Moving to the UK – one big adventure

Moving to the UK had been my dream ever since starting secondary school. I was obsessed with anything English: the language, books, music, the country. You name it, I got wobbly knees over it. So much so that my friends knew I'd end up living in the UK one day and my mum knew she'd lose me to the country when I stepped on the plane to start my one-year contract as a foreign language assistant in the UK. Moving to the UK - why and how As part of my studies, we were required to spend at ... read more

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bring bees and butterflies into your garden with wild flowers

Welcome insects into your garden

Recent research promoted by UK online florist Michael Dark is hoping to encourage gardeners to plant flowers that are pollinator friendly. The decline of the bees is reaching truly catastrophic levels and this could have very serious negative effects on our environment and quality of life. Gardens ... read more