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I am the boss at home. I was born on Easter Sunday 2011, so mummy and daddy call me their little Easter bunny sometimes. Mostly, mummy calls me Piglet though – apparently because I am grunting like one when I am being breast fed but I promise, I don’t. I enjoy cuddles with mummy and daddy and love playing with my toys. My favourite activity is making mummy and daddy chase after me though. I am almost crawling now, so nothing is save from me. Today I kicked open a lemonade bottle and everyone got a fizzy sticky shower. Pulling over plant pots is fun as well, but shh don’t tell mummy, she thinks I will start being a good girl in time for Christmas.


                                                            Mummy aka Carolin
I am 27 years old and as you might have already guessed by the missing -e on my name, I make the German part of our little English/German family. I am a freelance writer working from home, so that I am able to look after my little girl Amy. If I am not changing nappies, singing songs or pulling stupid faces to entertain Amy, I enjoy traveling, reading and good food. However, you will rarely see me in the kitchen because I’m in the incredibly lucky situation to have a passionate chef on my side. I love all things creative and am a big fan of cupcakes, pretty stationary, scrapbooking and photography. Much to the dislike of Amy’s daddy, I am severely addicted to home renovating programs and home decoration and ehm … chocolate, sweets, shopping and pampering.


Daddy aka Ben
I am 31 years old  and the English part of our family. I am a passionate hobby chef and love experimenting with food. I love playing tennis and pool but am pretty much into every sport, so yes, you can even find me playing chess. To relax, I play computer games or listen to music. I like cars, gadgets and an am currently really getting into playing darts. I am also a big fan of music and would love to have my own little recording studio in the loft – not something to happen any time soon, I guess. Next week, I am going to celebrate “One year smoke free” – something that I am really proud of, because it is important for me to set a positive example for Amy.
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  1. Hallo Carolin,

    Mein Name ist Irma.

    Ich hoffe, es is okay das ich dich in Deutsch anschreibe.

    Ich habe vor ein paar Wochen deinen Blog als Tipp von Michelle Pannell bekommen. Sie hat gemeint, dass du eventuell interessiert wärst, uns bei einem Projekt zu helfen. Ich arbeit im Moment mit OnePlusOne, eine Charity die Paaren und Familien hilft, die Beziehungsprobleme haben.

    Wir versuchen im Moment so schnell wie möglich einen Artikel (natürlich in Englisch) zu publizieren.

    Falls du interesse hast, bitte melde dich doch bei mir via Email

    Ich würde mich sehr freuen von dir zu hören.

    Freundliche Grüsse


  2. Hiya, I’m prob being really thick but I can’t find a link to subscribe by email x


  3. I just voted for you on the circle of mums top 25 competition. Good luck <3


  4. I can’t find where you subscribe by email either! Nothing at all in the right side bar, and not listed on the left.


  5. please subscribe me to the email list, cant find the link anywhere!!! there is no right hand side bar, and nothing on the left to enter it into just search engines!!!!!


  6. No I can’t see where to follow by email either so since I’ve already claimed a rafflecopter entry for something I can’t do I think I’d better forget about it.


  7. Nice too meet you all and looking forward to following your blog x


  8. Enjoyed reading about you. Also nice to see what German I could remember from school with the post from Irma.


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