Sleep well event with Next Home and Garden

The Good Sleep Guide by sleep expert Sammy Margo

Last week, Amy and I were invited to the brand new Next Home and Garden store in Cribbs’s Causeway, Bristol.

The Next Home and Garden store in Bristol is the first of its kind and focuses entirely on interior design and garden, but the store also features another first, the Next Bedshop, an area on the 31,000 sq.ft shop-floor solely dedicated to helping customers find their perfect bed and mattress.

While we received a tour of the store, we also had the chance to meet sleep expert Sammy Margo, author of The Good Sleep Guide. Sammy gave us some great tips to improve the quality of our sleep and as we all deserve a good night’s sleep, I thought I would share ten of Sammy’s top tips with you:

Sleep expert Sammy Margo shows how to find the perfect mattresssleep expert Sammy Margo explains how to check the quality of your pillows

10 top tips to improve the quality of your sleep by sleep expert Sammy Margo

10 top tips for a good night's sleep, sleep well, better sleep, improve your sleep, Sammy Margo

1. A bedtime routine is just important for grown-ups as it is for children. Switch the TV or laptop off, have a hot bath and a sleepy snack (more on those later) and go to bed.

2. Sleep in a completely dark room, e.g. use black out blinds, thick curtains or a sleep mask.

3. Sleep in a cool room around 16-18 degree Celsius, if possible with the window open, but not creating a draft.

4. Paint your room in a light green or pink shade. These colours have a calming effect on you.

5. Keep your room clutter free and only use it for sleeping.

6. Foods like oats, bananas or honey make a great bedtime snack.

7. Sleep with as little clothing as possible and always wear bed socks.

8. If possible, have separate duvets when sharing your bed with a partner and change duvets in summer and winter.

9. Regularly check that your pillows aren’t broken, e.g. fold the pillow and place a trainer on top of it. If the pillow bounces back, it’s good to use. If not, you should get a new pillow.

10. Replace your mattress every 8 years.

The kids test beds the toddler way

Sammy’s talk was really rather interesting and as we’re on the market for a new bed and mattress, it was very handy to get first-hand advice from a sleep expert that even celebrities like Nigella Lawson rely on. The kids didn’t find the talk half as exciting as we did, so they sneaked off for some bed testing the toddler way and look how much fun they had.

bed testing the toddler way at Next Home and Garden Bristol

Amy and Talitha at Next Home and Garden Bed Shop

After Sammy’s talk, we were lucky enough to receive a gift card and do some shopping. I chose some Smile letters for Amy’s room and some wine stacking cups and an ice and slice dispenser, which will be perfect for homemade lemonades and iced teas over the coming summer months. I can’t wait to try it out!

Smile letters from Next Home and Garden

picnic ware from next home and garden

What do you think about our picks? Aren’t they perfect for summer?

Disclosure: We received a goody bag and gift card at the event and were invited to a lovely lunch at Carluccio’s after the event, however all our opinions are our own.


  1. says

    I bought a pair of pillows with the voucher and can honestly vouch (ha!) for the pillow advice; the difference is wonderful. Both the husband and I are sleeping a whole lot better. Not doing so well on the turning off tech bit though. 😉
    Mummy Glitzer recently posted…Mixtape MondayMy Profile

  2. says

    I love Sammy Margo and that old trainer test. We went to an event with a hotel chain where she was on hand do something similar. The sight of her on a restaurant table in a hotel window splayed out showing us how to lie down was a thrill for passers by!!

    Great post.
    Mummy Barrow recently posted…Blog CommentsMy Profile

  3. says

    Lovely photos, looks like the littlies had a lot of fun testing the beds out! Some great tips here – especially interested in the bed socks one – is that about keeping you warm? I might give it a shot because my tootsies are always chilly! x
    Ruth recently posted…Tuesday TreatsMy Profile

    • Carolin says

      If I remember correctly, they’re meant to keep your feet war stop you from waking up throughout the night x

  4. says

    I think Sammy Margo may have come to Germany and witnessed the two duvet phenomenon. I remember telling two German friends that we just had one big duvet, and they were truly horrified! 😀 I love the list of tips, and would agree with everything, apart from No. 8. I hate having hot feet! 😀
    Emma recently posted…Rothenburg ob der TauberMy Profile

    • Carolin says

      I know, I was mortified when I moved here and had to go out and buy new bedding. I hate sharing a blanket though…

    • Carolin says

      I know, we should maybe all organise a day at the zoo in the summer holidays. Will be nice for the little ones too x

  5. says

    Wow- that place sounds like some kind of DREAM! No pun intended! And love those tips – even if I HAVE already failed at number 1! *pretends not to be on a laptop late at night x

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