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Who is Mummy Alarm about?


I am the boss at home. I was born on Easter Sunday 2011, so mummy and daddy call me their little Easter bunny sometimes. Mostly, mummy calls me Piglet though – apparently because I am grunting like one when I am being breast fed but I promise, I don’t. I enjoy cuddles with mummy and daddy and love playing with my toys. My favourite activity is making mummy and daddy chase after me though. I am almost crawling now, so nothing is save from me. Today I kicked open a lemonade bottle and everyone got a fizzy sticky shower. Pulling over plant pots is fun as well, but shh don’t tell mummy, she thinks I will start being a good girl in time for Christmas.


                                                            Mummy aka Carolin
I am 27 years old and as you might have already guessed by the missing -e on my name, I make the German part of our little English/German family. I am a freelance writer working from home, so that I am able to look after my little girl Amy. If I am not changing nappies, singing songs or pulling stupid faces to entertain Amy, I enjoy traveling, reading and good food. However, you will rarely see me in the kitchen because I’m in the incredibly lucky situation to have a passionate chef on my side. I love all things creative and am a big fan of cupcakes, pretty stationary, scrapbooking and photography. Much to the dislike of Amy’s daddy, I am severely addicted to home renovating programs and home decoration and ehm … chocolate, sweets, shopping and pampering.


Daddy aka Ben
I am 31 years old  and the English part of our family. I am a passionate hobby chef and love experimenting with food. I love playing tennis and pool but am pretty much into every sport, so yes, you can even find me playing chess. To relax, I play computer games or listen to music. I like cars, gadgets and an am currently really getting into playing darts. I am also a big fan of music and would love to have my own little recording studio in the loft – not something to happen any time soon, I guess. Next week, I am going to celebrate “One year smoke free” – something that I am really proud of, because it is important for me to set a positive example for Amy.
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