Keeping your Pet Safe with Fresh Organic Foods

pet foods and what you need to knowPet parents are as concerned as any other parent about what their “children” eat every day. They read labels and compare ingredients to find the healthiest food choices. Reading labels may not be enough to ensure that what is being bought is truly organic. Many believe that foods that are labelled organic are automatically safer and healthier for their beloved pets. The truth is not all commercial pet foods that say natural or organic really are.

Natural foods are ones that have no synthetics and all ingredients are created from animal, plant or mined sources. There can be no additives or chemicals used in the growth of these ingredients. However, government regulations are extremely lax about pet foods. Even foods that are manufactured in the United States may have ingredients, such as wheat, from another country. Everyone has heard about the contaminated pet foods and treats that came from China. That this could happen again at any time is scary!

The government has regulations for all kinds of strange things, but when it comes to what people and pets consume, the regulations are not always easy to understand or follow. At times, it seems the regulations are flexible and only the circumstances surrounding the item decide what the government will follow. The sad reality is consumers should have little confidence that the pet foods they purchase are truly safe and organic.

Truly Organic Ingredients

Thousands of people are finally realizing that the only way to know exactly what their pets are eating is to prepare it themselves. That way, they can control what ingredients are used and can make it according to what their pets love and need. Just like with humans, some foods are better for pets of different ages and medical needs.

Preparing pet food may seem like it could be time-consuming or expensive but that is simply not true. Foods that are purchased from certified organic farms or ones that are grown in their private gardens for their families can be used for pet food, also. Recipes are easy to found on the internet for all types of pets – they can even be searched for medical needs of the pet, such as pregnancy.

Organic Pet Snacks

While researching pet food recipes, check out all of the options for special treats for pets. It doesn’t matter what type of pet, there are thousands of recipes for delicious and healthy treats for them. From cookies shaped like fish to bags of puppy chow snacks, don’t forget to prepare safe and healthy snacks for pets! These are all easy to do using ingredients that are fairly inexpensive. Not only will pets love the taste, but the pet parents can be sure that the treats are healthy! No more worrying about what is really in the treats!

Pet lovers will do anything to keep their pets safe. They purchase the best dog containment system or even install a do it yourself invisible fence. They buy only the safest toys for their pets. They purchase only the best foods for their beloved pets and prepare their meals with love. Nothing is too good for pets that are family members.

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  1. George Worboys Wright says

    Great article! We prepare our own treats & our dog loves them just as much :) The worst bit is checking & double checking that ingredients are safe. The only thing we’ve found she doesn’t like so far is celery!

  2. Gregory Mills says

    Thanks for sharing this informative post and I totally agree with you. I love my dogs, they are my life and I always feed them with organic foods only. In fact some dogs foods are quite expensive but they are worth the purchase. Thanks again and cheers!

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