Our Easter weekend 2013


We had a lovely Easter weekend, which we mainly spent with Ben’s family and as I didn’t want this to become an essay, I thought I’d share some of my photos with you as I think they really capture what a great time we had. We started the day with a little Easter egg hunt in our garden. While Ben got Amy ready for our trip down to his sister’s house, I played Easter bunny and hid some chocolate treats behind bushes, in trees or behind a volleyball.

Amy carries her Easter basked during the Easter egg hunt

Amy soon started walking through the garden and pointing out her Easter treats, but other than expected, she was not overly keen on picking them up. She’s a funny little cookie. Amy always grabs everything she’s not allowed to touch, so seeing her show us the chocolate without actually putting it in her little basket was a little surprising for us. I’m sure, she’ll understand the idea behind an Easter egg hunt next year!Auntie Charlotte's Easter table for the kids

After our own little Easter egg hunt, we went to see Ben’s sister Charlotte, who had prepared a lovely Easter table for Amy and her cousins. She got each of them a little basket and some cute little bunny ears for the Easter egg hunt and put on a fabulous spread for us all. Easter chicken

She’s got a great eye for detail and picked some gorgeous Easter decorations for the kids’ table. There were two big chicks made out of fabric, lots of small colourful chicks and even Easter crackers that contained a party hat, an Easter joke (What music do bunnies like best? – Hip Hop, mwahahaha) and a little toy.
Amy wearing her Easter bunny ears and looking cute

Amy absolutely loved the table decorations and couldn’t wait to put the bunny ears on. Doesn’t she look cute in them? blue Easter chicken

She then went on to collect all the chickens and put them in a row before making a move on the Easter eggs. She was so sneaky and secretive about eating them that it actually make us all laugh out loud. She’s such a cheeky monkey!


As the weather was so beautiful, we also spend some time in Auntie Charlotte’s garden. The daffodils were in full bloom, the sun was shining and Amy and her cousin Grace had an absolute ball on the trampoline. It actually felt like a real spring day!

Some colourful Easter flowers

I had such a fun day and took hundreds of random photos that don’t really tell a story or have anything to do with the day itself. I just enjoy walking around with my camera around my neck and snapping whatever takes my fancy – such as this beautiful bunch of flowers. Don’t they just scream spring time?Easter eggs ready for the Easter egg hunt

After a late lunch, we got some eggs out to hide for the kids. These were the small ones they had to find, but they also had big and small Lindt bunnies (aren’t they lucky?) to fill their little baskets with. I also came up with the most evil hiding place in the history of hiding places. Nobody would have ever discovered my eggs, if Ben’s brother Will hadn’t helped his little girl Grace! He’s just too competitive! If you need a good hiding place for next year, let me know and I’ll share the place that nobody will get without cheating!

Amy decorating Easter biscuits wearing bunny ears

After our Easter egg hunt, we went into the kitchen to decorate some lovely Easter biscuits with chocolate, sprinkles, glitter and writing icing. As you can see, Amy really enjoyed this activity – so much so that her clothes and her entire body were covered in chocolate and sparkles after just five minutes. She looked too cute with her bunny ears on and a face full of chocolate!My nearly decorated Easter eggs

.I’m not normally the best when it comes to using icing and decorations, but I found the whole biscuit decorating thing really relaxing and therapeutic and actually really enjoyed coming up with some filigree sugar art for my eggy creation.Amy doing a quick check on the chocolate

Amy wasn’t really too fussed about my masterpiece, but she did put all biscuits through very thorough quality checks by picking off some glitter here and some chocolate there. In the end, she looked like the chocolate monster itself, but I really didn’t mind. Easter is a one off. Clothes can be washed, healthy food can be back on the menu the next day. Easter is all about having fun with your family and sometimes fun means getting messy with chocolate. I'm showing off my decorated Easter biscuitHow did you spend your Easter weekend? Did you also pose with a biscuit in your hand or did you go for an Easter egg hunt in the countryside? I’d love to hear from you. I need inspiration for next year! 


  1. Mammasaurus says

    How lovely! That table is so cute – I bet Amy loved it all! Great to see kids having fun and getting messy and enjoying life! x


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