3 fantastic ideas for using sprinkles when decorating cakes

When it comes to decorating cakes, sprinkles are a fantastic family favourite. They add a dash of colour and fun to any type of cake, but why just sprinkle them in the usual fashion?! There are plenty of ways in which you could use sprinklesto achieve some pretty unique displays, so it’s time to get creative and experiment using cake sprinkles in loads of different ways! Here are some great ideas to get you started:

1. Birthday cake with sprinkles as the number

birthday cake with sprinkles as number

Children love to have their birthday age written on their cake (adults not so much…!) so if you’re making a child’s birthday cake then this is a wonderfully creative way to add the age. Find a shape cutter for whatever age you are baking for and lay it on top of the cake. Fill it up with sprinkles just as they’ve done in this example here:

Carefully lift the cutter away and you should be left with a perfectly formed number to display the birthday age. This works really well against a light backdrop, so use a white royal or fondant icing as a base. Your birthday cake will look like a professional has decorated it!

2. Sprinkle cookies & pretzels

chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles

When throwing a birthday party, it’s good to remember that biscuits, cookies and pretzels are a brilliant addition to any celebration, and making these is the perfect opportunity for a little creative flair! Make your biscuits and pretzels unforgettable by icing them before adding a light dusting of multi-coloured sprinkles over the top. We love this pretzel idea here:

The important thing to remember is that you should add the sprinkles while the icing is still wet. This way you can be sure that they’ll stick. Don’t forget to take a photo of your work before it all gets gobbled up!

3. Cake pops with sprinkles

cake pops with sprinkles

Regardless of how old you are, everybody loves a lollipop! Make cakes in a ball shape, add a stick as a handle and then ice the cake (pink icing will make the pops look especially delicious!). While the icing is still a little wet, it’s time to dip the lollipop in a bowl full of sprinkles. Or you could lay out the pops before pouring the sprinkles over them instead just as they have done here – it’s totally up to you.

Display the pops on an attractive cake stand and arrange them so that they are easy for party guests to grab as they pass by. They’ll be the talk of the party and you will love watching them being devoured.
Sprinkles for cake decoration come in all manner of shapes, colours and designs so when it comes to achieving a memorable display, the sky’s the limit! So the next time you are decorating a cake, set yourself a challenge to use your sprinkles in the most creative way possible.

This is a promotional post with images from Little Life Of Mine BlogChocolate Therapy Blog, Love from the Oven via Flickr.


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