Quick and tasty dinners with Old El Paso

One Pan Rice Meal from Old El Paso

Ok, confession time: I don’t always cook from scratch. I’d like to and I try to whenever I can, but sometimes I just don’t have the time or motivation to slave in the kitchen for an hour and that’s when products like Old El Paso’s tasty Mexican dishes come into play.

We’ve been Old El Paso fans for a long time. Their fajita kits are great for a night with friends and super easy to make. You simply chop up some chicken and peppers (or you go for the frozen variety, if you want to be even quicker), add the spice mix and ready is your Mexican dinner. Recently, Old El Paso have also sent us some of their other products to try out. We received some Old El Paso One Pan Rice Meals, a fajita kit, the Enchilada dinner kit as well as some spice mixes and a squeezy salsa and sweetcorn relish.

We already knew the fajita kits and we love them, but I think I’ve got a new favourite. The One Pan Rice Meals are absolutely amazing. You basically throw everything into a large frying pan/wok and let it simmer away for a couple of minutes. Initially, I thought that there’s no chance on earth that I’d need just one pan, but it’s true. Super quick and efficient and really tasty. We have already repurchased a pack. The enchiladas were really easy to make too, but could have done with a little more of a kick. Amy really enjoyed them, but her favourite by far was the sweetcorn relish for some reason. I think, if I had let her, she’d have eaten it spoon after spoon.

Overall, I think that Old El Paso offer great meal options for families who like authentic Mexican flavours without the hassle that comes with preparing an authentic meal from scratch. The taste is brilliant and you can play around with flavours and ingredients (there are ideas and suggestions on the back of each pack) creating meals that really suit your needs. Old El Paso is easily available in supermarkets and even corner store.

We received the products mentioned for the purpose of this review.


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    I love that the rice dish can be prepared in just one pan as I HATE washing up! Looks like a great option when you have run out of time and energy and just a little bit of spice is fine with me. Haven’t tried the sweetcorn relish so might give that a go next time we do Mexican!
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    I love El Paso, quick and tasty which is great on weeknights when there is not much time. We tried one of these, and while we weren’t quite as keen as we are on the enchiladas, it was nice and it’s always good to have options!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Mega Bloks ReviewMy Profile

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