Wooden toys from baby to toddler

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We celebrated Amy’s third birthday two weeks ago and in an attempt to make some space for her new toys and presents, I sorted through her toy drawers and put toys that she had outgrown to the side for friends or donations – they were just too nice to throw out.

When lining them all up along the wall, I could quickly make out a theme. There were wooden jigaw puzzles, wooden stacking toys, wooden pull-along toys and the list could go on. There were wooden toys of all sorts. Now, it’s not a  secret that I’m a massive fan of wooden toys for, in fact, I have blogged about it before, but I was quite surprised that our wooden toy collection was that big.

Until I remembered past birthdays that is, because whenever someone asked me what to get Amy for her birthday, Christmas or any other occasions that animate friends and family to buy presents for little ones, wooden toys was my standard answer. Why? Because they are great!

They are long lasting, educational and to be completely honest, much more attractive than any plastic toy out there. Just check out the adorable wooden toys from Baby Thingz and you’ll know what I mean. They are just gorgeous and I absolutely love how bright and colourful they are.

These toys could be given to a boy or a girl and I know that I would have been over the moon to receive either of them for Amy when she was little. The toys are beautiful to look at, durable (very important, if you have a little one who practises shot putting at the young age of 11 months) and most of all engaging and educational.

Educational toys such as jigsaw puzzles and shape sorters will help your little one to learn how parts interact with each other and help them develop their cognitve development, problem solving, manipulative skills, colors, shapes, hand-eye-coordination as well as their thinking skills. Musical toys like drums, maracas or xylophones are great to introduce rhythm and support the development of manipulative skills, pretend play, sensory exploration and sound perception.

So if you are looking for gift ideas for little ones, check out Baby Thingz. You’ll find something for every age group, with the focus being on babies and toddlers, plus a lot of fantastic baby products for new parents, grandparents or friends and family who are looking for a baby-friendly gift.

How do you vote? Wood or plastic?

This is a promotional post. If you want to check out my favourite wooden toys from Baby Thingz, check out my wooden toy collection on Polyvore.


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