The Doc is In Clinic – a review of the Doc McStuffins Clinic from Disney

Doc McStuffins Clinic Doc Is In Clinics from Disney

A couple of days before we went on holiday, Amy received the Doc McStuffins clinic and she couldn’t have been happier with it. The ‘Doc Is In’ clinic is bright and colourful and looks exactly like Doc’s clinic in the popular series on Disney Junior. The clinic is suitable for kids aged 3 and older, made from robust plastic and divided into two storeys, which are connect by an outdoor lift. On the ground floor of the playhouse, you can find Doc’s treatment room and on the top floor, there’s Doc’s bedroom.

Doc McStuffins Clinic Doc Is In Clinic Doc Mc Stuffins Disney

Doc McStuffins herself is absolutely adorable. She wears a cute little doctor coat and stethoscope and has real plaits in her hair. You can move her arms and legs, make her stand up or sit down and her glitter trainers are so cool that even I want a pair of them. doc mcstuffins clinic doc is in clinic doc mcstuffins disney

Doc McStuffins’ Clinic comes with a lot of accessories and furniture such as a clinic table and clinic bed, scales, Hallie’s reception desk with phone and Doc’s Bed, but there are also three characters from the series included. There are Doc herself and her furry friends Lambie and Hammie Hippo who come to life when you place them on Doc’s clinic bed. This is a feature that Amy really enjoys. It encourages role play and Amy loves finding out what makes each of the characters better.

Doc Is In Clinic Doc McStuffins Clinic Disney

The Doc McStuffins Clinic was easy to assemble and all in all, it took us less than 10 minutes to put everything together and decorate Doc’s bedroom and treatment room with the furniture and stickers provided. The colours are bright and cheery and I really like the look of this toy and feel of this toy.

Doc Is In Clinic Doc McStuffins comes with Doc McStuffins figure as well as Lambie and the Hammie Hippo

The characters are the perfect size for little hands and so big that you don’t have to worry, if children younger than three years play with Doc McStuffins Clinic. The different pieces of furniture provide endless possibilities for play and hidden features like the fish tank and Hammie’s phone invite little ones to explore and discover.

Doc Is In Clinic from Disney, Doc McStuffins clinic, playhouse

At £49.90, the Doc McStuffins Clinic is not a cheap toy, but it is well-made, sturdy and great fun for fans of the series. Amy happily plays with it for hours and if you are after a toy that is both durable and interactive, then this playhouse might be a good option for you. The Doc McStuffins Clinic is available here or in every good toy shop.

Disclosure: We were sent the Doc McStuffins Clinic free of charge for the purpose of this review.


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