Amy’s Kindergarten Update

Amy started kindergarten a while back and I completely forgot to write anything about her first day, first week or in fact, her first one and a half months, but as it was her very first parents evening this week, I thought I'd write a little about her experience so far because as always, my little girl completely surprised me. As most of you will know, Amy has never attended nursery or regular play and toddler groups. It just didn't happen or wasn't my cup of tea, but since moving to Germany, I ... read more

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Parenting Pin It Party #102

Hi everyone After a short break to celebrate Amy's 4th birthday, I'm happy to be back in time to host this week's Parenting Pin It Party for you. Before we jump straight in, I'd love to show you my favourites from last we though, so here we go: I adore this egg carton ice-cream cone craft ... read more