10 Ways to Hide Toys in Your Living Room

10 ways to hide baby stoys in your living room, toy storage in living room, hide toys

Having a baby is a fun and exciting time for new parents. Not only do you love your new child and get to spend time with them, you also are able to purchase new clothing, accessories and of course, toys for your new little one! Babies love toys and if you are like most new parents; you have a ton of toys that take up your living spaces, especially the living room.

Having a child means you will no longer have a clean house and baby items will be strewn here and there. However, what do you do when you have company coming at the last minute? Or someone stops by for an unannounced visit? You do not want your living room to look like a toy store! Thankfully, there are tips you can use to keep your home looking tidy and clean without becoming overwhelmed by your baby’s toys. Check out 10 ways to hide toys in your living room below:

#1 Hidden Storage

If you want to keep your living room looking like an adult space, invest in hidden storage. This could be any number of methods from storage containers to leave under the sofa to storage ottomans. Find an option that works well for your living room area to keep the baby toys hidden away.

#2 Toy Chest

A toy chest is a great area for your baby’s toys and can give the baby their own special area. Toy chests come in many colours and material such as wood and plastic so you can find an option that fits your décor.

#3 Decorative Chest

For a more up-scale version of a toy chest, choose a large decorative chest or trunk. This will allow your space to still feel ‘grown up’ but also offer you a place to hide toys your little one regularly plays with.

#4 Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are a great way to decorate your space and offer room for your baby’s toys. Choose a wicker basket, decorative or even metal box style containers to keep the baby toys off the floor!

#5 Entertainment Centre

An entertainment centre is the area in which you house your television and electronic components. You can also use the entertainment centre to store your children’s toys. Use the storage cubbies of a unit or add baskets to the top to hide toys or unwanted clutter.

#6 Baby Area

Another great option is to create a baby area. Choose a personal photo of your baby from the Light Republic Baby Gallery and create a gallery so your baby knows it is their area. Then keep the toys only in this space. Do not allow your baby to move the toys to other areas of the living room. You can include baskets to keep the toys off the floor.

#7 Quick Clean-up Method

It is best to create a clean-up method that will allow you to quickly arrange the living area for comfort. By having extra laundry baskets or storage containers, you will be able to quickly remove the toys from the area, making it easy to enjoy time with your guests.

#8 Shelving Units

Shelving units also make it easy for you to keep the living room area clean. Shelving units can be attractive and decorative and keep the toys off the floor.

#9 Bench Seating

If you have enough space in your living room, you can create bench seating. With an empty corner, you can add an L-shaped storage bench, which you can use to hide toys and unwanted items. This is a great way to add extra seating in the space that looks great and is useful.

#10 Stay Consistent

Once you come up with a plan for keeping the living room clean, stick to it. By staying consistent, you will have a space that is constantly clean and your baby will learn how to clean in the process.

How do you hide toys and other unsightly clutter? Do you have rules in place to keep your living room toy free?

This is a featured post, but I hope it gives you some ideas how to hide toys and make your living room look like exactly that.


  1. Tracy Nixon says

    Great ideas! We have a lovely set of wicker baskets in our lounge to ‘hide’ away toys but thankfully as the children are getting a little older they tend to take most of their toys back up to their rooms! The girls are the worst as they have dolls and dolls accessories, such as push chairs, high chairs, baths, etc scattered around the house and they also have My Little Ponies lined across the fireplace at the moment (apparently it is the ‘bridge’ leading from fairy Land to Pony land!)lol! I’ll miss them when they are older and have flown the nest though!

  2. Alexandra Dixon-Mersh says

    Really great ideas in this article. We have just found out we are pregnant and I’m looking for heplful tips on how to keep your home a home and not a playroom so I’m sure these ideas will go a long way to helping.


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