Invent the perfect school uniform and win

Did you sometimes wish your school uniform had a seal that would hide ink stains and the mess you had dribbling down your chin during school dinners? I know I did. Especially during the early years of my education, I would come home covered in ink blobs as we learned writing with a fountain pen instead of a pencil or ball pen. While it helped me develop my letter writing and my handwriting skills over all, it was the bane of my mum's existence throughout my primary school years as it meant ... read more

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cute party dresses for little girls

Cute Party Dresses for Little Girls

Little girls love to play dress-up, so it’s no wonder that many of their parties have some sort of a fancy dress theme! If your daughter’s been invited to a birthday, garden, or tea party, never fear. Here are a few outfit ideas to help her look fun and festive. Alice in Wonderland A perennially ... read more