10 tips on how to bag your dream job

10 ways to bag your dream job

You’ve searched job boards like City Calling, mingled on business networking sites and now you have finally found the perfect job, but how do you survive that dreaded first interview and bag your dream job? I have asked some of my favourite bloggers for their tips and here is what they advise:

At the interview, make sure you give the interviewer competency based answers. Read the job description and look for the competences they are recruiting against (things like strong communication skills, tenacity etc) and then talk to them about real examples of were you have used these skills and what the outcome has been. Skilled interviewers will be looking for you to demonstrate how you have tackled things in the past, as past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour. (Michelle from Mummy from the heart)

Rather than telling the interviewer everything that is great about you, read the job description and do a bit of research, so you can pick out the two or three things they are really looking for (skills or experience) and focus your application and interview answers around those things. (Cat from Cat’s Yellow Days)

Make your own record of achievement / portfolio and take it with you to show them – people can’t resist asking what you’ve brought for show and tell (Liz from Cambridge Mummy)

Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t in the hope it gets you the role. Believe in yourself! (Tanya from Mummy Barrow)

Update your online presence – and make sure it’s professional. A savvy employer these days will look for you online. Give your LinkedIn profile the once over. Make sure there’s no drunken photographs on Instagram, bitchy posts on Facebook or sweary rants on Twitter. Use privacy settings to stop public viewings, if you think there may be some embarrassing social media history that could backfire and ruin your chances. (Donna from Mummy Central)

10 ways to bag your dream job, how to prepare for a job interview

First impressions count. Dress to impress and show that you really want the job: Look your interviewer in the eye and greet them with a confident and firm handshake (Jenny from Mummy Mishaps)

Always do your research on the company and have some questions to ask them – interviewers usually ask, if there is anything you want to know at the end of the interview and awkward silences are never good! (Andrea from All You Need Is Love and Cake)

Request a tour of the place before interview, not only will this give you an insight into where you could possibly be working but they will a) remember you for already visiting and b) offer you the opportunity to ask questions about the working day/facilities available (Sarah from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too)

It’s not only about the words you speak, but also the message your body sends. Try to not fold your arms, look at the floor or lean back while speaking. Instead use your eyes to maintain contact with your interviewer and use your hands to make gestures when making a point or emphasising something.

Don’t get embarrassed discussing your salary. Know your worth, do your research and find out what people in comparable jobs earn and go in  a little higher than your desired salary.

This is a promotional post with images from Philip Dehm and World Relief Spokane via Flickr.

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