Are your pets part of your family?

I don’t know, if you’ve got pets, but to me they’re an important part of family life. They always have been. When I lived at home, we had two cats: Hexe and Mix. They are mother and son and I’m not joking when I say that they’ve got my mum wrapped around their little fluffy paws.

My mum gets up numerous times at night to let them in and out of a house – worse than Amy’s newborn days. They get daily treats, such as cold sliced meats, crazy specialist cat biscuits and are probably the most spoilt pets I have ever seen. If Hexe wants to sit on the sofa, she wants a yellow blanket and a pillow and she’ll get a yellow blanket and pillow. She can’t speak (obviously, that would just be crazy), but believe me, she’s pretty darn good at letting you know what she wants and even better when it comes to bringing across what she doesn’t want.

Mix is no different and I swear it’s my sister’s fault. When she was little, she treated him like a small child. She’d play with him all day long. She built him a cardboard hotel with palm trees (we’ll just call her creative and not crazy), she took him to bed with her every night and he got so attached to her that he was the one who vetted her boyfriends – yep, he would seriously jump at them, if he didn’t like them.

They might sound like right little furry odd balls, but they are part of our family and they do have a lot of good sides. They’re loving and caring and know instantly, if you’re upset or feeling unwell. The people from Sunrise Care have compiled a great infographic talking about all the benefits having a trusty furry friend can have. Find out more about them below:

do you count your pets as a family member

Are your pets part of your family? What do you love about them?

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    Awww your parents cats sound so lovely (and spoilt!). We also always had a house full of pets when I was a child – now we just have the one cat, but he is just slightly loopy!
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