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Dear Amy, you are 3!

Happy birthday, my beautiful little girl.

I can’t believe that you are three today, Amy. The last three years have flown by, but they do say that time flies when you are having fun and you are the funniest little person I know. You make me laugh every single day and I’m incredibly proud that I am your mummy.

Dear Amy, you are 3.

You are the most loving and caring girl and won’t ever leave the room without giving me a big huggle (hug+cuddle) and kiss. You do love snuggling up to watch your favourite movies or cartoons and at the moment you are obsessed with Frozen and all the Disney princesses. You will stand on the sofa, spread your arms and sing “Let it go” as if you are Idina Menzel herself. It’s so funny and so out of tune, but you are incredibly proud when we tell you that you sang it beautifully.

You love singing and dancing and the other day, you surprised me with your own little dance routine at bedtime. I have no idea how or when you came up with it, but you were pretty chuffed with it. Your beaming smile at the end of each performance showed it!

Amy smiles

Despite loving performing, being at the centre of attention is not really your thing. When too many eyes are on you, it makes you a little uncomfortable and you get shy, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. You just need some time to adjust to the situation and once you feel comfortable and safe, you are your happy bouncy self and that is what you are most of the time.

As soon as you wake up, you are smiling and you don’t stop unless we disagree on something and you try to beat me in our stubbornness competition. I have to admit you are quite the opponent at times: You are very strong-willed and know exactly what you want and don’t want. I still remember the battle we had when I asked you to try on wellies in a shoe shop in Bude or your shopping strike at Clarks Village. It was stressful to say the least, but we still ended up having a fantastic day.

Amy shows attitude

We try to do something fun most days and if we aren’t going anywhere, we play in the garden, do some crafts or bake something. You love helping in the kitchen and cooking and baking are activities that you really enjoy. The other day, you secretly sneaked in the kitchen when I was still asleep and wanted to bake a cake for me. You got as far as cracking an egg, but that you did with skill and perfection.

I’m sure all mummies say this about their children, but you are a clever little cookie. You pick up new skills really quickly and you love challenging yourself. Jigsaw puzzles are one of your favourite things and you love preparing food in your play kitchen and acting out little scenes with your dolls and HappyLand figures.

Amy at Hengrove Park

You absolutely adore playing with our cats Honey and Betty. Honey sometimes gets a little overwhelmed by your energy and noise levels, but Betty is like your shadow. She follows you where ever you go and starts meowing when she can’t get into your bedroom. It’s lovely to see your little friendship grow every day.

Your vocabulary is expanding daily and I really don’t worry about your speech development anymore. You are a true girl and talk like a waterfall. I love that we can have real conversations now, because they really make your character shine through. My favourite time of our day is bedtime. It’s not because you go to bed and I get to have time to myself. No, every evening, we’ll have a cuddle after your bath and you’ll tell me about your day. We spend every day together and I know exactly what you’ve done, but it’s fascinating to hear how you’ve experienced things and what was the highlight of your day. It’s funny how many small things make you happy – things so small that I sometimes don’t even notice them. It’s a beautiful character trait of yours and you have so many of them that I am incredibly proud to be your mummy.

You make be beam with pride every single day: You’ve practically potty trained yourself months ago and have been dry day and night ever since. You confidently ride your balance bike and have made first attempts on your bike girl bike. You dress yourself on your own, put your shoes on or take them off and insist on washing your hair all by yourself when you’re having a bath. You are incredibly independent and it’s nice to see that you are such a confident little girl.

Amy on zip wire

You love swimming and are forever running, climbing, skipping and jumping. Sometimes we’re joking that you should have been a boy because you are so fearless and adventurous.

I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us and how you develop, but today let’s celebrate the day that made me the happiest woman in the world: your birthday!

Happy birthday, my beautiful girl. I love you to the moon and back – forever and always. Mummy x 


Amy’s furry Valentine – A date at Build a Bear

Amy and I had a very special mummy – daughter date this morning. We braved wind and rain and ventured into town to create Amy’s very own furry Valentine on invitation of the lovely people from Build a Bear.

build a bear bristol galleries

Amy had been talking about making her own teddy for days, but once we arrived in the workshop and she was presented with the massive shelf of cuddly toys, she got quite overwhelmed by it all. Luckily, we had Lucy by our side. Lucy is one of the chef bearmakers at Build a Bear in Bristol’s Broadmead Galleries and showed Amy the Valentine’s range before helping her to build her very own furry friend. Much to my surprise, Amy didn’t choose the pink Hello Kitty or cute little elephant that I had secretly eyed up when checking out the range at home. Nope, my daughter built the most random creature the workshop has ever seen.

build a bear valentines day bristol galleries

Roar, that’s what she named her new friend, wears beige Safari trousers, a black and red Heart Throb t-shirt with hood, red sequined pumps and a pink handbag. Oh and do you know the cute sound buttons that you can at to the paws of your cuddly toy? None of that for Amy! Her lion plays the Star Wars theme tune when you press his paw. Don’t ask me why she was drawn to the Star Wars theme tune, she has never even watched any of the movies, but it had to be this sound and no other!

The next step was filling Roar’s belly with lots of with fluff and Lucy really got Amy involved in this part. Amy loved pushing the pedal down and sending lots of fluffy stuffing into her lion’s belly and when it came to giving Roar a shower, she was in her element. The shower made Roar’s fur really soft and fluffy and Amy loved brushing it to make him look extra pretty. Amy got so excited by it, she was still talking about it when I took her up to bed this evening.

build a bear bristol galleries valentines day

After stuffing, showering and dressing Roar, Amy also made him a birth certificate, which I think is a really lovely part of the experience. Amy is still a little young to understand the whole meaning behind it, but it’s fun touch that makes the experience extra special for older children.

Would I take Amy again? Absolutely! Admittedly, Build a Bear toys are a little more expensive than your average stuffed animal, but Amy really had a magical experience that I am sure we’ll repeat again over the coming months and years. The quality of the toys and the fun little and not so little ones have when creating their special furry friend really makes the extra pounds well spent.

build a bear bristol galleries valentines day range

If you want to build a bear or any of the many other animals available in Build-a-bear workshops, make sure to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation by buying one of the special purple silk hearts available for a £1 donation in store All proceeds go to the “Million Hearts, Million Wishes, Million Ways to Help” campaign that supports seriously ill children.

Another way to get involved with the campaign is using social media. Make a friend and share a photo of them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram using #shareukbabwishes. For every photo shared, £1 will be donated to the campaign! Find more about it here.

We were invited by Build a Bear Workshops to create a Valentine’s friend free of charge. Our views are 100% honest.


Magic Moments: Amy’s first trip to the cinema

 photo magicmomentsAmysfirsttriptothecinema_zps8a616530.jpg

I had been pondering for a couple of weeks now, if I should brave it and take Amy to the cinema. We have enjoyed quite a few Disney movies from the comfort of our home recently and Amy was mesmerised by them, but was she ready for the big screen and sitting still for the length of two hours? I really didn’t know, but seeing that Cinderella and her singing mouse friends kept her entertained for hours, I asked a couple of friends when they had taken their little ones to the cinema for the first time. Most of their children were around Amy’s age when they first went and after hearing mainly positive stories, I thought why not?

I had read so many raving reviews about Disney’s latest movie Frozen that I really wanted to take Amy, so when we sat at home on Saturday and had no idea what to do for the day, I bit the bullet and decided that Saturday would be the day for Amy’s cinema premier.

I showed her the trailer and when she got all excited about Olaf, the snowman, I knew that she would enjoy herself. We went to the afternoon screening at our local leisure complex and just walking into the building made Amy speechless. It has a huge foyer with ticket machines at the side and food stalls at the end of it and I would love to know what went through her little head when we walked through the door and she had no clue what to expect.

 photo AmysfirsttriptothecinemawatchingDisneysFrozen_zpsbac615f7.jpg

We quickly bought our tickets and before making our way to our screen, we got ourselves the obligatory bag of popcorn, some pick a mix and a couple of drinks. Amy was rather chuffed with her selection of sweets was in absolute awe when she saw the big screen come alive.

As expected, she wasn’t too keen on sitting still, but luckily, there were only about 20 people in the cinema, so she could have a little wander around the room without disturbing anyone. The film itself was absolutely gorgeous and Amy enjoyed it just as much as I did. The storyline was easy enough for her to follow and the characters really appealed to her.

I’m not going to write a full-blown review on this occasion, there are plenty of them out there for you to read, but Frozen is definitely a movie that is worth watching, if you are after the perfect mix of drama, action and romance. Throw in a beautiful soundtrack and great animations and you have a movie for all the family. Amy and I enjoyed it so much that we will be pre-ordering the DVD – what more can you ask from a first trip to the cinema?

When did you first take your little ones to the cinema and what did you watch?


Dinner a la Amy: Cat stuffed with mushrooms and pepper

 photo Dinneralaamycatstuffedwithmushroomsandpepper_zps5d2062f7.jpg

Amy has been a little gourmet from quite an early age on. Her favourite is garlic and balsamic vinegar encrusted pork fillet with sautéed potatoes and pan-fried green asparagus, but she also loves Thai green curry or pickled chillies. Last night however, she had a rather different suggestion when I asked her what we wanted to cook for dinner.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: What do we want to eat for dinner tonight, Amy?

Amy: Betty! (the cat)

Me: Are you sure?

Amy: Yes, she’s yummy!

Me (playing along and obviously not considering doing any of it): Ok, shall we cook her or put her in the oven?

Amy: In the oven, it’s hot!

Me: And what do we want to have her with?

Amy: Mushrooms in her belly and pepper on her ears.

Doesn’t that sound tasty, who’s coming round for dinner? 

Disclaimer: No pets have been harmed during dinner preparations! 

Wot So Funee?


2013 in photos and our plans for 2014

 photo Amys2013inphotos_zpsc7faa384.jpg

2013 hasn’t been an easy year for us as a family. There were more downs than ups, lots of struggles that I might or might not blog about in the future, but for the moment they are too raw to share with the world and the one person who has made me smile through it all every single day was Amy.

She’s really kept me going and made me put on a brave face when all I wanted to do was pull a blanket over my head and have a good old cry. She’s come on leaps over the last 12 months and my clumsy toddler has turned into a beautiful and empathetic little girl that knows exactly when I need a big hug, cheeky grin or one of her crazy stunts to cheer me up.

I can’t even say how much I love her. She really is my absolute everything and I am determined to make 2014 a year full of fun for us. I want to enjoy every single moment with her and make memories that we’ll never forget. Life is too short for negativity and what ifs, so this year will be all about grabbing every opportunity that comes our way and making the most of everything.

I also want to make Mummy Alarm more about us as a family. At the moment, it has more of a magazine(y) feel to it with lots of lifestyle and advice posts, but I created this space to record our life as a family and I feel like this has somehow taken a step back.

In 2014, I want to post a seasonal recipe every Monday from next week onward, a fun craft on Tuesday and my Wednesday Wishlist will be up and running every Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays will be open for any personal musings and on Saturday and Sunday, I will be sharing my favourite photos of the week as well as a post about our favourite children’s book of the last seven days. I hope you’ll enjoy it and stick around.

Lots of love and Happy New Year to you all!