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Sponsored Video: Tennis Tips from Judy Murray

judy murray tennis tips for children

She is a tennis coach and mum to two Wimbledon champions and now Judy Murray has teamed up with Wimbledon’s official supplier Robinsons for a series of fun tennis videos that show how everyone can learn skills that might make them the next British Wimbledon champion.

Fun family games like Boom Boom Balloon where children try to keep one or more balloons in the air by bouncing them from one player to another teach children body awareness and dexterity skills which are useful when they’re chasing after a ball on the tennis court. Take the game to another level by challenging your kids to just use their elbows, knees or heads.

Fancy a little bit of competition? There’s nothing quite as exciting as a game of catch with a filled water balloon. It’s fun, trains hand-eye-coordination and it sure guarantees some giggles.

The main mission of the video however is to teach parents and children that there’s no expensive equipment needed to get active and gain tennis skills. So what are you waiting for? Getting yourself some balloons and prepare for endless tennis fun during the summer holidays!

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Medical negligence – the facts

my personal medical negligence story and the most important factsI have written about my personal medical negligence story before on this blog, so I don’t want to bore you with it again, but I thought today I’d share some facts with you that will help you decide, if you have a claim or not.

When I was considering taking legal steps, I had 101 questions and spend ages crawling the internet for useful information. I found bits here and bobs there, but there was no website that had all the information I needed in one place.

What is medical negligence?

We speak of medical negligence or clinical negligence when the treatment of a medical professional as well as dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists and others falls below the required standard and causes you an injury. That means, if they have done something that they shouldn’t have done or something that was not required or suitable for you as a patient, you have the right to claim for compensation.

What type of claims are there?

There are different types of medical negligence clains that you can make depending on the mistakes that were made. Generally, you differentiate between the following: hospital negligence claims, dental negligence claims, birth injury claims, medical accident claims, MRSA claims and cosmetic surgery claims.

Why ask for compensation?

Medical negligence can cause not only trauma and psychological suffering (potentially for the rest of your life), but also financial loss. Therefore, you can regard compensation as a way to repay you for your pain and suffering as well as financial losses because you couldn’t work, had to cancel a holiday or maybe need to alter your house to make it fit for your needs, e.g. you might sit in a wheelchair and need wider doors or struggle to climb stairs and night a stair lift to name just a few examples. You can also ask for compensation to cover travel costs, parking, medical equipment, care provided by  friends and family or external help like a cleaner or gardener.

I feel bad about suing someone. Should I really do it?

Don’t forget that you were left with an injury that might affect you for the rest of your life. You might not suffer immensely now, but you might develop pains and illnesses at a later point. Also remember that medical negligence cases are important as they remind medical professionals and clinics to ensure the highest possible standards during medical procedures and your stay at hospital.  Plus, no individual will be left out of pocket. All hospitals, trusts and practitioners will have insurances that pay out in cases of negligence.

I don’t know where to start and I still have questions!

Act quickly and get in touch with medical negligence specialist like Leo Claims or other specialists near you. Some cases become void after 3 years, so it is essential that you claim as soon as possible. A specialist solicitor will often offer a free consultation and also be able to answer all your questions and help you proof that you indeed have a valid case.

This is a promotional post, but I hope it was helpful and gives you some useful information. Image from Tim Samoff via Flickr.


Competition and 10 paleo-friendly egg recipes

The Paleo Diet is all the rage at the moment and so is the 5:2 Diet, which quite a few of my friends are having great success with, and looking at the pictures that they share online, there’s one super-food which they’re all turning to when it comes to healthy eating. There are poached or scrambled eggs for breakfast, boiled eggs with salad for lunch and a variety of omelettes for dinner. But what makes eggs so popular with those trying to lose weight?

There are only around 70 calories in an egg, depending on its size and the yolk of the egg is full of nutritious goodness as it includes all the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. The way you prepare your eggs obviously affect how healthy they are. Eggs fried in fat will always have more calories than a boiled egg, but if you look out for these hidden diet traps and combine your egg dishes with vegetable sides, salads or whole grains, they can be a great low-calorie meal option full of protein, vitamins and healthy fats.

Here are 10 great paleo-friendly egg recipes that I have found on the internet. I hope you enjoy them: 10 paleo-friendly egg recipes

(Kind of) Mexican Eggs
Omelette Fajitas
Paleo Egg Muffins
Mexican scrambled eggs with avocado & radish salad
Bacon and Heirloom Tomato Frittata with Basil
Paleo Sausage Egg McMuffin
Baked Eggs in Prosciutto-Mushrooms
Banana, Nectarine and Flax Pancakes
Baked Tomato and Egg Breakfast
Protein Pumpkin Pancakes

To celebrate eggs and all the goodness in them, I have teamed up with British Lion eggs who are offering one lucky reader the chance to win either a Severin Titanium Electronic Egg Boiler or a ProCook Gourmet Egg Poacher.

If you want to get involved and win one of these great appliances, fill in the Rafflecopter form below and make sure to follow the instructions. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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What I’m doing now or all about me

A couple of days ago, the lovely Donna from Mummy Central tagged me in this meme and I think it’s a great way to share some fun facts about about me –  you know we blogger folk are all oversharers (in the best possible way, of course). So let’s dive straight into it and start with the first question:

Currently I’m: sitting in my arm chair, laptop on one arm, my leg on the other and waiting for Big Brother to begin. Does anyone want to beam over some Haribo Smurfs for me?

Haribo Smurfs all about me

Reading: I read dozens of children’s books with Amy every single day, I read blogs, magazines and I drop in and out of books a lot at the moment, but I haven’t sat down to read a book from cover to back in absolute ages and I really miss it. I used to read one or two books a week and it’s something that I’ll try to make time for from now on.

Listening to: a lot of 90s music on YouTube thanks to Steph over at I’m Counting UFOs. You can’t beat some 90s tunes, can you?

Laughing at: Amy’s attempts at logical thinking. I told her, I loved her the other day, but she told me that she loved Tante Lissy (my sister) because she had yellow (blonde) hair just like her and that I therefore have to love Oma (my mum) because we both have black/dark brown hair.  No idea, where that one came from!

about me david beckham for h&M

Swooning over: David Beckham’s latest campaign for H&M. I won’t even pretend that it leaves me cold – it really doesn’t!

Planning: big changes that I can’t speak about in public yet, but I will share them with you once the time has come.

Eating lots of: watermelon and berries. I love the summer months and all the fruit that comes with the season. There’s nothing more refreshing than a slice of ice-cold watermelon in the morning.

Feeling: a little torn between what was and what will come. The next couple of weeks and months will certainly be interesting and exciting and also a little scary and emotional, I assume.

Discovering: a passion for interior design. I’ve bought a couple of books on various interior design topics and I’m really enjoying looking at different designers and ways to create a certain look.

Tesco Sherbet Crush interior design range

Looking at: sherbet coloured accessories. I’m currently obsessed with Tesco’s Sherbet Crush interiors range. So many fun and colourful pieces – I want them all!

Wearing: a slouchy top and tracksuit bottoms. My go to clothes in the evening. After a nice bath it’s all about comfort for me and that means ancient trackies and baggy T-shirts that no one would even consider wearing in public.

Cooking: is becoming much more fun for me. I didn’t enjoy it at all until about a year ago and while it was just a chore for me then, I really like coming of with recipes and trying out new things now. I cook an amazing stir fry and everything that contains mushrooms and cream is my absolute forte! Trust me, I’m famous for that flavour combination!

Wondering: if I should get my nails done professionally again. I can’t stand my fingernails and am wondering, if I should go back to acrylic nails. I haven’t had them for five years, but I liked that my nails always looks nice and presentable when I had them – unlike now when they’re weak and have the ugliest shape ever!

Trying out: going to bed before midnight and I’m failing miserable. Tomorrow is another day, right?

Now it’s my turn to tag some bloggers who I’d like to learn a little more about. They are – Karin from Cafe Bebe, Charlotte from Write Like No One’s Watching and Kerry from Lived with Love.

Image credits: Haribo, David Beckham for H&M and Tesco Home.

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Best things to do when the kids have gone to bed

first-time buy essentials a tv for romantic eveningsRaising children today can be quite tiring and time consuming. Parents really do not have much time to themselves. Despite this, it is important that parents find time by themselves or with their partner, especially when many couples work as well. One of the best times for this is that time in the evening after the children have gone to bed. Parents usually stay up for a few hours afterwards since many children have earlier bedtimes than their parents. Using this precious time can provide parents with a chance to enjoy themselves.

Reading can be a popular pastime for parents after the kids go to bed. It might be a current bestseller to read or just a magazine or newspaper. It gives parents a chance to learn something or catch up on things happen in the world. It’s also a great way to unwind and prepare yourself for a restful night of sleep and is also something you should push on the children, seeing as many children are reading less nowadays.

There are other things parents can do before going to bed. Watching a movie or catching up on a TV show is often a preferred way to relax in the evening. Many online streaming services can allow parents to watch either on a computer device or can stream right to their television. With these services literally thousands of films and TV shows can be watched.

Some couples may be more into gaming. This could be using the TV with a gaming console. It also may be logging on to the internet and playing games online. For instance, online casino games at sites such as River Belle are a great option to either play alone or as a couple. Many different devices can be used to access online games including laptops, tablets and smartphones. Given this range, couples may opt to compete against one another at games such as blackjack which they are competing against the dealer rather than each other.

What do you do once your children are in bed?


Quick and tasty dinners with Old El Paso

One Pan Rice Meal from Old El Paso

Ok, confession time: I don’t always cook from scratch. I’d like to and I try to whenever I can, but sometimes I just don’t have the time or motivation to slave in the kitchen for an hour and that’s when products like Old El Paso’s tasty Mexican dishes come into play.

We’ve been Old El Paso fans for a long time. Their fajita kits are great for a night with friends and super easy to make. You simply chop up some chicken and peppers (or you go for the frozen variety, if you want to be even quicker), add the spice mix and ready is your Mexican dinner. Recently, Old El Paso have also sent us some of their other products to try out. We received some Old El Paso One Pan Rice Meals, a fajita kit, the Enchilada dinner kit as well as some spice mixes and a squeezy salsa and sweetcorn relish.

We already knew the fajita kits and we love them, but I think I’ve got a new favourite. The One Pan Rice Meals are absolutely amazing. You basically throw everything into a large frying pan/wok and let it simmer away for a couple of minutes. Initially, I thought that there’s no chance on earth that I’d need just one pan, but it’s true. Super quick and efficient and really tasty. We have already repurchased a pack. The enchiladas were really easy to make too, but could have done with a little more of a kick. Amy really enjoyed them, but her favourite by far was the sweetcorn relish for some reason. I think, if I had let her, she’d have eaten it spoon after spoon.

Overall, I think that Old El Paso offer great meal options for families who like authentic Mexican flavours without the hassle that comes with preparing an authentic meal from scratch. The taste is brilliant and you can play around with flavours and ingredients (there are ideas and suggestions on the back of each pack) creating meals that really suit your needs. Old El Paso is easily available in supermarkets and even corner store.

We received the products mentioned for the purpose of this review.

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Live and Learn — Fun Educational Days Out in London

fun and educational days out in LondonThe school holidays are upon us. Long summer days and endless bright evenings stretch ahead, daring you to relinquish the remote to your little couch potatoes and occasionally overlook the rules about snacks. Inevitably, at least one day trip will be expected by your little prince or princess. Panic not. It has been proven possible (though perhaps not by science) to have an interesting and educational day out as a family unit. Up sticks, strike out for London and discover something new.

For curious minds: Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Even the most recalcitrant visitors find themselves compelled by the quirky horde of artefacts and wonders housed in this curiosity collection in the heart of London. Amazonian shrunken heads, a mirror maze and an upside down tea party make up just a few of the 700 curios that were once curated by Robert Ripley himself. If you’re keeping an eye on the pennies, you can reduce the entry price by searching online for a Ripleys Believe it or Not London voucher.

For budding historians: The London Dungeon

Hidden beneath ground level, the London Dungeon is one big, theatrical thrill ride, populated with shadowy figures and sinister villains from the city’s foggy past. Descend in a creaking lift cranked by a leper, become a confidante in Guy Fawkes’s gunpowder plot and be threatened by a giant, holographic Henry VIII on an eerie boat ride, perfectly realised by a giant, holographic Brian Blessed.

For the aspiring zoologist: London Zoo

This animal house in Regent’s Park is home to exotic critters like sloths, tiger cubs and komodo dragons. As well as the usual feedings and talks, the zoo offers special experiences for those who want to get closer to the animals. These range from a straightforward one on one session to the opportunity to become a junior keeper for the day, perfect for aspiring zoologists. Just remember to book in advance.

For mini culture vultures: The Tate Modern

Housing the most famous, the most extensive and perhaps the most hyperbolised modern art collection in Europe, the Tate Modern is anything but dull. If the neon-bright Andy Warhols don’t captivate the kids, the Damian Hursts will certainly snag their attention. You can fuel their imaginations and engage them in a discussion of the various art works. It’s endlessly surprising how insightful kids can be.

Some come to see Big Ben. Some come to see the Houses of Parliament. Some just to say they’ve been there. Fantastic buildings, but where’s the fun in them? Taking the kids to see them will entertain them and they’ll also learn a thing or three. Isn’t that perfect parenting!

This is a promotional post, which is hopefully helpful for all of you who are planning some fun and educational days out in London this summer. Images from Ash Chuan, Anthony Kelly, Pelican and Xiquinho Silva via Flickr. 


How to get kids active outside

The summer holidays are just around the corner and let’s face it, if you don’t want your kids bouncing of the ceiling, you need to find ways to get them active and allow them to get rid off excess energy. Luckily, kids don’t need a gym to tire themselves out, so there are lots of ways of getting them active through play. If you need some inspiration, why not try one of the following ideas

  • Build a den
  • Climb a tree (with help and under supervision)
  • Play catch or hide and seek
  • Wheel around on a scooter, bike or skateboard
  • Play garden games, e.g. boules, croquet etc
  • Play hopscotch
  • Go to the beach, jump through the waves, build a sand castle or explore rock pools
  • Fly a kite
  • Roll down hills
  • Turn the music on and have a mini disco in the garden

Alternatively, check out this fab infographic that the people from HFE (Health & Fitness Education) have brought out to inform you about ways to get active outdoors.

why outdoor play is important for children and adults

What’s your favourite way to exercise and what are your tips to getting your children active?

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The 25 best summer salads

the 25 best summer salads, summer salads, salad recipes for summer

I don’t know about you, but in summer my cooking and eating habits change completely. I don’t cook any hearty grub like stews, roast dinners or other meals that requires me to slave in the kitchen for hours – because a) it’s too hot and I’d rather spend time outside and b) I don’t really fancy any heavy and stodgy meals. Summer is when I really enjoy salads. They’re light, healthy and quick to make, especially if you are using pre-washed and cut salad leaves like the ones from Florette that you can get in almost any supermarket.

There are a couple of Florette salad recipes on their website too, but today I thought, I’d share with you summer salads that are a little different and who better to ask than my favourite bloggy friends. So here we go, the blogosphere’s best summer salads – just for you. Colourful, fresh, healthy and utterly beautiful to look at. I hope you enjoy them:

Summer Pasta Salad
Caramelised Walnut, Blue Cheese and Pear salad
Garden Salad with Grilled Fennel, Tomato & Balsamic
Rustic Egg, Bacon and Potato salad
Avocado, Spinach. Lentil and Egg Salad 
Beetroot,Carrot & Cottage Cheese Salad
Epic Potato Salad
Trout, Asparagus and Fennel Salad
Spinach Salad
Easy Greek Salad
Vegetable Salad with Seaweed and Miso Dressing
Zesty Summer Salad
New Potato and Tuna Salad
Thalassini Salata – Seafood Salad
Asparagus and Orzo Salad with Lemon and Tomato
Ginger, Pear and Walnut Coleslaw
Vegetarian French Salad
Avocado and Parma Ham Salad with Balsamic Dressing
Strawberry, Mango and Spinach Salad
Nutella Jar Turkey Pesto Salad
Rainbow Trout and Citrus Salad
Jersey Potato, asparagus and 3 leaf salad
Tabbouleh Salad
Kale, Chard, Watermelon and Avocado Salad
Fennel and Pomegranate Salad with Cashews and Pumpkin Seeds

Are you a fan of salads? What’s your favourite? Make sure to leave a link below, if you have blogged a recipe.

I have received a goody bag and recipe book in return for this blog post. Copyright for all images lies with the author of the recipes linked.