Meaningful Memories – The best road trip songs

meaningful memories the best road trip songsI love music. I’m forever singing and secretly dancing along to my favourite songs, so there couldn’t me a more perfect challenge for me than Hidden Hearing‘s Meaningful Memories challenge. The winner will receive a £100 voucher of their choice – either ASOS, Amazon, or iTunes and if you want to enter, send your links to Kathryn Thompson by 28th July 2014. Her email address is

You are free to share any 5 songs that have a meaning to you. They can be from your childhood, remind you of your first love (we’re going to skip that one, although he once made me a beautiful album full of songs that reflected on our relationship) or include songs that remind you of your child’s birth, your first dance or your first kiss.

I thought we’d make this one a bit of fun, so I’m sharing with you the songs that my sister and I picked for our family road trips when we were 5 and 11. Get ready for some serious 90s ehm trash?

Captain Jack by Captain Jack

Picture us sitting at the back of the car and getting our tongues in a twist trying to join in with Captain Jack’s military rap. Captain Jack was high on our list. The tune was catchy, and although good old Captain Jack was the most awful singer the 90s have seen, his side kick Liza had a lovely voice – you’ll hear it, if you concentrate on ignoring her questionable outfit.

Where do you go by No Mercy

No one can resist some Spanglish (totally a recognised word) summer tunes, so this was one that accompanied us on every single trip from Germany through the Czech Republic, through Slovakia and into Hungary. Our mum had a soft spot for the boys, so as totally selfless daughters, we added them to our cassettes – yes, it was that long ago.

Herz an Herz by Bluemchen (now Jasmin Wagner)

15 year old girl with hideous blue eye-shadow and excessively teased bunches sings about her first big love – something every teenie girl back then could resonate with. The single earned Bluemchen dozens of awards in Germany and made it to No 46 in the UK charts in its translated form. Check it out here.

Be My Lover by La Bouche

La da da dee da da da da… Simplest lyrics ever, right? My dad, the old grinch still didn’t sing along with the rest of us while driving through the night. I think he just doesn’t do the whole singing in the car thing, but it’s so much fun, especially, if you’ve got a tune that you can sing from the top of your lungs.

Scatman by Scatman John

Hand on heart, have you ever listened to this song without trying to scatter along? I haven’t and I know that my sister loved it just as much to sing along as I did. I swear, we came up with the most ridiculous lyrics trying to copy good old Scatman John – especially as both our English was non-existent back then. That’s also why I was shocked and appalled at the same time when, Ace of Base’s lead singer proclaimed that “All That She Wants Is Another Baby” – I really thought she wanted to swap her kid. Thank God, I’ve caught up in the brain department…

Now how about you? What are your favourite or most memorable tunes? And how do you like our car tunes? Would you have come on a road trip with us?

This is a promotional post, but I hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane. The image above is from William Warby via Flickr.


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    oh dear I have only heard of Scatman – sorry! I guess music in Germany was a little differnt although the La Bouche ones sounds a little familiar but then a lot of songs back then had that euro beat!
    i love how songs bring back such powerful memories though xx
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  2. says

    Blimey, you have some different music taste to me! I’m afraid I would have been all about Duran Duran, but road trip playlist on Spotify are massively motivating these days. Which reminds me – I need to make one for our next trip.

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