Amy tells you all about mummy

I've seen this meme do its rounds on Facebook and chatted to my friend Andrea about it and was we both thought it was a great ideas and I'm a massive sucker for interviews (I always used to play reporter in my grandparents garden and I've even interviewed Amy for the blog twice), I thought I'd sit down with Amy and ask her a couple of questions about me. I know, a risky undertaking when your opposite is a feisty 4 year old, but it wasn't as scary as I thought and admittedly a lot of fun - ... read more

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being greeted by mascots at holiday

Why club holidays aren’t for me

It's holiday season again an that only means one thing: My instagram feed is bound to fill with pictures of kids who are dancing with over-sized mascots or adults who are trying to look like they're having an absolute blast during some silly activity that an underpaid teenager in a holiday club has ... read more