My Week – 5th July 2015

Recently, I've been really unhappy with my blog. I still love the design (thank you, Stacey Corrin!), but let's face it, my content really sucks at the moment. There's hardly anything personal anymore and I really want to change that, so when my lovely friend Tanya announced that she'd host a weekly linky called "My Week", I knew that this was just what I needed to start writing more personal post again. The idea behind T's new linky is simple: share what your week was like, what you did each ... read more

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Road Safety: Protecting Your Kids This Summer

July is here and that means that many of us are enjoying hot weather. If you have little ones, then you're probably thinking of ways to keep them entertained during the summer holidays, or perhaps you're planning a family vacation abroad. Whatever you do, chances are your kids will be outside making ... read more