Picnic must-haves for £25 or less

It’s picnic season and I couldn’t help but put together a little selection of the ultimate picnic must-haves for £25 or less. They’re bright, colourful and perfect for summer – even if it’s a typical English one.

Most of these items are available on the high-street, but for some you’ll have to pop online because let’s face it, that’s where the party is at, if you want to find some real bargains and that’s what some of these picks are. They’re a bit different and will definitely bring a pop of colour to your picnic or garden party. What do you think?

What are your picnic must-haves? And what’s your favourite picnic food? Let me know in the comments below!

picnic must-haves for £25 or less


    • Carolin says

      Oh festival season in style – they’re a great choice though. I don’t want to know how often Amy has dropped them and they’re still going strong x

    • Carolin says

      I’m so impressed that you can get the basket for £25. They’re usually so much more expensive, so I had to include this one x

    • Carolin says

      I’m usually not into bold colours, but I love them in summer and the rug literally jumped at me. I love it!

    • Carolin says

      I actually have them, they’re fab. Amy loves drinking her water out of them. She’s a lady, you know 😉


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