Saturday is caption day – Amy at Victoria Park

Saturday is caption day Victoria Park bristol Amy in a tube

Last weekend, it was lovely and sunny, so we decided to take Amy up to Victoria Park in Bristol. It’s a gorgeous big park in the heart of Windmill Hill and we thought it would be nice to spend the afternoon there with our neighbour Rich and his two boys.

His eldest son Beau is about half a year older than Amy and over the last year or so, they’ve become the best of friends. It’s so cute watching them play together. They’re a match made in heaven, bounce on our trampoline together and call each other when they are in the garden. Sometimes, they even climb through the fence that separates our gardens, just so they can spend time together.

Last Sunday, Beau and Amy raced up and down the slides at Victoria Park, climbed on the climbing frame and drove an imaginative train. The fun began when they started climbing through tubes. Amy happily climbs through tunnels on the ground, you know these fabric ones that you can put up in the garden or toddler ones at soft play, but as soon as they are off the ground, she gets a little wary of them. She crawls into the middle of it, sits down, contemplates which way out might be the best and happily comes out one end or the other. It’s so funny to look at and I’ve got no clue why she does it? Has she developed tunnel or tube OCD?

Saturday is caption day


Best car tunes? I can’t decide!

best car tunes all time jon bon jovi living on a prayer meat loaf bat out of hell

I don’t drive, but if I did, I’d be be one of those drivers that you find at the traffic lights rocking out to the best car tunes in the history of car tunes – songs by the likes of Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, Guns ‘n’ Roses & Co. Songs, that would have me shake my head and play the air guitar. Songs that I would sing along to as if there was no tomorrow. Songs that would make me look incredibly silly. But who cares?

Rock, Pop or Classic music?

For me, rock music would be my first choice of music when it comes to driving. It’s energetic, lifts my mood and most of all, it keeps me awake no matter what time it is. It was a lifesaver when I revised for my uni exams and I think it might have the same effect on me when Amy goes to school and I have to fight my tiredness on the school run.

I can’t really decide on the ultimate car tune, in fact Ben and I have a list of over 700 car tunes in his Spotify account, but I guess it would be either Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ or Meat Loaf’s ‘Bat our of hell’. I cannot sit still whenever both songs come on, so I guess I will have to let you decide. We are talking music only, because optically it’s quite obvious that Bon Jovi gets my vote, so now it’s up to you. Who created the best car tune in the history of car tunes?

Who wins? Bon Jovo vs. Meat Loaf

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Swimwear for all body shapes

swimwear for all body shapes

Swimwear for all body shapes

Buying and of course wearing swimwear is something that those of us who have concerns about our body shape can worry about. If we want to get the best of our holiday though these worries are something that we need to forget about. Knowing which swimwear can make the best of your body is a big step on the road to beach-side body confidence. There are plenty of solutions to all body concerns these days so no need for anyone to hide themselves away under an over-sized beach towel for the duration of their holiday.

If you are a pear

For women with bigger bottom half than top half, there are lots of solutions in swimwear. Playing with colour is one way. Choose a swimming costume with a darker colour on the bottom section and a lighter colour on the top will balance out a pear’s figure. Draw attention away from your bigger bottom half by choosing bikini tops or swimming costumes with a pretty detail. A pattern or V neck is one route here.

Elongating your legs is another way to create a slimmer silhouette. You can do this by choosing a higher cut leg and avoiding low cut ones. Though it’s tempting to want to cover up your bigger bits, by choosing a low leg you’re actually just drawing attention to the widest part of the thigh.

If you are an apple

Like most body worries, if you’re an apple you can draw attention away from your middle by wearing detail elsewhere. Like the pear shape you can choose ruffles or a v-neck to do some of the trick here. You can make the most of your great bust by choosing a fitted cup. This will also draw attention to the thinnest part of your midriff.

A swimmdress is a good choice for apples as the flirty skirt that kicks out creates a shape at the hip and distracts from a bigger middle. You can also find those with tummy control panels too for extra confidence.

If you are curvy

If you’re plus size or curvy you can sometimes dread stripping off for the beach but there are amazing options today that will have you bursting with confidence. You don’t need to hide under a sarong the whole week! Make sure you make the most of what you have by giving your body plenty of support. Choose moulded cups or under wiring to support your bust and make it look great. Again tummy control panels can give you just that little extra boost.

Tankinis offer the flexibility of a bikini without having to show everything off. Choose one that is clever with colour for the most flattering look. Black colour blocking at the sides will create a slimmer illusion.

Again a swimdress is a good choice to subtly cover your hips and bottom without making you feel over-dressed. The little skirt will give you that feminine touch too.

If you are big Busted

Don’t risk your assets escaping when you dive into the pool by skimping on support. Always opt for swimming costumes or bikinis with shaped cups as these will make the most of your bust and keep it where you want it to be. When choosing your swimming costume, try to go for one with a high cut back, such as a racer back style as this offers extra support.

You can also balance out a bigger bust by adding a swim skirt over your bikini bottoms. This kicks out slightly and so creates a more flattering hourglass silhouette.


Swim dresses are a great choice for creating curves where there might not be any. The flirty skirt kicks out and gives a feminine appeal. You can achieve the same by being clever with pattern and colour too. Choose a swimming costume with detailed pattern at the waist and this can trick the eye to seeing a shapely hourglass waist.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Bonmarché.


Saturday is Caption Day – Amy covered in sand – 18 May 2013

Saturday is Caption Day Amy covered in sand at Weston-Super-Mare beach

We went down to the beach at Weston-Super-Mare on bank holiday Monday and I almost had a nervous breakdown. Everything was covered in sand – including Amy! I mean look at her. Argh!

After I calmed down (I really don’t know where my sudden sand phobia came from, but it was immense), we still managed to have a lovely day. We ate ice-cream, went along the Grand Pier and Ben even won me a Care Bear on one of the arcade machines. I have always wanted a care bear and now I have one in my favourite colour purple – eeek! I’m still absolutely over the moon!

It was actually the first time ever that I had a go at a gambling machine that isn’t a quiz machine and I can see why they can become a tiny bit addictive. I had a go at a 2p coin pusher machine and got slightly obsessed with the idea of tricking it. It worked on three occasions and I could fish some ridiculously tacky prizes out of the slot, but hey ho I guess you can’t expect to win a fortune on these things.

Saturday is caption day


Our trip to Bath: Bath Guildhall Market, Abbey, Royal Victoria Park and more


My sister and her boyfriend have been back home in Germany for a week now and when they left, I thought I’d have plenty of time to write about all the fun things we did while they stayed with us, but somehow life was a little hectic and I haven’t written about a single thing. I have taken so many photos though that I really want to share some of them – especially as they remind me of the good weather we had when they were here. Somehow England always manages to show itself from its best side whenever my family come to stay. The skies are blue, the sun is shining and the heat and humidity that usually lingers around in Bristol is made bearable by a light breeze. We were lucky again this time, so we decided to drive to Bath for the afternoon. It’s only a thirty minute drive away and a beautiful place when the sun is out. We went straight into the city centre as Ben and Jakob wanted to go into the Roman Baths (my sister and I have both been on numerous occasions), but the queue was so long that they would have had to wait around 20 minutes before even getting to the ticket counter. We decided to visit the Abbey instead and have a stroll around the city centre.

bath weir

We listened to the water burbling along. We watched canoeists paddle along the river before sliding down the weir.

Owls bath market

 We saw Sass & Belle owl cushions at a little market stall and took one home with us.

bath guildhall marketvictoria park bath

 We admired the cute little craft stalls at Bath Guildhall Market before stopping for some cake and making our way to Royal Victoria Park.

royal victoria park bath pavillion

We ran along paths, played hide and seek behind the big pavilion and picked daisies before Amy had enough and wanted to play on the big playground.

blooming trees in victoria park bath

We had a wonderful day. Everything was in bloom, we all laughed a lot and when we got home, we were all so tired that we had a really early night and you all know how unlike me that is!

What’s your favourite place in Bath or the rest of the UK when the weather is nice?


30 ways of saving £1 or more

30 ways to save money

Money doesn’t grow on trees. We all know that and we all try to make our hard-earned cash go that little bit further. Money Supermarket are currently trying to collect 1000 money-saving tips, so I thought I’d get involved and share my 30 top tips. Please, feel free to share yours. I’d love to hear how you save your pounds and pennies!

save money with solar panels, solar energy, sustainable energy
1. Check that you are getting the best possible gas and electricity deals
2. Tell your TV and broadband provider you’re leaving, they will knock something of your package price.
3. Always write a shopping list to stop yourself from impulse buying.
4. Don’t go food shopping with an empty stomach. You’ll buy things you really don’t need.
5. Check the internet for voucher codes giving discounts or free delivery.
6. Grow your own fruit and veg, if you can. It’s great fun for all the family.
7. Take packed lunches to work, instead of eating out every day.
8. Consider solar panels, they will pay for your electricity in the long-run.
9. If you don’t have kids in school, save money by booking off-season or term-time holidays.
10. Use car-sharing schemes for daily commutes.

11. Collect bonus points when shopping online or in store and exchange for rewards at Christmas or for birthdays.
12. Enter blog competitions. Your chances of winning are higher and you can use your wins as presents for family and friends.
13. Empty your purse every evening and save small change in a piggy bank.
14. Use your local library or swap with friends, instead of buying new books.
15. Check the reduced section in your supermarket, you will find bargains that you can freeze for later.
16. Try out supermarkets’ own brands. They’re often just as good as branded products.
17. Don’t buy new clothes for one-off occasions, swap with friends who wear the same size.
18. Check out your local charity shops for bargain gifts or lovely second-hand clothes or toys.
19. Instead of buying Christmas presents of everyone, organise a Secret Santa.
20. Buy wrapping paper and cards in the sale.
fruit and veg market

21. Use flash sale sites to get great discounts on high-end brands.
22. Buy fruit and veg from the market, if you can’t grow it yourself. You’ll be surprised hoe much you’ll save.
23. Bake your own bread. It’s tastier and cheaper!
24. Don’t bother buying cook books. There are millions of free recipes on the internet.
25. There’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs: They will save you a fortune, especially if you have young children.
26. Don’t buy drinks and snacks on days out: Pack a picnic and bring refillable water bottles.
27. No money for a holiday? Have you considered a house swap with someone living in your favourite country?
28. If you like crafts, baking or cooking, give homemade gifts for birthdays or Christmas.
29. Sign up for interest groups that pay you for your opinion.
30. Cancel subscriptions and read your favourite newspaper online.

Image credits from top to bottom: docoverachiever, ellbrown garryknight


Flash Giveaway: Win a set of personalised cufflinks for Father’s Day

personalised cufflinks for Father's Day, Father's Day gift guide, Father's Day gift ideas, photo cufflinks

If you are like me, you always struggle to find an individual and fun Father’s Day gift or you ehm completely forget about Father’s Day and look like the most horrible daughter in the world. Yes, I’ve been there and done that and I’m not proud of it.

This year however, you can surprise your dad or your little one’s daddy with a really unqiue Father’s Day gift: personalised cufflinks from Ring Jewellery, a company that is popular with stars such as footballer Theo Walcott, chat show star Graham Norton or musician Mark Ronson and sells gorgeous palladium rings and personalised jewellerey.

Ring Jewellery is based in Brighton and sells a range of beautiful pieces of jewellery for all occasions.. You have the chance to win one of them today. All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Please, make sure to carefully follow the instructions as faulty and incomplete entries won’t be counted and entered into the prize draw.

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Father’s Day Giveaway – Personalised Crate of Beer

personalised crate of beer, personalised beer, personalised ale, ale and beer gifts, beer sets

On Thursday, I phoned my parents and funnily my dad answered the phone. As it was daytime and he is usually at work when I phone, I was a little confused and asked him, what he was doing at home. After a minute of silence (it wasn’t that long, but it certainly felt like it), my dad replied that it was Ascension Day. Ascension Day is not only a public holiday in Germany, it’s also known as Father’s Day and I knew that as soon as I’d asked, my dad knew that I had forgotten all about it. I stumbled some German “Happy Father’s Day” phrases and then quickly decided to change the subject. I hate forgetting occasions like anniversaries or Father’s Day, but since living in England, I get really confused with all the different dates.

Luckily, you are reading this blog post, so you will know that in the UK, Father’s Day is on Sunday, 16 June this year. Even better, you can win a fabulous Father’s Day gift to make your dad or your little one’s daddy very happy: a crate of personalised beers from Best of British Beer.

The crate includes 6 bottles of fine British Ale, which you can choose from a range of popular and award winning beers brewed by Staffordshire Brewery, set in the picturesque Moorlands. To personalise your very own Father’s Day bottles, you simple give the lovely people of Best of British Beer some details about the recipient and upload a photo for your perfect and unique bottle. It’s really as easy as that.

If you want to win this fab little prize, all you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Please make sure to follow the instructions as incomplete and faulty entries won’t be counted and will be excluded from the draw.

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