Cheap Back Garden Decoration Ideas

A back garden is a fantastic addition to any home, and with summer slowly approaching, it’s their time to shine. However, if your garden is looking slightly more ‘drab’ than ‘fab’, the idea of spending lots of time soaking up the sun out there probably won’t be very appealing.

If you don’t have the funds to make big, drastic changes to your garden, it’s well worth looking into little things you can do that will have a big impact. We’ve put together a list of some great ideas to transform your garden whilst sticking to a strict budget.

Give everything a tidy (and keep it that way!)

tidy your garden

The best way to improve your garden’s appeal is to remove all clutter and mess and to aim to keep things organised. Banish tools and toys to the shed when they’re not being used and keep your lawn tidy by mowing it regularly. Get rid of weeds too as these can make even the nicest gardens look a little scruffy, as can a patio that needs a good dust. The bonus of keeping it clear and uncluttered is that it won’t cost you a penny, too.

Use quirky decorative accessories

You can get really great accessories really cheaply from places like The Range, and even online stores like EBay can have some hidden gems too. Shop around to find lovely pieces, including things like Buddha statues, funky plant pots and different coloured stones to add fantastic little details to your garden. This will showcase your personality and you can easily find cheap things instead of more expensive options. Keep things bright to add a playful, fun appeal, or use neutral, warm colours for a trendy modern feel.

Get the lighting right for maximum effect

Lighting is the easiest and most effective way to create an atmosphere in any space and the garden is no exception. There are loads of really interesting garden lighting options you can take advantage of, like candles in old mason jars, plates of tea lights, fairy lights and solar lights. Solar lights in particular are great as they are child and pet friendly and won’t use up any of your electricity bill either. You could invest in some solar path lights to lead the way to your quiet spot in your garden and position candles around your seating area for a really lovely effect. You can get solar lights really cheaply too from Lights 4 Fun.

Improve your furniture with textiles

garden furniture

If you aren’t a huge fan of your garden furniture but can’t afford to update them at the moment, a great way to instantly improve their appearance is to cover them (or at least accessorise them) with things like throws, blankets and cushions. Draping a large, soft throw over old garden chairs and sofas will transform their appearance and bring them bang up to date. Use bright, colourful floral textiles like this flowery cushion to keep things feminine and fresh too. IKEA ones are great too as they’re so purse-friendly!

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