Crispy Strawberry Quark Squares

crispy strawberry quark squares

If your oven goes on strike or you just fancy a sweet treat without sweating in the kitchen, then these Crispy Strawberry Quark Squares are the perfect summer treat for you.

We’ve made them at the weekend for my mum’s 50th birthday party and they were a big hit with all party guests. If you want to recreate them, here’s the recipe for you.

Crispy Stawberry Quark Squares – for around 32 squares


50g dark chocolate
15g vegetable fat like Trex
500g puffed rice cereal
7 gelatin sheets
6 tbsp strawberry jam
2kg strawberries
500g quark
100g sugar
500g whipping cream


1.Roughly chop chocolate, vegetable fat and puffed rice cereal. Melt chocolate and fat over a bain mari and stir in puffed rice cereal.

2. Line your baking tray (25 x 35cm) with baking paper and evenly spread your chocolate and puffed rice cereal mix. Leave to cool for 20 minutes.

3. While soaking your gelatin sheets, wash and quarter your strawberries, leaving enough to decorate your squares at the end. Spread the strawberry jam on your chocolate and puffed rice layer and then cover in your quartered strawberries.

4. Mix sugar and quark and then whip your cream. Squeeze out gelatin, dissolve and mix with quark before covering your base and strawberries with it. Cool for at least 2 hours, best over night.

5. Decorate with leftover strawberries and dust with a sprinkle of cocoa powder (optional!).

Enjoy and let me know what your favourite strawberry recipe is!

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  1. says

    They look gorgeous! Someone mentione vege-gel (or something like that to me a little while ago when I was making jelly and it looks like a great alterative to gelatin x x

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