the Storksak Elizabeth Tan leather bag – spacious, stylish and so timeless that you can continue to use it as you’re every day bag once baby is a little older and doesn’t require you to drag half your household along with you.

Did you invest in a good changing bag and what did you look out for when buying it? 

This is a promotional post. Check out my Polyvore board for more details on my favourite changing bags from Baby Lurve.


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    I had a huge change bag and it lasted for about 2 years and then I reverted back to my handbag. I think a lot of people make the mistake that a baby is so tiny, it doesn’t need much stuff but actually because it is a tiny baby and has so many needs that have to be met by you, that you need to carry loads of stuff around with you. Definitely a ‘must-have’ for me.
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  2. says

    I do love the look of some of those bags. When I had Nathan, no, it was not a big thing and the free one from huggies or boots did the job fine. Extras were always in another bag in the car.

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    I have the pink lining yummy mummy bag and whilst it looks good it’s not very spacious and my daughter is only 9 weeks old! By the time you’ve got the bottles, nappies, change of clothes and your own purse there’s not much room left! Xxx

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    I did have an excellent changing bag for every baby, in fact my twin one was a life saver in it’s day, especially thought out to cover all possibilities for TWO babies!
    Nowadays they are so much prettier, I would struggle to choose which one I think
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  5. Beth says

    I just used a messenger bag I bough from Gap !

    Some of these bags look lovely, especially the leather ones. If I could carry on using it after my babies weren’t babies then it might give me the extra excuse to spend extra and buy one .

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    First time I wasn’t fussed and just used my old messenger bag, but it never stayed open and fell over when rooting round in it with one hand. So I bought myself a very expensive designer one second time round. I would still use it now as a handbag, but I wanted to gift it to another new mum, my SIL!
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  7. says

    I had no idea that there were such lovely changing bags available! Most of these are far more stylish than any other bag I own! I’m afraid I just used the free one that came with my pram, but if there’s ever a second time around of needing a nappy bag, I’ll know where to look!
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