Cleaning Without Chemicals: How to be a Green Domestic Goddess

Cleaning Without Chemicals How to be a Green Domestic GoddessThere are so many good reasons why being a green domestic goddess is such a smart move.

If you have a typical family home with kids and pets constantly creating havoc and mess wherever they go, you need to find a way of keeping the house clean without using chemicals, if you can help it.

Here are some of the positive steps you can take to achieve your green goddess status and have some solid eco-credentials as well as a sparkling clean home.

Carpets and upholstery

Any house with kids is going to suffer some inevitable spills and stains on the carpets and settee.

A normal reaction would be to either call in a cleaning contractor or get a branded cleaning product to work on the affected area.

The problem with this is not just the added expense of paying for professional help and buying the cleaning fluids, it is the fact that carpet cleaning chemicals quickly get into the air of a room and can therefore put your children potentially at risk from inhaling them.

The green solution would be to use a steam cleaner like the ones that you can get at Using a steam cleaner will help you to clean the house in an environmentally friendly way with no chemicals and no water contamination.

A steam cleaner is capable of delivering outstanding cleaning power and uses less water to clean a floor than you would use with a mop and bucket. The high-powered steam also provides a good level of sanitation and you don’t have to worry about the kids in the house as there are no chemicals involved in the cleaning process.

Ditch the toxic products

Look in the cupboard underneath the sink in the kitchen of a green domestic goddess and you won’t see the poisonous toxic products that so many of us keep in our home, without thinking how harmful they have the potential to be.

Aim to replace toxic products with bio-degradable and non-toxic substitutes. There are some basic household ingredients that you can use to create eco-friendly cleaning products from things like baking soda, white vinegar and lemon juice.

Healthier home

You want to keep your kids safe from germs and infections and that is one of the reasons why so many of us turn to bleach as a way of keeping bacteria away.

You can quickly create a more eco-friendly and safer antibacterial spray without resorting to bleach, which has the capacity to be harmful in a number of ways.

Cleaner air

You can even reduce air pollution in your home simply by having more plants around the house.

Plants have a natural ability to clean the air and provide more oxygen into your environment. Not only will your home look more attractive with more plants around, but it will also be healthier too.

These are just a few ways in which you can make your home cleaner and healthier without needing to resort to chemicals in order to do so.

Ditch the toxic products and use a steam cleaner around your home and you will be well on the way to achieving domestic goddess status.

Abby Rahman enjoys researching about ecologically and family friendly home cleaning methods. She enjoys sharing her research online so other can also benefit from her findings. Image: luckyjimmy via Flickr


  1. Nicola Lynch says

    Thanks for this post. I have definitely become more aware of the harmful ingredients since having my little one and bit by bit have been phasing them out, moving towards cleaners like Method and Ecover. They do just as good a job. I love your tips here and will definitely be trying them out.

  2. Lana says

    I really don’t know why people use so many harsh chemicals when there are safer green alternatives that work great and are safe for the environment.

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