What we’ve been loving over the summer holidays

panda drinks for children

Panda Drinks are an iconic brand, but I have only found out about them last month. The lovely people at Panda Drink sent Amy a fabulous little summer package with a lunch box, some of their most popular drinks as well as an activity booklet and a skipping rope that Amy had a lot of fun with in the garden.

The Panda Still Juice Drinks come in raspberry and blackcurrant flavours while Panda Splash, a fruit flavoured water, comes in both orange & pineapple and blackcurrant flavours. At 250ml per bottle, Panda Drinks are perfect for lunch boxes, picnics or a quick treat throughout the day with the sports cap meaning that they can be enjoyed when out and about without any annoying spills.

Amy is usually water-total, but every now and again she fancies a flavoured drink. Panda Drinks are naturally fruity, don’t contain any added sugar and use only natural colours making them a drink that I am completely happy to give to Amy. She particularly enjoyed the blackcurrant flavour – perfect for summer.

Panda Still Juice and Panda Splash are currently available in Asda, Tesco and Ocado priced at £1.99 for a six bottle multipack. Panda Squash is sold in Tesco, costing 99p for a one litre bottle. More info on the official Panda Drinks website.

Ryvita tin Ben de Lisi

A treat for me was this gorgeous metal tin from Ryvita designed by one of my favourite designers Ben de Lisi. I’ve written a whole blog post dedicated to his designs a while back and when Ryvita’s PR got in touch and offered to send me some goodies and the new tin, I just couldn’t say no.

Ben’s designs are bright, bold and my new tin is perfect to ensure my that my Ryvita crispbreads (Fruit Crunch is my current favourite) are kept crisp and fresh while giving my kitchen a pop of colour. The eye-catching tin has an abstract design with splashes of pink, green, orange, yellow and blue, along with Ben’s well-known signature on the side and costs £7.49 including packaging and postage. It’s available on the Ryvita website.

Carex Bubblegum Hand Wash and Carex Strawberry Laces Hand Gel

Love bubblegum and strawberry laces? Then you’ll love the deliciously smelling new products from Carex that we’ve tried over the last couple of weeks. Amy and I loved the Bubblegum Hand Wash and have already repurchased it. Yes, there’s been a lot of handwashing going on at Mummy Alarm HQ, because the new Carex range doesn’t only smell amazing, it also kills 99,9% of bacteria. The hand wash is very creamy and moisturising and perfect for little hands or those of grown-ups with sensitive or dry skin.

The second product that we tried from the Carex fun range was the Strawberry Laces Hand Gel. It’s bright pink, comes in an ordinary sanitiser bottle and smells much better than any hand gel that I’ve tried before. It doesn’t completely hide the scent of alcohol, but it’s much more appealing than any competitors. Which girl doesn’t like a bit of pink? It’s super handy and I’ve got it in my handbag now to fight germs, sticky hand rails or germ-ridden door handles in shopping centres.

Both products are available for around £1.50 and £1.80 in all big supermarkets or drug stores.

Pic Stick photo magnets

Another treat for me or in fact our fridge were these fab little photo magnets from Pic Stick. They’re a super cute way to spruce up any boring metal surface in your kitchen or around your desk and I really like how they’ve turned out. Each individual photo magnet is 50x65mm and 0.75mm thick and very durable – handy, if you’ve got a pre-schooler like mine that loves rearranging the magnets a minimum of twenty times a day.

The order process for your very own Pic Sticks is really easy. All you have to do is visit the Pic Stick website and upload photos from your computer, phone or apps and social networks that you are using. Once you’ve uploaded your favourite 9 pictures, crop them to your desired size, hit save and pay using one of the payment options.

We received our magnets within 2 working days, I was super impressed with that, and the picture quality is really great. The colours are bright and the images very clear. There are no issues with pixles whatsoever and I will definitely be getting some more Pic Sticks as stocking fillers and birthday presents for friends and family. They are affordable at £9.50 for a sheet of 9 magnets with free world wide shipping and I think they’re a unique and creative way to show off your favourite snaps. Thumbs up from us.

Also, make sure to keep your eyes open here and on my social media channels (links in the top right corner) over the next couple of days, as I’ll be giving away a Pic Stick voucher each to two lucky readers.

We received all of these products free of charge for the purpose of this review.


February Food Favourite & Mother’s Day Chocolate Gift Ideas

Deli24 snacks green & black's taster collection guylain

This post might look a bit random at first glance. The combination of savoury snacks and divine chocolates might not be an obvious one, but there is a reason behind my apparent madness. From now on, I want to introduce one foody item a month that was a firm favourite in our household during each month of the year. As you can see above, February’s favourite were the Deli 24 snacks. We were sent an entire box of them a while ago and let me tell you one thing: They didn’t last long!

Deli 24‘s range includes seven different flavours which come in handy single or multi packs making them the perfect snack for lunch boxes, picnics or if you fancy a little something between meals. They come in the following flavours:

I absolutely adored the Ham and Cheese flavour and Amy was a massive fan too. I wasn’t overly keen on the Piri Piri Strips and the Chicken with Sage and Onion Stuffing however, simply because I don’t like sage or stuffing, but Ben and Amy really enjoyed them to the point that we have gone and repurchased them since finishing our samples. What I really liked about Deli 24′s snacks is that they are all individually packaged, which means that they are easily to portion when you are planning your day out or pack your little one’s lunchbox. They also tasted really natural and I couldn’t find a hint of artificial flavouring in them, which always is a massive plus point for me. A real bonus is that they are a great source of calcium for little bones and teeth, so I am happy to give them to Amy as a snack when we are out and about. Unfortunately, our local supermarket doesn’t stock the whole range yet, but I hope the other flavours will soon hit the shelves as well. After all, Deli 24′s snacks are a great alternative to your ordinary cheese string or lunchbox snack and will definitely make a regular appearance on our family outings.

Now onto something completely different. Well, not completely different, but we are going from a savoury snack to something sweet and indulgent. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I would like to introduce to you two gorgeous boxes of chocolate that would make every mother’s heart melt and therefore are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. They are Green & Black’s Taster Collection and Guylain’s Seashells. Both come in beautiful gift boxes and are great for sharing, entertaining or a cheeky little treat with a nice glass of wine.

While Green & Black’s Taster Collection allows you to trial 24 different chocolate flavours reaching from dark chocolate with crystallised ginger to milk chocolate with butter scotch, Guylain’s Seashell collection concentrates on the chocolate maker’s traditional Belgian recipe of 100% pure cocoa butter and their unique hazelnut praliné filling made with caramelised and roasted hazelnuts. Both boxes of chocolate are rather different in flavour, but both of them will win you over with their love for quality chocolate.

Although both gift sets feature white, milk and dark chocolate, I would suggest Guylain’s Seashell collection to milk chocolate lovers as it definitely has a prominent milk chocolate taste whereas Green & Blacks Taster collections features a number of quite rich and dark chocolate flavours from Belize and the Dominican Republic and is probably more enjoyed by someone with a taste for warmer and deeper flavours.

Either way, they make a wonderful present for Mother’s Day or any other occasion and I’d be happy to receive either of them on Mother’s Day. Both brands are a little more high-end, but you definitely get what you pay for with both Green & Black’s Taster and Guylain’s Seashell collection. You’ll just have to decide which one’s for you now!

Disclosure: Thanks to Deli 24, Green & Black’s and Guylain for the samples for this review.