There’s No Right Time to Stop the Ageing Process

Many of us make every effort to look good, doing everything from wearing flattering clothes to applying perfect make-up. We spend vast sums on beauty products, we spend hour after hour in the gym and we make sure we eat the right foods and follow the healthiest lifestyles. For most of us, this is simply par for the course. The harsh truth for everyone, however, is that the ageing process is doing all it can to make us feel less attractive, less desirable and less healthy. And while this process ... read more

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Washi tape Easter cards – with template

Amy started talking about doing something crafty at 7 AM this morning and she didn't really stop until 10 AM, so eventually, I gave in and agreed to make some washi tape Easter cards with her. Amy loves washi tape just as much as I do and as it's one of my favourite materials to use for craft ... read more