Unique and quirky Valentine’s Day cards

I adore Etsy because you always find something unique and special on there. Something you wouldn't find on the high street and something that guarantees that you're the one who wins "Best Present Award" no matter what the occasion. Now, I'm not one to celebrate every occasion out there, I'm not really a mad party queen, but I do love giving presents or sending a fun and quirky card, if it's something like National Tracksuit Bottom Day (yep, if you've missed it, it was celebrated last week) or ... read more

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Zara kids haul, Zara Kids autumn winter 2014/1015

Shopping the sales: Zara Kids Haul

It's sale season, so I really couldn't help myself when  I ended up on the Zara website. Unfortunately, I don't quite fit (read: don't fit at all) into Zara's women clothing, so everything I bought was for Amy. Luckily, I was able to score some real bargains and as every normal person loves them, I ... read more