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A couple of days ago, the lovely Donna from Mummy Central tagged me in this meme and I think it’s a great way to share some fun facts about about me –  you know we blogger folk are all oversharers (in the best possible way, of course). So let’s dive straight into it and start with the first question:

Currently I’m: sitting in my arm chair, laptop on one arm, my leg on the other and waiting for Big Brother to begin. Does anyone want to beam over some Haribo Smurfs for me?

Haribo Smurfs all about me

Reading: I read dozens of children’s books with Amy every single day, I read blogs, magazines and I drop in and out of books a lot at the moment, but I haven’t sat down to read a book from cover to back in absolute ages and I really miss it. I used to read one or two books a week and it’s something that I’ll try to make time for from now on.

Listening to: a lot of 90s music on YouTube thanks to Steph over at I’m Counting UFOs. You can’t beat some 90s tunes, can you?

Laughing at: Amy’s attempts at logical thinking. I told her, I loved her the other day, but she told me that she loved Tante Lissy (my sister) because she had yellow (blonde) hair just like her and that I therefore have to love Oma (my mum) because we both have black/dark brown hair.  No idea, where that one came from!

about me david beckham for h&M

Swooning over: David Beckham’s latest campaign for H&M. I won’t even pretend that it leaves me cold – it really doesn’t!

Planning: big changes that I can’t speak about in public yet, but I will share them with you once the time has come.

Eating lots of: watermelon and berries. I love the summer months and all the fruit that comes with the season. There’s nothing more refreshing than a slice of ice-cold watermelon in the morning.

Feeling: a little torn between what was and what will come. The next couple of weeks and months will certainly be interesting and exciting and also a little scary and emotional, I assume.

Discovering: a passion for interior design. I’ve bought a couple of books on various interior design topics and I’m really enjoying looking at different designers and ways to create a certain look.

Tesco Sherbet Crush interior design range

Looking at: sherbet coloured accessories. I’m currently obsessed with Tesco’s Sherbet Crush interiors range. So many fun and colourful pieces – I want them all!

Wearing: a slouchy top and tracksuit bottoms. My go to clothes in the evening. After a nice bath it’s all about comfort for me and that means ancient trackies and baggy T-shirts that no one would even consider wearing in public.

Cooking: is becoming much more fun for me. I didn’t enjoy it at all until about a year ago and while it was just a chore for me then, I really like coming of with recipes and trying out new things now. I cook an amazing stir fry and everything that contains mushrooms and cream is my absolute forte! Trust me, I’m famous for that flavour combination!

Wondering: if I should get my nails done professionally again. I can’t stand my fingernails and am wondering, if I should go back to acrylic nails. I haven’t had them for five years, but I liked that my nails always looks nice and presentable when I had them – unlike now when they’re weak and have the ugliest shape ever!

Trying out: going to bed before midnight and I’m failing miserable. Tomorrow is another day, right?

Now it’s my turn to tag some bloggers who I’d like to learn a little more about. They are – Karin from Cafe Bebe, Charlotte from Write Like No One’s Watching and Kerry from Lived with Love.

Image credits: Haribo, David Beckham for H&M and Tesco Home.


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    I am loving these posts. I know what you mean about the interior design, I could get quite into that if I had the time and the money. Those Haribo look amazing, how did I not know that you could get smurf ones?? The plans sound exciting, I am very curious now
    Nikki Thomas recently posted…House rulesMy Profile

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