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A good night’s sleep is just as essential for your child’s development as food and drink. It’s at night, when little ones are in their beds, that their brain recharges its battery and prepares for the next day.

Children who had a good night’s sleep will be more receptive, have a better attention span and be able to process and learn better than peers who didn’t get a sufficient amount of sleep, were interrupted or uncomfortable.

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  1. Holly Edmundson says

    I always make sure my daughters have a good temperatures in there rooms so there not too hot or cold x

  2. Alison Thompson says

    A blackout blind is a must especially in this sunny weather,my son sleeps far better when he’s in a dark room and gets a restful sleep as do his parents…

  3. Tracy Nixon says

    My kids have a bath each evening and then no computers/games/tv etc for the last half hour before lights out. My older two boys usually read in their own beds while I read a story to my younger two girls. Sometimes I read to all four though. I think reading helps to tire the eyes!

  4. Pia Stephens says

    We keep the boys room dark during summers, good ventilation and we try to make it cooler during hot weather, before bedtime we try to calm down and relax so that they’re not totally hyped when bedtime comes, sticking to routines is good x

  5. Tracy Hanley says

    calm down time, we read a book and have some warm milk, make sure there is a night light on in the hall and there not to hot in the bed

  6. says

    Chill down before bed is a must. Book, cuddles and kisses calms my boy right down and we also sing his daddy in the sky’s fav song

  7. melanie stirling says

    They have quiet time before bed,nothing stimulating,activities before bed just keeps them awake thinking about what they have been doing.

  8. Kim Neville says

    The kids have a bath and then it’s chill time and read some stories before going to bed. Having blackout curtains helps when they go to bed at mo

  9. Lyn Bosomworth says

    An array of special nightlights including a large one that looks like a fully stocked moving aquarium which is very peaceful to look at!

  10. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    Plenty of running around outside during the day for fresh air and exercise, and proper winding down before bedtime with bath and story and everything calm and quiet!

  11. Mrs Rachel Heap says

    I make sure they have a fun filled day, and by bed time they are so tired, plus a routine is a key so they know what is coming

  12. Dianne Hanson says

    I have a little bunny night light from the dotcomgiftshop, one of the best things I’ve ever bought. My daughter loves it!

  13. winnie says

    turn down the lights after dinner time or same time every day to get them into sleepy mode. no exercise or no sugary food/ drink after dinner.

  14. Stephanie Tsang says

    I always make sure my daughter goes to bed with her favourite soft toy, and I always leave her night light on and her bedroom door open slightly as she gets scared if it’s fully closed.

  15. Denise says

    I try to keep to a routine as much as possible and always make sure my kids get out during the day regardless of the weather

  16. Carolin says

    We leave enough time between dinner and bed time, then do some calm-down-activities like reading or puzzles, works a treat for my boys.

  17. niamh says

    i always make sure flopsy the rabbit is nearby and we are dry, room temperature is good and mummy is nearby

  18. Natalie Crossan says

    We have a relaxing bedtime routine and I’d never ever put a television in my daughter’s bedroom – far too stimulating x

  19. Shazia Khan says

    I give them a cup of warm milk and read a bedtime story. Kisses and cuddles ensure that they have a great nights sleep.

  20. Michaela Turner says

    I keep them in a routine and try to keep their room as cool as possible during these warmer months

  21. sallyann johnston says

    We play a board game then a nice warm bath, horlicks for a drink, read her a bedtime story and a black out blind for the window is a must x

  22. hannonle says

    At the moment it’s all about appropriate room temperature and summer-weight bedding so they aren’t too hot to sleep.

  23. Stephanie Brown says

    I tuck them up tight, give them their Sully & dolly, a kiss and put their little musical star on & they drift off. They also have the same bedtime every night which I think helps x

  24. Paula Harvey says

    Tire them out with lots of fresh air during the day, a lovely warm bath and stories before bedtime!

  25. Kerry Brown says

    we always read a book together, then i read a book to him, then i put a music tape on for him and we have kisses, cuddles and good nights :)

  26. Monika S says

    I follow routine every evening and make sure she has a right room temp, comfortable clothing, clan sheets and firm mattress.

  27. Lauren Pilkington says

    to ensure a good nights sleep for my son in the recent heat i usually go and turn the fan on his room for about an hour before hes going up. that way its normal room temperature so the heat wont bother him and disturb his sleep :)

  28. Leah Sullivan says

    We stick to a great bedtime routine every night, even weekends, bath, story, cuddles then bed and all 3 children have always slept well

  29. Donna Foxall says

    I keep the room cool from the midday sun using a blackout blind and leave a cute night light on <3

  30. stacey kirkbride says

    a good night time routine is essential – bath, teeth brushed, kisses and cuddles, story, lullaby then sleepy time :)

  31. Nicola Lynch says

    I keep the night time routine the same. My little one gets really unsettled if things change. It’s amazing the difference it makes. Would definitely recommend getting into one.

  32. Lorraine Polley says

    stick to a routine, ensure they have been to the toilet and a blackout blind in the summer months because it is so light outside

  33. Rebecca Gregory says

    My girls and I always have a chat about our day and share with each other what we thought was good about the day and what made us smile, the idea being that we go to sleep with a head full of happy thoughts.

  34. Hayley Todd says

    We have a night-time routine, of bathtime, clean pyjamas, and then reading a bedtime story. We always leave a low-level night light on in her room and she has her favourite teddy bear in bed with her.

  35. Jo Glasspool says

    I make sure they are nice and comfy and not to hot/cold. A bedtime story and a little music before bed always works for my two. x

  36. jen morgan says

    Make sure they have been to the toliet and read them a story then tuck them in so they are all comfy.

  37. chris nichol says

    in bed at a reasonable hour. reading stories in subdued lighting is great at helping the kids relax.

  38. David Wootton says

    Keep to a bedtime routine and put to bed at a sensible time – don’t vary it as it just confuses their body clock.

  39. Lisa Everaert says

    We always stick to the same routine at bedtime, brush teeth, pyjamas, story and then bedtime. Never had a problem with the children sleeping xx

  40. David Taylor says

    A light supper, normally a carrot or apple with a cuddle on the couch, brush the teeth and then toilet and in to bed. Anything that gets in the way of that routine means he’s up and down for awhile 😉

  41. teresa nichols says

    We always have the same routine and do silly little voices to say good night, that way they go to sleep happy and we haven’t had a problem with our 3 going to sleep xx

  42. Beverley Cousins says

    My dad used to do it to me when i went to bed and when i was ill, he would just cuddle me and stroke my forehead with his hand, so what worked for me i am doing with my daughter which i hope will be carried on in generations as it’s comfort we all want.

  43. June Etherington says

    Good room temperature, bath, clean teeth, toilet, make sure the child is comfortable, lots of cuddles, a little sing song & a bedtime story by which time thy’re normally asleep.

  44. Kat Fensom says

    Milk and a cuddle in a blacked out room. Kiss goodnight and snuggle up, but making sure she isn’t too hot. A nightlight to ensure she can find her soother :-)

  45. Cheryl Irvine says

    A nice hot bath, some warm milk and a bedtime story followed by lots of cuddles and a lullaby. It takes a while, but my daughter loves her bedtime. She looks forward to being tucked in almost every night.

  46. Marion Weir says

    I make sure they get plenty of exercise during the day. They have supper and hot bath before bed. I then read them a story. Works a treat 😀

  47. Sandra Lane says

    I read them a story every night and by the time the light goes out they are usually drifting off to sleep.

  48. Mark Hague says

    I let them help me with the gardening, by 7 they’re ready to drop after a day of digging and trampolining

  49. Lorna lyons says

    I make sure they have been to the toilet and have fresh clean pjs. I’m the room I have a blackout blind, spray the pillows with lavender and make sure the room itself isn’t too hot or too cold. We read a couple of story’s, then they snuggle down with they’re favourite bear

  50. fern says

    my daughter needs to be in a room on her own, with her teddy cuddled in, on the cool side as she sweats like mad, with no more than a sheet over her during summer. and we have 5 minutes of cuddles and ‘reassurance’ time before bed ( telling her how much i love her and talking about what we can do tomorrow) shes 2 years old, 15 month old is yet to sleep through..

  51. Paula Brown says

    We have a temperature nightlight on, a fan, the bedroom windows open and bathroom window open to help cool air circulate.

  52. Ann Chesters says

    Don’t even attempt to get them to bed when they are excited. Give them 30 mins of sitting quietly whilst you read to them, and then tell them you will read another story when they are in bed. Usually works

  53. Leanne Knapman says

    Make sure bedroom is not too hot or cold, relaxed bath or wash, bedtime stories and lots of snuggles. I always hang around in my room for the inevitable drink/toy/toilet that is required a minute or so after putting them to bed so I don’t get cross at going up and down the stairs!

  54. Ilona Tolley says

    I make sure the room temperature is nice and warm but not hot. Also I leave a night light on to reassure her if she wakes up during the night.

  55. michelle tearall says

    A good bedtime routine is a must! shower, milk and a bedtime story normally does the trick

  56. Annie Jay says

    I read them a story every night in bed then a good cuddle and a kiss and they are off to dreamy land

  57. francesca says

    With the baby she has a bath,bottle and goes to bed,with my older two they have a bath read a book or i read to them and get themselves off to sleep

  58. Layla fletcher says

    I think the main thing for my daughter has been Routine, keep her room dark at night with Black out Blinds. Keep the Bedroom cool

  59. Corinne Fisher says

    I always left the bedroom partially open as the light from the hall and the sound of my movements reassured my son. My daughter now does the same with her little one

  60. Stacey Perkins says

    I always make sure that my son has had some fresh air during the day, he also always has a warm drink before bed, he loves his sleep :)

  61. Johan Ellermann says

    After dinner we wind down with until our bath, after the bath it’s a goodnight story and then off to bed, just sticking to the routine makes all the difference :)

  62. hajnalka salter says

    I do leave the window all day opened so it airs out. Shower and storytime and my boy aleays have got a cup of water at his bedside

  63. jae baker says

    a solid routine, tv off, 1/2 hour before bedtime routine starts, a bath, hair brushed, teeth cleaned, a story, and kisses and sleep

  64. Joanne O'Neill says

    Make sure they go to bed at the same time every night-when possible
    make sure they have had a small snack and hot drink
    Read a book
    Turn on their music
    Turn off all lights

  65. Suzy Harris says

    I make sure they are all showered and their teeth are clean tuck them in bed nice and snuggy and then I tell them how much I love them.

  66. Elaine Kidd says

    We have a set routine, I also made sure my son got used to sleeping in a noisy environment from his first day home.

  67. David says

    I start at tea time by making sure they both eat well, if they don’t then I offer supper. Then we try tire them out followed by a good bedtime routine of bath, story and bed. Doesn’t always work as planned though!

  68. Tobys proud mummy says

    Routine is really important so we make it a fun one first its in the night garden then a bath a story then bed x

  69. claire woods says

    My son always has music, milk, stories, bed. He finds it hard to settle in the heat, so we have a fan on in his room.

  70. Christine Nicholson says

    We have a regular routine of bedtime at the same time every night and a few stories and then sleep

  71. Rachel Craig says

    A regular routinue, so that they are relaxed. Some refreshments and quiet time e.g. story reading before going to bed.

  72. Ellie Jacobs says

    I always try and stick to the same routine. A nice relaxing bath, wind down quiet time (story if wanted ) and the same bedtime.

  73. says

    At the moment we ensure that throughout the day there’s plenty of air in the rooms and sometimes at night we use fans to help keep the little ones cool

  74. Beckie Dufton says

    A good routine in the same order. Food, bath, boob, book, bed (with a little lullaby). He know which order things happen and then understands that he needs to sleep after. It isn’t always as easy as him rolling over and sleeping though!

  75. Wayne Buck says

    I always wind my Daughter down early with lots and lots of stories and put her to bed about the same time every night.

  76. Chris E Andrews says

    How do you ensure that your children get a good night’s sleep?
    bedtime routine helps them to settle down which helps

  77. Sian says

    We have a routine with my son that really works (usually…) bath or wash, into pjs then stories with daddy in the living room before I pop him into bed. He goes straight down

  78. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    I try & stick to a routine, Bath, hot chocolate or milk whilst having a story read to them, then lights out.I admit; if I’m reallt tired I substitute the story for a cartoon.

  79. Donna Gilligan says

    We have a relaxed but regular bedtime routine, bath, tv, then snuggle and story time with warm milk before bed.

  80. shelley stevenson says

    a nice relaxing bubble bath with lavender, fresh pyjamas and a filling supper.. mine slept like a baby literally lol

  81. RACHAEL JONES says

    My son has ASD and doesnt sleep very well at all :( …. however we try to set him up for a good nights sleep with soft lighting , favourite duvet covers , bedtime story etc !

  82. Susi Galley says

    My daughter get’s a “calm down” session before going to bed by being allowed to watch 30 minutes DVD – her favourite is Little House on the Prairie (She does not watch any TV during the day).

  83. KIERAN WALSH says

    It is decide, by the amount of day time activity, so start there, a chill period, with Summer, it is reading (she loves books), keep the room dark, and some very gentle music, in the background, works 9 out of 10 times

  84. bella smyth says

    We always read at bed time and share a long cuddle then i tuck her up and turn the night light on she also has her window tinted so the moon/sun dont glare through the window and wake her up

  85. stuart hatton says

    i always make sure that my son has a chill time just before bed, and then we read stories every night which relaxes him and within minutes of the story being finished he is asleep, and he never wakes up till morning , i believe in routine it worked with my first child also

  86. claire sen says

    I try to stick to the same routine every night as it’s reassuring for her to have such a routine. A bath always helps as does warm milk and stories :)

  87. michelle renwick says

    my son is a rubbish sleeper, so to win this would be amazing as i could get him to stay in his bed all night

  88. Vikki Cross says

    I’ve always ensured a good routine with both of mine. Making sure that any time after tea is wind down time!

  89. Bethanie Harrison says

    Make sure they always follow the bedtime routine, room temperature, nice clean sheets and know they can come have a snuggle if a nightmare should wake them !

  90. Linda Thorn says

    We capture memories with a glow,
    Every book is ours to know
    A smile is a treasure That I keep
    even when my childs asleep.

  91. Katie Wilson says

    I’m a big fan of routine for helping my children to sleep. We have bath, story, lullaby, prayers and 70’s (where they get cuddled and kissed while we count to 70 – helps them learn to count and stops rows about who got cuddles longest).
    My eldest daughter especially knows the routine very well, it relaxes her and gets her ready to go to bed.


    Her comfort blanket helps my little one drift off we also put vacuum sounds cd on, she loves it, have done it since birth xxx

  93. Ellie Bevan says

    No TV in the bedroom, they go up half an hour before bedtime, I read them a story and make sure they are cool enough and the room is dark enough

  94. Maralyn Smith says

    Nice warm bath, nice warm drink, lovely story, talk about what we’ve done today and what we’re going to do tomorrow then a goodnight kiss, lights out, sleep tight.

  95. helen spillett says

    A good routine. It helps them to understand that its bed time and also to train themselves to get to sleep!

  96. Tara Davies says

    It can be challenge in my house. I usually need to confiscate the games console controllers and TV remotes 😉

  97. John Mills says

    I always send them to bed happy. Spend a little time reading or playing before bedtime and start to slow things down about 20 mins before they go to sleep.


    We have a happy play time followed by a nice warm bath, cosy pjs and a nice bed time story and a big sloppy night time kiss.

  99. Keeley Atkinson says

    I snuggle them up in warm pj’s so they don’t get cold, and leave the fans on overnight in their rooms.
    The whirring sound settles them off to sleep and also blocks out the sound of their dad arriving home from work at 1am every morning.

  100. LInda Allen says

    Keeping to the same routine is important keeping a calm atmosphere about an hour before bedtime and then cuddles and a story when they are in bed.

  101. Janet Thornton says

    It’s best to have a bedtime routine and to stick to it.It is also best not to have a TV in the childs bedroom,reading a story before bed is a much better option.

  102. christy beckett says

    Have a routine, do it each night. I take my boys to the bathroom at the same time each night, then read a book cuddles and lights out. With being twins I established a routine straightaway and it still works x

  103. Emily Jayne Phipps says

    I’ve always made bed time unfussy! Bed and no other nonsense – It sounds awful but it really works, it switches them off without stimulating them pre sleep time!

  104. lucinda duxbury says

    we have a strict routine at bedtime that continues at the weekend and when we are away on holiday, pj on; supper; teeth brushed; stories read; given a drink; huggle and tuck in. done, asleep in 5 minutes usually. we have done this since she was 1 and she likes the routine, it works for us

  105. says

    I used to favour steadily dimmed lights, and a warmed bed for them when they were little. A few months back, I was sent some Febreze bedroom mists to try, and I have to say that they are far more effective, especially the Jasmine one. Children love them (only a tiny spray though).

  106. Leigh Larkin says

    Our little girl has just dropped her day nap so by bedtime she is usually knackered! We’ve pretty much done the same routine since she was a baby, so just stick to that.

  107. Oli Marshall says

    An early night every night is the secret. We make it a little bit later over the holidays (8pm). My little ones like the routine and it’s great to see them happy and fresh in the morning (oh, happy days :)).

  108. Danielle Graves says

    I make sure he has had a decent evening meal, has a drink incase he wakes up thirsty, that his room isn’t too hot or cold and that he is dressed appropriately. We have a bedtime routine to wind down with story and cuddles.

  109. Gillian Hutchison says

    We have a set bedtime routine. Bath between 7 & 7.30, Pick 2 stories, read stories, lights out and straight to sleep.

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