5 ways to spruce up your bathroom

5 ways to spruce up your bathroom

Every now and then, I look around our house and feel the need for some change. Nothing major really like tearing walls down, adding a conservatory or anything equally expensive, but some minor cosmetic work that gives the room a nice and fresh feel.

We have already planned the changes that we want to make to our bedroom and the guest bedroom, so the next project will be our bathroom. It’s shaped like a cube, tiled from top to bottom and fairly small. In fact, it’s so small that you can wash your hands while sitting on the toilet. But size doesn’t matter. It’s all about what you do with what you’ve got and that’s why I have looked at a couple of ideas to spruce up your bathroom in an effective and inexpensive way..

Give your bathroom a good clean

I have a habit of using five different shampoos at the same time. Not literally, but I often have five different bottles standing around and making my bathroom look all cluttered and messy. Recently, I have tried to be better and I refuse to open any new bath product before I have used up another one. Getting rid of clutter and giving your bathroom a good scrub really opens up surfaces, gives your eyes a rest and makes your bathroom appear that little bit more spacious.

Get a pot plant

If your bathroom has a window, add a pot plant to the window sill or a chest of drawers. Flowers brighten up a room in an instant and this rule also applies for the bathroom. If you don’t have a green thumb, have a look at fake plants. They aren’t as kitschy as they used to be and can have the same effect as the real deal.

Get new taps or shower heads

Our water is so hard that fighting against lime scale seems like a full-time job and I am failing miserably. Lime scale has made our taps look unsightly and eaten its way through our shower head, meaning that more water comes out of the side of it than the actual nozzles. We have looked at different shower heads and the showers range from Mira Showers features a fabulous power shower that would even wake me up early in the morning. We just need to find matching taps now!

Bring in some colour

Colourful towels, shower mats or soap dispensers are an easy and cheap way to bring some colour into your bathroom and create a certain mood. You could even give your bathroom a lick of paint, but be careful choosing the right bathroom colour. Depending on the size of your bathroom, colours can make the room appear bigger or smaller and even lighter or darker.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Your bathroom is a place to relax and unwind after a long day. Create a relaxing atmosphere by using candles or diffusers that distribute a pleasant smell. Popping a cotton wool bud soaked in Rosemary oil into your bathroom bin is also a great way to fight any unwanted smells lurking in there.

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Mira Showers.


  1. denver says

    I really like white themed bathroom. but I think the downside of this is you need to keep it clean so you always need to clean it now and then.

  2. Marion says

    I would love to have a plant pot on the window sill but my family use it as another shelf…all their toothbrushes and bubble baths line the sill. It is almost impossible to get light in the window. I wouldn’t mind so much but I bought a 3 shelf white wall shelf unit from Ikea and along it are an array of candles, ornaments and lighthouses lol 😀 Wow just read this post back and what a tongue twister (3 shelf white wall shelf lol)

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