Rostock Zoo: A girlie day out

Rostock Zoo is one of the places that we always, always, always visit when we are staying with my family in Germany. I’ve blogged about our visits in the past. Here, you can read about Amy’s very first trip to Rostock Zoo – I can’t believe how tiny she was. This time, we had a girlie day with my mum and sister and we had the best of fun.

Since our last visit, the zoo has been extended and the new area close to the entrance near Barnstorfer Ring now houses a new attraction called Darwineum. As you might have guessed by its name, the Darwineum features exhibitions around the topic of evolution and the origins of life on earth, but there is also a tropical hall, the new home for the apes and monkeys living at Rostock Zoo as well as a changing exhibitions on topics such as society’s cultural evolution and more.

We had such fun day and didn’t even notice that we had been wondering around the grounds for almost six hours. Rostock Zoo isn’t overly huge. I think you can see everything in around 3 hours, but we stopped at the play equipment along the paths, had some fun on the playground and enjoyed some ice-cream in the sun. Despite looking quite grumpy in most of the pictures, Amy had an absolute blast. She’s still imitating the monkey noises, talking about the Eisbären (polar bears) and complaining about the little boy who tried to push her off one of the rides on the playground – obviously the latter one was not one of her highlights, but here are some pics that show you some of Amy’s favourite animals:

Rostock Zoo 1

Rostock Zoo 2

Rostock Zoo turtle

rostock zoo jellyfish

rostock zoo 4

rostock zoo 5 polar bear being fed

Rostock Zoo 6 penguins

rostock zoo 7

rostock zoo 8

rostock zoo 8 meerkat

Rostock Zoo polar bear statue

Do you like visiting zoos? Where is your favourite zoo?

Rostock Zoo (18059 Rostock, Barnstorfer Ring 1) is open from 9AM and closes at 6PM in winter and 7PM in summer. Children under 7 go free, children between 7 and 16 years pay 8€, adults 16€. Concessions for pensions, students and people with a disability are available as well as discounts for groups. More details and information via the official website.



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